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Wryst SX300 white watch for men
Luxury blue and white watch for men
Swiss Chronograph white watch for men
Swiss Blue Mens Watch Limited Edition

Blue Mens Watch SX300

The Wryst Force SX300 white watch for men with deep blue casing and a white bracelet. This mighty luxury stainless steel timepiece makes a strong statement. Blue is the color of our planet, the sky, and also the sea. Celebrate living with a bold luxury fashion watch with chronograph function. This manly luxurious timepiece is offered exclusively in a Limited Edition of only 75 pieces worldwide. This blue watch for sports benefits from an electric blue IP coating and a light grey dial with black and white details. Also includes an extra black and white silicone bracelet.

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Data sheet

Limited Edition of 75 pieces
Wryst Force SX300
Stainless Steel Grade 516L
Sapphire Crystal
Swiss Chronograph with Date
50mm Width
Screw-In Crown
See-through Case Back
White and Blue
Black and White
Wrist Between 176mm and 230mm
100 Meters (10ATM)
18 Months
New product

Watch Description

A Blue Chronograph Dedicated to the Bold


The Chronograph Wristwatch Will Never Be the Same Again

This blue case watch for men belongs to the brand’s flagship Force Swiss Made sports chronograph collection. Just like any Wryst timepiece model, the Force SX300 white watch for men comes in exclusive limited edition.

It is the irresistible blue color that instantly sets apart the Force SX300 chronograph watch model from the other Wryst timepieces. Blue dial watches are fashionable nowadays, but it is uncommon to find a wristwatch with a blue case. Wryst is already well-known in the watchmaking industry for the manufacturing of atypical sports timepieces. Driven by a strong desire to innovate, the brand also created a unique blue timepiece. Wryst incarnates innovation at its best with this life saving brutal deep blue diver.


Blue Mens Watch SX300


Strong and Durable Blue IP Coating

Stainless steel alloys typically feature a natural silver shade on its surface. Coatings and surface treatments are the two best methods used for applying new colors on stainless steel parts and components. In the jewelry and watchmaking industry, Ion Plating (IP) plating is a widely used method to use different color shades. It is a Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) process. With IP coating, a wide range of colors can be protecting metal surfaces. Wryst has opted for the Ion Plating (IP) method to create the blue color case of the Force SX300 watch.

The Ion Plating is a modern and eco-friendly surface coating process. It provides the case surface of the Force SX300 watches a mesmerizing blue color without using any toxic chemicals. The uniform thickness of this hard yet thin layer coating makes the case appealing and envied. The blue IP coating provides a long-lasting soft luster to the brushed case surface. In addition to the enduring aesthetic characteristics, this protective layer also ensures excellent durability and a long life period of the watch. The rarely used blue IP coating makes the Force SX300 watch a unique and atypical sports timepiece.


Luxury blue and white watch for men


A Blue Modern Men's Watch with a Fresh Look

Wryst now updates the Force SX300 watch series with a new variant featuring an attractive ‘white and blue’ double-injection silicone bracelet. The first two variants feature either a ‘black and white’ double injection silicone strap or an alligator leather strap. All three options are limited to 75 numbered pieces worldwide.

The blue color represents the sea and the sky. The color also offers endless opportunities of style, just like the varying blue-shades of the sea and the sky. White is a positive color representing light, purity, and goodness. The ‘blue and white’ is also a prominent summer color style. The white-blue color combination of the new silicone strap perfectly symbolizes the unspoiled blue-water coastline adorned with pure white sands.

The color theme of the new Force SX300 variant thus brilliantly matches with the feel-good ambiance and positivity of a pristine beach. The chronograph can adapt to various facets of outdoor sports activities, ranging from leisure to adventurous. The blue shade on the case and the strap is also an open invitation to explore the vast oceans. The watch has impressive water resistance up to 100 meters and excellent corrosion resistance. So this blue and white watch can graciously offer an unmatched style during your ocean-sports activities, sailing, and naval expeditions.


Swiss Wryst white watch for men


Two Different High-Quality Bracelets

The strap’s color theme, which also evokes the blue sky with white clouds, is a perfect choice for aviators and aero-sports champions. Interestingly, the strap also reminds us of the snowy mountain range with the blue-sky background.

