The new luxury sports watches collection Wryst

Published : 12/05/2013 11:01:49
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The new luxury sports watches collection

'WRYST SHORELINE' revealed...

First stocks February 2014

Available in Swiss Made limited Edition of 99 pieces, the Wryst Shoreline luxury watch collection is dedicated to sportive individualists wanting to wear a very special and exclusive Swiss Chronograph. Ideal for outdoor activities such as water sports (Surf, kite surfing, windsurf...) and winter sports (snowboard, snow-kite, skiing...), the watches are an excellent compromise of strength and durability while totally exclusive and designed to stand out with class, style & charisma.


Inspired by leisure sports and touring, WRYST SHORELINE collection pushes the boundaries of watchmaking with a totally disruptive approach. The brand goes beyond traditional designs with extremely exclusive watches that no other Swiss luxury brand has ever produced.


Luxury Rose Gold Swiss Sports Watch


Gold Sports Watch Swiss Made

UPDATE 2016 - These two references SHORELINE are now sold-out

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