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Black and green watch Wryst PH3
Wryst PH3 in black and green color
Black sports timepiece with green colors
Black and Green Watch
Swiss Black and Green Watch
Mens black Wryst watch with green accents
Black and Green Watch Limited Edition

Black and Green Watch Wryst PH3

Black and green watch Wryst PH3 limited edition with a dark grey dial for sport with a brutal and innovative sports look. This unique, solidly built timepiece benefits from the hardest materials the watchmaking industry has to offer. The scratch-resistant black Diamond-Like Carbon coating used for sports car engine parts and aerospace guarantees a durable and reliable black Wryst timepiece with green details. Two silicone bracelets are both included.

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Limited Edition of 75 pieces
Wryst PH3 Elements
Stainless Steel Grade 516L
Scratch-Resistant Black DLC
Mineral "K1" Shatterproof
Swiss Quartz with Date
45 mm Width
Screwed Crown
Black and Green
Green and Black
Wrist 150mm to 205mm
100 Meters (10ATM)
12 Months
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The Black and Green Details Wryst PH3 for Sports


The Winning Timepiece Wryst Elements PH3

The Swiss black model with green details Wryst PH3 for men includes two different double injection silicone bracelets. With this PH3 reference, receive a black/green strap and a second Green and Black bracelet. The design is timeless and futuristic to suit perfectly charismatics and individualists. Feel impressive and exclusive with these limited edition green watches. All luxury dark green wristwatches are unique, with a serial number engraved on the case back from 01/75 to 75/75. These three super luminova hands and white on black date windows are perfect for your outdoor and water sports. This PH3 will make you feel unique and privileged while you can freely concentrate on your next move.


Wryst PH3 black and green watch


The models Wryst for sport are only available for sale on the official online shop. We offer excellent reactive customer service. Buy a black Wryst with green details today for a stylish and long-lasting luxurious feel without breaking the bank. This particular reference, PH3, has Arabic numerals at 12h, 3h, 6h, and 9h. Dials and straps have deep green details, just like the previous Wryst Airborne FW3 chronograph produced many years ago. The FW3 was the first reference to become sold-out from the first Airborne watch series released in 2012.


Black Wryst PH3 with Green Details


Tough Mens black sport tickers

A green luxury Wryst Elements PH3 with brushed black stainless steel casing, black and green dial details, and glowing hands. A "K1" crystal strengthens this exclusive luxury timepiece. This material is more scratch-proof than mineral crystal and harder than sapphire. The sports and outdoors-inspired collection Elements proves to be dedicated to individualist people with energy, style, and charisma. Built and manufactured in the Swiss traditions, Wryst Timepieces excel in watchmaking and redefine elegance and finesse. You will enjoy wearing your lifestyle for your favorite outdoors. The PH3 is designed to endure sportive activities with a whopping 100 meters of water-resistance. Make the most of any water-related activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, and many other watersports. These can also potentially be fantastic dive watches.


Swiss black and green luxury watch


Black Coating Harder Than Steel

Carved by CNC machining in a block of grade 516L Stainless steel, the timepiece is coated with DLC technology. This new revolutionary protection is more stringent than steel watches. A thin layer of black diamond-like carbon coating makes this exclusive special edition of the world's strongest.

Enjoy checking out what time it is with glowing hands and hour markers in a low-light environment. The date window is located at a 3-hour position. The crown is secured and solidly screwed against the case for safe usage while practicing any activities. Mountainbiking, free-running, you name it! This PH3 is as ready as you are to face all your challenges.

The two-tone flexible and comfortable silicone bracelet is 4mm in thickness and 22 mm wide. Solidly built and firmly attached to the case with an 8-screws bracelet system, the band will stay securely attached to your arm day-in and day-out. Wryst Swiss brand knows how important it is for you to make the right choice. Wear the attractive, timeless green luxury Elements in confidence while you can concentrate on the tasks ahead.


Black green watch Wryst PH3

With a unique and brutal design, the PH3 is dedicated to simplicity and elegance with an ultra sporty feel and groundbreaking look. The casing shows nicely contrasted fitted either with the bi-color black and green silicone strap or the green and black one. This black time wear with green details is more than a fashion accessory - It is a true statement of style, charisma, and individualism. Wryst thrives on providing atypical designs in the Swiss traditions since 2012. Even if the PH3 is not a swiss army watch, it can become one fitted with the all-black silicone band available separately. There is also the possibility of purchasing a luxurious black leather strap.