This sporty watch model radiates a stylish appeal to attract fashion-loving modern young men. A shiny white T-shirt paired with the classic blue denim jeans has been universally considered as the perfect casual wear for men. The white-blue color pattern of the new Force SX300 variant instantly reminds us of this fashion dress style. This blue IP watch worn with the white-blue strap will be an attractive wrist accessory to complement your trendsetting denim wear.

Behind the seductive and neat appearance of the new Force SX300 watch model, there are some amazing facts to discover. These are the innovative specifications that undoubtedly make the Wryst brand unique in the watchmaking industry. Every Force watch models come with a generously sized case making it a sensational product in the over-size watch category. Justifying the bold size of this watch, Wryst has chosen a superior grade stainless steel alloy for manufacturing the case and external parts.

Due to their massive case dimensions, the oversized watches are more exposed to various physical forces that can harm them. So, highly durable and hard materials are necessary for crafting such timepieces. All Wryst models are boldly sized with case diameters ranging from 44mm to 50mm. The Force SX models feature a 50mm diameter and 15mm thick barrel-shaped case.


Wryst SX300 Blue Swiss Mens Watch


Toughest Stainless Steel Grade

Made from the innovative, high-grade 516L grade stainless steel, the case, and external parts ensure ruggedness and durability to Wryst timepieces. Surface coating methods have been used to improve hardness and scratch-resistance of the watches in some variants. In the Force SX300 watch model, the blue color IP coating significantly enhances the look and feel of this incredible watch design.

The signature barrel shape case, the exciting design feature from the brand, makes this model highly distinguishable along with its captivating blue color. This radical wristwatch harmoniously incorporates some protective features without obstructing the access to its operational controls like crown and pushers. The unique design of the upper case body merged with the protective structures is a perfect example of the brand’s innovation.

The new Force SX300 model mixes the coolness factor of its ‘blue and white’ style with the precise chronograph functions. In some sports activities, each millisecond is crucial. For example, in motorsports and athletics, even a tenth of a second variation can change the fate of competitors. The Force SX300 watch is capable of performing such critical calculations of elapsed time. Operated by two easy to use push-buttons, its stop-watch mechanism can perform chronograph functions with a precision of 1/10th of a second.

Also indicating precise, day-to-day timekeeping function along with day date display, this timepiece is driven by a state-of-the-art Swiss engine. The Ronda Caliber 3540.D is a five-jewel, gold-plated quartz movement manufactured according to the stringent Swiss Made quality specifications. Its chronograph mechanism drives 30 minute counter, a 10 hour counter, and a center stop seconds.


Wryst Force SX300 Watch for Diving

Black and White Bracelet Included


Swiss Traditions; the Best of Watchmaking

The movement is a real workhorse with a long battery life of 54 months. The movement has been designed to operate in various climate conditions, with temperatures ranging from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. These excellent specifications clubbed with rugged construction, and cool aesthetics make this blue IP watch a stylish, all-weather timekeeper. It also has excellent magnetic resistance (18.8 Oe) and shock resistance (NIHS 91-10) features.

The multi-layer dial of this blue watch with white silicone bracelet comes with many brand-specific design features. The center-piece of the dial is a concentric three-layer ring structure along with a three-counter chronograph layout. The three sub-dials are quickly distinguishable. You can discover 10-hour chronograph counter at 12 o’clock, 30 minutes counter at 9 o’clock and small seconds dial at 6 o’clock.

Framed by an electrifying blue color case, the dial maintains a neutral color theme mixed with grey, white, and black shades. The SX300 visually pleasing dial layout also ensures excellent readability. The applied hour-markers indices radiate a shiny polished steel finish. Large hour and minute hands provide a crisp indication of time. The Swiss Superluminova on the hands and indexes allows time to be read accurately at night. Another cool factor of this blue watch for men is that it sits comfortably on the wrist despite its bold dimensions. It is due to the ergonomic features incorporated into the curved case design.


Limited Edition Swiss Deep Blue Watches


Turning back this men's blue watch, you will come across some beautiful details. Most importantly, the case back view lets you can enjoy the elegance and sheen of pure stainless steel. Made from 516L stainless steel, the crown, chronograph start/stop and reset buttons, and a strap attachment device maintains a shiny polished finish.

