Sport Watch Wryst Luxury Swiss Made Limited Edition on Leather Straps

Published : 01/06/2013 13:26:56
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Two sports watches for one

Wryst now includes both the leather strap and also

the silicone strap for all luxury sports watches.

All Wryst Swiss mens Watches are now upgraded, and fitted with both an all-new leather strap as well as the original high-tech, bi-color silicone strap. With a semi-matte finish, the genuine cowhide leather straps offer superior comfort while measuring four millimeters in thickness.

Motorsport-inspired Luxury Watches

black motors sport watch leather strap swiss made wryst

The Wryst Motors 'MS' watches are dedicated to Motorsports, Supercars, Formula 1 & all Racing Sports. In limited edition of 99 pieces, these exclusive luxury watches will most likely make you feel very special and up for a challenge... With a high-tech bi-color black/red strap and black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating on the case, the crown and the bold square buckle, this is the ideal chronograph for your favorite high-risk and adrenaline races.

Sport Watch Wryst Motors MS1

swiss black sport watch formula1 motorsports wryst limited edition

Sports Watch with Leather strap and also silicone strap

Best Men Sport Watch Black DLC Swiss Made Limiited Edition

Sport Watch Wryst Motors MS2

black and white sport watch luxury DLC

Sports Watch with Leather strap and also silicone strap

Black Swiss Sport Watch for Men inspired by Formula 1

Luxury Lifestyle Sports Watches Shoreline

sport watch swiss gold plated luxury rose gold


The Shoreline 'LX' collection proves to be dedicated to individualists with energy, style and charisma. Built and manufactured in the Swiss traditions, Wryst Timepieces excel watchmaking and redefine elegance and refinement with gold, rose gold and brushed stainless steel casing. Enjoy wearing your lifestyle for your favorite water sports, winter sports, outdoor sportive activities and VIP nights out. Only 99 pieces of each reference LX4, LX5 & LX6 will ever be produced.

Rose Gold Plated Sport Watch Wryst Shoreline LX5

best rose gold swiss watch with leather strap

Rose Gold Sport Watch with Leather strap and also silicone strap

Wryst Luxury Sports Watch Swiss Made Rose Gold Plating

Yellow Gold Plated Sport Watch Wryst Shoreline LX6

Yellow Gold Plated Wryst Luxury Sports Watch

Yellow Gold Sport Watch with Leather strap and also silicone strap

Yellow gold plated sport watch Wryst shoreline LX6

Elegantly designed, the genuine cowhide leather straps are offered in black with either white, gray or black linings along the edges. Wryst took special care in the manufacturing process, selecting high-grade quality skins and optimizing their durability to create a strap that is both surprisingly flexible yet still bold. They offer a perfect fit for all wrists measuring up to 8″ around.


Swiss Sports Watches Wryst Collections


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Travis M

06/26/2019 05:47:18

I am also very interested in this collection MOTOR, please when are you producing more watches for this collection? I am a motorsport enthousiast and the new RACER automatic is just far above my budget. Thank you


06/16/2019 11:44:32

Are you planning to make more of these Shoreline watches please? If so when will they be in stock? Thanks


03/12/2019 12:29:52

These watches are beautiful...!


These are very, very different watch designs,... Unfortunately far too expensive for me. I like them a lot