Most Unusual Watches with Stainless Steel Case

Published : 05/15/2018 13:44:17

The Most Unusual Sports Men's Watch Design


A Limited edition with unprecedented style

The most unusual mens watches Wryst for sports have strength, style, and a distinctive design. If you are looking for a timepiece that looks like no other, you are on the right page. The unique style of Wryst is undeniable. A strong, durable and stylish sports chrono is not always easy to find. Since the very beginning (The 2012 "Airborne" collection), Wryst dares to stand out. All the designs created by the luxury Swiss brand are totally new and the opposite of a classic timepiece. The brand also exclusively produces limited small editions of 50, 75 or 99 pieces maximum with serial numbers engraved on the case back.


Unusual Mens Watches Wryst SX230

Wryst Force SX210


Breaking the monotony of classicism

Years after years, most renowned names in the watch industry have something in common. Wheather the round shape, the classic style or the simplicity provide young crowds with only limited choices. Nowadays the tendency is to wear a computerized smartwatch, with cutting-edge functions and numerous gadgets for an asset. Very little is in the "look" and personality of a timekeeper. In opposition, very few brands offer an affordable alternative to aggressive style and most unusual sporty look. Yes, some quality Swiss brands do this very well such as Urwerk, MB&F, HYT, and Richard Mille, at an extravagant five or six-figure price.


Wryst Unusual Watches Elements for Sports

Wryst Elements Collection - For Extreme Sports


Wear Your Style, Wear YOU

Today identity & personality are a strong factor in everyone's life. All successful individualists want to look good, at all time. Fashion designer clothing, hairstyle, attitude and accessories all have a right to be adapted to the occasion. This is why the Wryst luxury unusual sports watch offer diversity. Either the mighty automatic gold version from the Wryst Racer collection, the chronograph Wryst Force, or the versatile unisex colorful references from the Wryst Elements collection will suit your needs. There is one thing that will do the jobless, and it is a square electronic smartwatch with a switched off dial, which needs to be recharged every few hours. However, we do respect people's choices and tastes for any kind of timepieces, as most our customers are watch collectors. Many of them pretend their Wryst is the most "unusual" piece in their collection.


Automatic Gold Unusual Watches Wryst Racer

Wryst Racer SX3 Automatic Movement


Extremely Resilient and Durable

Crafted in grade 516L stainless steel, all black timepieces from Wryst also benefit from the world's most scratch-resistant black DLC coating. Over 99% of black steel watches today will be scratched in several days, losing their fresh and neat black look that made you purchase it in the first place. With Wryst you have the guarantee of a long lasting experience, days after days, again and again. Furthermore, the unusual Wryst SX230 also available with leather strap is ideal for outdoors and adventure. This adds to the brutal motorsport feel of the extravagant casing. Sponsoring the Isle of Man TT races, there are typically no other quality chronograph sponsoring the world's fastest and most dangerous motorcycle and sidecar races.


Black Unusual Watches Wryst Force Chrono

Wryst Force SX210 Chronograph


The strength of the extreme sports Wryst wristwear do not stop there. With water-resistance of up to 200 meters, shockproof movement and with a thick curved sapphire crystal, make the most of your unusual designer Wryst years after years, without looking back. Wryst also offers a one-to-one after-sale service, which is a world exclusive. No middle man, no delays, all issues are dealt with promptly, professionally and hassle-free. Most Wryst references unique watches are also available with leather band.


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02/20/2021 03:28:31

Some very nice references there! I did have my eyes on the Motors collection but they seem to be all sold out. Please will you ever produce a similar collection? I love the auto Racer but can't afford one and I prefer quartz pieces. Thanks


11/19/2020 08:50:34

These are stunning designs but still far above my budget - Can you please make cheaper versions?,?


10/14/2020 02:08:31

Exceptional, just unique! This is the kind of brand with a great future ahead, as most watches look like each others. Nice one!


07/01/2020 17:19:55

Really great look they seem to be ok for sports and also for casual wear, very nice dial!


04/01/2020 10:57:02

This is definitely a watch I will be keeping an eye on and looking to purchase in the future the colour scheme and yet the beautiful simplistic style is something to admire.


04/21/2019 12:03:11

I can not believe what I am seeing! These watches are incredible to look at and very futuristic Now please can you lower the price? LMAO

John KF

09/04/2018 14:47:02

Totally insane looking watches! Very different to what we are used to see, bit over my budget though...