Interview in AboutTime Magazine about WRYST Luxury Sports Watches founder

Published : 08/03/2013 12:49:01
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Exclusive interview in AboutTime Magazine

With WRYST luxury swiss watch brand founder: Jacques Fournier

Watch Designer Jacques Fournier Wryst Timepieces

“Three models of the Airborne series are now available, and all are limited to only 75 pieces with the serial number engraved right on the back. They feature Swiss-made Ronda quartz chronograph movements in a 45 mm black, DLC-coated stainless steel case, with water resistance to 100 meters. The K1 mineral glass is shatter-resistant and the watch is delivered with two extra straps included. Expected retail price is right around $750.

AboutTime Magazine | ISSUE 43

Q. Where are your watches available?

A. Our operations are directed from a home office in the United Kingdom. Today you can proudly buy a Wryst watch worldwide directly from our official website. We also have forthcoming distribution networks across Europe and the USA, which will start in due course. Many retailers and distributors worldwide like our products and have contacted us directly. We are particularly proud to have strong interest from Asia and the Middle-East.

Q. Why did you decide to create your own line of watches?

A. My passions in life have always been watches and motorsports. I had my first motocross bike at 13, a Yamaha YZ80. That was something extraordinary— very powerful and an incredible timeless design. Concerning watches, I have been looking all my life for mine and never really found it, so being a watch designer it made sense to move forward. Today, wearing my Airborne I always feel it looks different than the last time I looked at it. The Wryst series of watches retail for around $750 and you can learn more or buy them at To see more of Jacques Fournier’s other watch designs go to:

Q. What defines “Wryst” watches?

A. A product as futuristic as adrenaline sports that is growing and will keep expanding in popularity within the next decades. Extreme sports offer an opportunity to challenge and express yourself. More and more Americans are enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities, pushing their own boundaries to the limit for these unique and exciting moments. From a young age, have we not all wanted to achieve something risky, exciting, out of the ordinary and daring? This is what the brand Wryst is all about, a unique & distinctive look! A product that you love more every day instead of getting bored of, a timepiece that grows on you… Technically, the construction of each part requires extensive craftsmanship skills and is monitored to the highest manufacturing standards possible. This makes our watches strong, reliable, very exclusive and still considered as affordable luxury. A smart, unusual, exclusive and reliable watch that looks great on the wrist!

Q. When did “Wryst” come into existence?

A. In October 2010 I wondered what would my own watch look like, so I decided to design it. I wanted something extraordinary but still a watch that had strong charisma and would look stunning. It took me 2 years to make it reality…all in my spare time. The design was so unique and different, appealing, that I decided it would be good to share the product with a bunch of fellows; after all, why not! But then it had to be affordable by most. I have always had a taste for unusual watches. Classic style for me belongs to the past, beside vintage. Then Ronda came up with the 3540D movement, which has the right dial lay out for a chronograph, that was decided and it all made perfect sense. Next year I will develop models with unusual coatings, more strong materials and sharp color combinations. Since the design is unisex I will offer more choice with an exciting new collection for daring girls…! The brand is officially launching on the 30th of October.”

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12/18/2015 11:53:54

Great watches with a unique style, where can I buy one of these, please?