Classic tt races results 2018 with the new TT watch bracelets

Classic tt races results 2018 with the new TT watch bracelets

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2018 Classic TT races results

The new Isle of Man TT watch bracelet revealed


Wryst Official Classic TT races 2018 sponsor gives you the list of the winners for this season. Another epic year for the most significant and world's most famous series of races for classic motorcycles. It is one of the last significant challenges in motorsport, providing the ultimate test of both man and machine.

The Classic TT 2018 was once more the best gathering the world's fastest pilots and the most legendary machines...

Classic TT Winners 2018 Wryst Timepieces

The Isle of Man Classic TT, organized by the Isle of Man Department of Economic Development and the Auto-Cycle Union for historic racing motorcycles, and the Manx Grand Prix is now part of the 'Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling' held in late August of each year.

In 2018 the event was held between 22nd and 28th August.


John McGuinness Bennetts Senior Classic TT Race Winner 2018

Bennetts Senior Classic TT

1 1 John McGuinness Paton / Roger Winfield 01:22:52.747 109.258 Silver

2 3 Jamie Coward Norton / Ted Woof / Craven Manx Norton 01:24:05.819 107.676 Silver

3 13 Lee Johnston Honda / Davies Motorsport 01:24:31.403 107.132 Silver

4 16 Chris Swallow Linsdell Enfield / Linsdell Enfield, Flitwick M 01:24:35.400 107.048 Silver


Lee Johnston Dunlop Lightweight Classic TT 2018 Winner

Dunlop Lightweight Classic TT

1 13 Lee Johnston Honda / Padgetts 01:18:14.170 115.742 Silver

2 3 Adam McLean Yamaha / Binch Racing 01:18:43.439 115.025 Silver

3 5 Ian Lougher Yamaha / Laylaw Racing 01:19:26.347 113.989 Silver

4 2 Dean Harrison Yamaha / Laylaw Racing 01:20:46.187 112.111 Silver

Dominic Herbertson Junior Classic TT Winner 2018 Junior Classic TT

1 8 Dominic Herbertson Honda / Davies Motorsport 01:05:51.460 103.122 Silver

2 3 Jamie Coward Honda / Ted Woof / Craven Honda K4 01:06:01.491 102.861 Silver

3 13 Lee Johnston Honda / Davies Motorsport 01:07:53.567 100.031 Silver

4 2 Alan Oversby Honda / Davies Motorsport 01:08:09.996 99.629 Silver

Dean Harrison RST Superbike Classic TT 2018 Winner

RST Superbike Classic TT

1 2 Dean Harrison Kawasaki / Silicone Engineering 01:13:24.404 123.357 Silver

2 1 Horst Saiger Kawasaki / Greenall Racing 01:14:27.498 121.614 Silver

3 10 Conor Cummins Yamaha / 01:14:36.642 121.366 Silver

4 13 Andrew Dudgeon Kawasaki / Robert Burns Ltd / ACR 01:15:07.912 120.524 Silver

Isle of Man TT & Classic TT 2018 Winners Wryst Watch

The Legendary Wryst Isle of Man TT watch

Gifted to all Isle of Man TT and Classic TT 2018 winners

The Classic TT ends the 2018 Classic TT races, where each winner has been gifted the exclusive special edition Wryst Isle of Man TT sports watch.

Red Classic TT Racing Wryst Watch

The Isle of Man TT color is red, black, and yellow. But to suit the Classic TT event, Swiss watch brand Wryst released this new bracelet in the colors of the races, so in red and black. The red double injection quality silicone bracelet is also available with black sidelines.

Wryst Watch Motorsport Classc TT 2018

The TT watch is becoming in short supply, so if you are looking to wear one of these exclusive chronographs for the Isle of Man TT, we strongly advise you to make the jump sooner than later and spoil yourself with the utmost TT memorable.

Classic TT 2018 Races Winners Swiss TT Watch


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By Anian 02/12/2019 05:50:58

2018 was an excellent season... I can not wait to see the times of Dean Harrison and Michael Dunlop during the 2019 season. We had such great time I feel we will go back every year now.

By Peter 01/29/2019 14:17:44

Thank you for sharing this! It is the first time I can find a clear overview of the Classic TT results for 2018. The watch is great by the way. Peter W.