Designer Watches Wryst



A Visionary Independent Swiss Brand

Established by a passionate watch designer of Swiss origin, WRYST makes luxurious and stylish sports timepieces for charismatic individualists.

All Wryst timepieces are stamped with the prestigious Swiss Made label ensuring highest quality standards. The extreme and motorsports inspired timepieces from WRYST stand out from the crowd of the expensive luxury sports watches available in the market. It is a cutting-edge signature designer product born from a successful alliance between the advanced watchmaking know-how and the futuristic DNA of the brand. Incorporating the most durable and innovative materials, all of these timepieces benefit from our state-of-the-art production facilities in Switzerland.

WRYST was founded by luxury watch designer Jacques Fournier in 2012 with a vision to create premium wristwear featuring trailblazing designs, stylish aesthetics, and unique strength attributes.

It required almost three years of extensive research and development to perfect the aesthetically balanced and timeless design of Wryst Airborne chronograph. This very first collection saw the daylight in 2012. Since then, the brand has been expanding the range of black designer Swiss collections by introducing new and refined timepieces. All references adhere to the founding principles of the original design concept and are all only in small series.


Automatic Luxury Designer Watches

Wryst Racer Automatic


Unforeseen Timeless Style

The Wryst Racer are the latest and most popular mens watches released from the Swiss watch brand. This accomplished motorsport design with mechanical movement is offered in gold, rose gold, black DLC coating, and brushed finish casing. The bold Racer self-winding designer timepieces have the most motorsports-inspired dial and hold a 4hz, 28'000 VPH (Vibrations Per Hour), sweep seconds, date window at 3-hour position, and no less than 26 Jewels mechanical movement. Each version offers only 75 limited pieces adding more value to these highly-collectible luxury automatic Swiss designer sports watches.

Dial details are featuring details found in motorsports and racing, such as the dented hour hand or the sides V6 engine details. If the Racer models are the dearest of all collections available, these are still available at a very competitive price compare to other men's designer luxury watches.


Wryst Force Designer Watch for Sports

Wryst Force Luxury Watches


Extraordinary Quality in the Making

The flagship WRYST models incorporate two major cutting edge design features. The first one is the curved and barrel-shaped case featuring open-worked sides that also protects for crown and pushers from accidental operations and damages. The ergonomically designed case also provides comfortable wearing despite its bold dimensions. All the chronograph luxury mens designer watches are all running an accurate Swiss quartz movement. The Force references are now also offered with a leather strap.

The extreme luxury designer sports watch powered with high precision Swiss engines incorporate highly reliable materials such as 516L grade stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and black DLC coating. The superior quality 516L grade stainless steel used for the first time in the industry makes the Wryst more sturdy and corrosion-resistant. The unique bi-color double injection silicone bracelets are a world premiere feature.


Black Designer Sports Watch

Wryst Elements Sports Watch Collection


Strength, Accuracy, and Style

The high-tech black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating makes the watch extreme scratch-resistant, and both screwed down case-back and crown ensure exceptional water tightness. The highly durable and comfortable double injection silicone bracelet with vibrant color details enhances the stylish appearance of the watch.  Furthermore, each black designer timepiece comes with an extra strap of a different color pattern to match with style requirements of the wearer.

Thanks to its innovative design layout with a choice of different color combinations, each WRYST model carries its charisma. As a lifestyle accessory, these trendsetting wristwatches can transform you into a fashion icon among your colleagues, friends, or peers. Sturdy and versatile, these timepieces are equally suitable for wearing daily and feature clear reading with numerals hour markers.


Designer Swiss Sports Watches for Men

Wryst Ultimate Extreme Sports Watches


Uniqueness and Exclusivity

Maintaining such superior qualities and attention to each product is impracticable when you produce watches in mass quantities. So, to ensure high standards of quality and exclusiveness, each model from our collections is provided in small series with serial number engraved on the case back. The case body has a stainless steel case crafted by CNC machining in a block of grade 516L hard steel, and some references also include a steel bracelet with a hard black coating.

The fierce, robust, and accurate, WRYST timepieces are the perfect wrist companions for adventurers, athletes, extreme sports and motor racing enthusiasts, professionals. Style seekers, workout buffs, and all those who love to wear their black designer limited edition piece. Choose your chronograph watches blue dial with silver Arabic numerals. Additionally, all references are tested for water resistance between 100 and 200 meters so that the owner can wear it during water-sports activities.


Popular Watches Wryst


The Ups-and-Downs of the Industry

Today, luxury brands face the challenges of creating successful designs that are classic and with a touch of a vintage feel. The design is critical in attempting to achieve this goal. For Wryst, the task is different and more ambitious. We strive to offer a more futuristic approach leaving behind casual wear style, which has been embraced for decades. The classic and refined inspiration has been endorsed for so many years by luxury Swiss brands, mainly in Switzerland.

In the '90s, several high-end watchmakers have seen the gap in the market and started to create more innovative and trailblazing mens designer watches with the help of capitalist investors. To name a few, these are MB&F, Urwerk, HYT, Richard Mille, Cvstos, Rebellion, and several others. These were a breakthrough in the industry at the time, and these brands soon became the world's most expensive wristwatches. The concern with these project has always been the mechanical complications which are incredibly costly, with several million invested per year, and require high-level of expertise from the world's best watchmakers. It is not without having an impact on the retail price. Only wealthy people can afford these kinds of "pieces of art."

The 2000s saw another challenge with the increasing success of smartwatches. The volumes of sales have been continually increasing. They have surpassed the best results obtained in the past by global notorious groups, and the best names of the industry.


A Future-Oriented Approach

Wryst is mastering the understanding of what people need today. An accessory that is modern, technical, well made, and most importantly: Affordable.

Some people choose to strap-on a disposable electronic smartwatch, others their inherited father's one, or even whatever has been gifted to them through the years as a "wild guess" of what they should wear. It is the sad truth, and people often forget their accessory should make a statement and be part of their fashion look. Your timekeeper is part of your dress code. Whether you are looking for the perfect stainless steel watch with classic styling, or a more elaborated men watch offering automatic movement, you can find what you are looking for at Wryst. We offer a sincere unique experience, and 42% of our customer have returned to purchase a second piece within 12 months.

There is only one timepiece you should wear: One that reflects your personality. The ideal sports timepieces for men and women should be considered a top accessory and an asset to everyone's success and ambition. Popular watches need to be timeless - And by timeless, we do not mean it belongs to the past - and pleasing to look at every time. The perfect wristwear experience should also be accurate, robust, stylish, and durable. Wryst goes even further and offers exclusive highly-collectible pieces as each reference is only produced in a small edition.