The luxury black timepieces are in fashion this year, so go green and enjoy the fantastic outdoors with this unique limited edition green luxury Wryst Elements PH3. With a solid stainless steel case, quartz movement, and superluminova on the dial, the watches Elements deliver in style. The watch features surpass most other competitors for the same retails price. Also, this timepiece has precisely been produced following the immense success of a previous model called Wryst Airborne with chronograph functions, which has been a real success. Wryst was already inspired by the outdoors, adventure, and extreme sports at a very early stage.

Add to your everyday living with a striking design showcasing your real passion for adrenaline-rush activities. Other collections are produced in small series, such as the larger 50 mm-sized Wryst Force and the more accomplished high-end timepiece Wryst Racer with Automatic movement. Again, all the right ingredients are found in every reference produced by the watch company Wryst including strong and durable materials, Swiss quality finish, and a striking style demonstrating a powerful personality and charisma. All colorful references from this collection Elements are a perfect fit for athletic men.


Video of this Black and Green Luxury PH3:


Limited edition of only 75 units worldwide with serial number engraved


Wryst Elements Limited Edition Black and Green

The PH3 is perfect for men looking to enjoy a comfortable accessory without the fuss of electronics, connectivity, recharging, and a dark black screen. The Swiss gold plated movement is anti-magnetic, anti-choc/vibration, and has a battery life of 48 months. Unlike the recent modern smartwatches invading the market, you can today purchase a 'piece of you.' Your success depends on your look!

The Elements Swiss green and black models are also a fantastic asset from casual nights out to formal meetings - You can also wear it while playing tennis or jogging in central park. The first choice of affordable Swiss watchmaking is one click away. Only available for online purchase. No middle man, no unnecessary distribution expenses.


There are also several other colors available as follow:

Wryst Elements PH3 watch with GREEN bracelet

Wryst Elements PH4 watch with YELLOW bracelet

Wryst Elements PH5 watch with ORANGE bracelet

Wryst Elements PH6 watch with a RED bracelet

Wryst Elements PH7 watch with BLUE bracelet

Wryst Elements PH8 with a WHITE bracelet (Sold-out)


Wryst - Luxury green & black Timekeepers Like Never Before


Wryst Elements Collection



Just a brilliant design

I do not know how on earth they managed to create such a beautiful piece. Anyway, I must say I was glad to be able to secure one of them and had to squeeze my budget a couple of months to be able to afford it. Stunning exercise of craftsmanship which I admire. I would not thank you enough! Bart, from New Zealand


Great creation!

This Wryst PH3 is fantastic. At first I wanted the Airborne FW3 but soon found out it was sold-out. Nevertheless this Elements is just perfect for me. Only downside is the bracelet is a little tricky to swap. Thanks again for taking the time to send me the serial number I wanted. Sam


A true watchmaking achievement

I was actually looking for an outdoor watch with a stronger body and I am so glad to have come across this brand. It did not take me long to realise I had to take the jump. After saving for 3 months I finally gathered enough funds to buy this really unique reference. The construction is unreal - Looking at it is captivating every time. Plus I can swap the bracelets around periodically and I feel like wearing a different wristwatch everytime. Thank you so much Wryst for producing a <br /> different timepiece design. I just love mine!


Looks great on me

Lovely watch for sports and it looks better than any smartwatch I ever worn before. A great stylish shape and great to look at everytime. Minea, NYC


Nice black sports watch

Love at first sight! We looking for a black sport watch that is more resistant to scratches... Love my new Element PH3 and will wear it unconditionally thank you


Stunning and innovative

A watch with a difference. I came across this elements ph3 watch while surfing the internet. Straight away the stunning design caught my eye. So i purchased the watch to find that it arrived in Australia in 7 days.[super quick post] This watch looks magnificent when it is in front of you. I will wear this watch with pride. Regards Lee.

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Quality & design

I just order this watch today and I can barely wait to get' it. The watch is breathtaking, amazing design and craftsmanship; also the watch is build from really good materials, built to last. I am a watch collector and I can say with confidence that this watch will be the most appealing among all the other watches I own so far. I hope I will get' it in short time. Thank you Wryst Watches.

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

Outstanding Design

It is the design and the novel use of the materials that drew me to Wryst in the first place, and an easy decision to purchase thereafter.<br /> The quality is outstanding and the customer service from the team excellent, I have an FW3, and I recently required a battery change and service. Joanne from the sales team was excellent in her help, and the service and battery change was completed free of charge, with a change of strap also thrown in. Fantastic service, many thanks Wryst, an exceptional product.

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