The case back made from 516L stainless steel features brushed finishing with polished edges. This finishing pattern offers an eye-pleasing contrast against the mystic blue color of the upper case body. The case back is secured to the case body with four screws. You can also discover decorative patterns, inscriptions, and limited edition serial number on the case back. The purpose of the innovative strap attachment device is to provide secure fitment and seamless integration of the strap.


Blue Mens Swiss Watch


Comfortable and Adapted to Manly Sizes

A bold sized and rugged sports watch needs an equally strong strap. Also, it should be flexible and comfortable. The strap fitted with this model is aptly sized to suit the dimensions of the watch perfectly. The 24mm wide strap with fitting size from 170mm to 210mm is perfect for energetic and masculine wrists. The material used for this double injection strap is silicone, which can provide the flexibility of rubber. The strap is also dust-free, water-proof, and anti-allergic. The blue lines of the strap are in perfect harmony with the silhouette of the case.


Blue Watch with Black Leather Bracelet

Also available with a black/blue leather bracelet


The Guarantee of a Secure Investment

Swiss watch brand Wryst registered trademark is a unique symbol of unicity and individualism. These limited edition watches for men are not available through supply chains nor in watch shop. The Wryst SX300 is only available online directly from the watch brand. Wryst offers a professional customer service and is 100% customer-focus minded.

Like all other references from the Force collection, the chronographs have luminous hour and miinute hands, and also there are also double luminous dots on each hour markers. This feature is ideal for low light reading and gives a busy looking enlightened dial in the dark. The decorative bracelet attachment rings, chronograph pushers and screw-down crown are all in a shiny luxury polished stainless steel finish.

Overall the SX300 blue watch is an accomplished timepiece and offers tones of refinements and unique features. Remember only 75 pieces will ever see the daylight. Let your look drive your success. This timepiece is key to reaching new heights while allowing you to fully express your personality.

The case back reveals the following inscriptions: hallmark "Swiss Made", watch name "Force SX300", "Limited Edition", water-resistance of "100 Meters", and the unique serial number of this limited edition watch (Example shown is the serial number #75 out of 75 units produced). In the center the distingushable triangular Wryst logo is deep-etched in 3D. There are also several decorative engravings paying tribute to the Forces within. A circular dented wheel gives an effect of the center raising out of this flattened style. Many other inscritptions could have indicated other features of the watch such as Sapphire Crystal, screw-in type of crown, 1/10th of a second Chronograph which would be likely to over crowd this piece. Four screws are securing the watch back plate.

Comments below are now also available for visitors. So please feel free to comment on this unique Swiss chronograph. At first the blue case watch SX300 is surprising, but it will soon become evident this particular design used for the Racer, Force, and TT watch collections is just as appealing as it is timeless. If you are an avid watch collector and aficionados this is also an excellent long-term investment. When the reference is sold-out it will become evident no one will ever be able to find another.

Each Force SX300 blue and white watch model comes with an interchangeable add-on strap with no added cost. With this variant, Wryst is providing a supplementary double-injection silicone bracelet in an elegant ‘black and white’ color theme. The solid pin buckle features the brand name stamped over it. The blue IP coating on the buckle perfectly harmonizes with the color theme of this watch with blue IP plating. Wryst also provide more Swiss automatic luxurious references.

Two more versions of this unique white watch Swiss Made for men are also available in limited editions. The SX300 with a black leather band with blue stitches, and the black/white silicone band reference. Another verion with blue faced dial and polished stainless steel case is the SX230.



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Really happy with my purchase, beautiful watch. Great customer service and very quick delivery.


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I purchased this watch SX300 and I couldn't be more satisfied. Between the obvious quality of the watch and the timely delivery, there will be no question that I'll be doing business here again.


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Received fast in USA, thank you it is a beautiful blue chrono


Brilliant wristwatch

I totally wanted this watch when I fist saw it last week! After placing my order I received confirmation it was dispatched with tracking number with DHL which I thought was great. My sx300 arrived two days later is Arizona. How can it possibly be so quick, I dont know!? The watch is insane and I love everything about it. Great customer service also as Jo offered me the leather bracelet in black and blue sticthes which can be bought seperately. Thank you so much Wryst.

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