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Our leather watches for men selection in small series. Most of us would prefer men's watches leather band options, but why? The answer is complicated, and we all have different tastes. But in recent years, men's leather strap watches have made a big come back. Let's try and understand this new tendency.

First, your skin may not be compatible with silicone or rubber material, or you find these to be less classy and stylish than genuine quality handmade mens leather strap. If you are allergic to rubber and plastic, you are left with two other options: Genuine leather band or stainless steel bracelet.


Wryst Leather Bracelet Watches



Wryst offers state-of-the-art genuine leather watch bands. The most important for you is the durability and comfort of your leather strap. You will need strength, good stitching quality, and resistant leather inside and out.

Our different black cowhide choices or mens brown leather timepieces are all built with three different layers and finish. The top layer is the thicker material and will resist any unintentional wear and tear scratch, but most importantly, it will not wear-our where the buckle is attached. Let's not forget this is the area where the band needs to be the strongest. We have chosen genuine reinforced suede-finish leather for the inside layer, which is always in black for all our 22mm and 25mm wide leather watch bands.

The third layer is offered in different colors for the bands' sides, which has hardly ever been attempted by our leading competitors of high-end timepieces. All three different thicknesses are then hands-stitched not once, but twice for better toughness. The square holes are also designed to let the buckle tongue fit seamlessly for the attachment around your arm.

Mens Watches Leather Band


The materials we use are soft, flexible, and more comfortable leathers. In our experience, there is hardly any worst experience than a rigid and hard-to-bend watch brand. Our mens leather options will fell soft and fit nicely around your wrist from day one. Other essential aspects are how the end piece is integrated onto the case and already curved and ready to the domed top of your arm. The buckle has to have the right shape, and all our leather timepieces for men benefit from a well-engineered buckle design, which allows the band to be doubled in thickness without you even noticing it.

Note that we also offer leather bans for all references within the Wryst Elements collection. We can exchange the silicone band shown with either an all-black leather strap or a black and white one.

You can find a replacement, luxurious genuine leather bracelet for your dress watches in our online bracelet selection. Should you have any particular requests, please do not hesitate to contact our enthusiastic customer service.


Mens Leather Strap Watches



For the case size 50mm Wryst Force and Racer:


- Black carbon fiber with red sides and stitching
- Black Alligator leather bracelet with grey sides and grey stitches
- Black Cowhide leather bracelet with grey sides and grey stitches
- Mens brown leather bracelet in Alligator with grey sides and grey stitches
- Black Cowhide leather bracelet with blue leather sides and blue stitches
(All the above are 25mm wide)


For the case size 45mm Wryst Elements:


- All-black cowhide leather option size 22 mm
- Black cowhide leather with white leather sides size 22 mm


For the Wryst Ultimate references:


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