New Wryst bi-color straps and a signature buckle design

Published : 12/12/2013 10:43:27
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WRYST proudly introduce a groundbreaking new bi-color silicon strap which complements well the existing Airborne collection and also the future Wryst collections to come. The new band has a thin colorful line on the edges half way down for which the mold creation was more than difficult to produce and required extensive craftsmanship and accuracy. Our Swiss manufacturers had more than a few headaches with such a challenging project.

This band has been designed and imagined with only one goal in mind: inspirational extreme and racing sport chronograph. The end piece implement a hard insert like the previous strap for a ultra-strong screwed attachment onto the hollowed out case.

The signature buckle has also been re-designed with a new bold hefty look for a much more secure strap attachment and hardy feel. For FW3, FW4 and FW5 references, a black brushed finish and for FW6 brushed stainless steel finish

With its strong atypical DNA, the brand is aiming more than ever to create aggressive looking Luxury Sport Watches never seen before, and far from any conventional timepieces ever produced to date. The DNA inspired by all sports providing adrenaline rush is in itself a huge goal which Wryst will pursue achieving. Designed for professionals athletes and people who have a real passion for racing and fun outdoor/adventure activities

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This is an unusual design, never seen anything like this before on a watch! Very creative