How to read the chronograph of my Swiss sport watch Wryst?

Published : 06/05/2015 16:23:14
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How do I read the chronograph of my Swiss sport watch Wryst?

The Swiss sport watch chronograph Wryst explained

The exclusive limited edition chronograph sport watches Wryst with date at 3H run the 5 jewels gold plated Swiss Quartz Startech Ronda 3540D movement.

These instruction concern the following Wryst sports watches collections:

Wryst Airborne Watches

Wryst Motors Watches

Wryst Shoreline Watches

Wryst Force Watches

Product Specifications

Analog quartz movement

Line startech
Caliber 3540.D
Size 10½ x 11½'''
Swiss Made 5 jewels / gold plated
Standard battery life 54 months
Hand fitting height 1

Swiss chronograph sport watches Wryst explained,

swiss sport watch chronograph basic function

Basic Function (start/stop/reset)

1/ Start: press push-button A

2/ Stop: to stop the timing, press push button A once more and read the 3 chronograph counter:
minutes-seconds-1/10 seconds

3/ Zero positioning: press push-button B: the 3 chronograph hands will be reset to their zero position

swiss sport watch chronograph accumulated timing

Chronograph accumulated timing

1/ Start: strat timing

2/ Stop: timming on hold

3/ Restart: timing is resumed

4/ Stop: the accumulated measured time is shown

5/ Reset: the 3 chronograph hands are returned to their zero position

swiss sport watch chronograph intermediate interval timing

Chronograph intermediate or interval timing

1/ Start: start timing

2/ Push button B: display interval, timing continues in the background

3/ Making up the measured time: the 3 chronograph hands a quickly advanced to the ongoing measured time.

4/ Stop: final time is displayed

5/ Reset: the 3 chronograph hands are returned to their zero position

Reset one of the three chronograph hands to zero position

The watches Wryst with chronograph are stop-watch type of timepieces and the seconds are in the small 6H sub-counter at the bottom of the dial. Therefore, the long stop-watch hand should be at zero position (12H) if no event is being timed by the chronograph. Should the chronograph be running constantly, this be reduce considerably the lifetime of your battery.

Sometimes you may need to adjust the chronograph hands back to their original position. For example when the battery has been changed.

swiss sport watch adjusting chronograph hands wryst Ronda 3540D

1/ Pull out the crown to position III (all 3 chronograph hands are in their correct or incorrect position).

2/ Keep-push buttons A and B depressed simultaneously for at least 2 seconds - The centre stop-second rotates by 360° -> corrective mode is activated

swiss watch adjusting chronograph hands

Follow the steps above to either adjust the center stop second, or the following/next chronograph hand.

When all hands are adjusted to their zero position:

3/ Return the crown in position I

(Note the 6H bottom sub-counter small hand is constantly showing the seconds and can be adjusted by pulling the crown at to stop the time and start it again when synchronized with the official time.)

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Very useful for resetting the hands of my chrono back to 12h position. Thank you for the tip!!