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Leather Watches for Men Wryst SX270

Leather Watches for Men Wryst SX270 with Gold Dial

The mens leather watches Wryst SX270 with a genuine leather bracelet are your everyday head-turner. A chronograph with a brushed black case and gold galvanized face. The world's most scratch-resistant black Chrono watches. The handmade brown leather bracelet gives a unique feel to this coveted luxury chronograph with a gold dial. Designed to last, the limited edition leather watches for men benefit from a sturdy black DLC coating throughout and scratch-proof sapphire crystal. Wear a bold black watch for men with both unique style and durability.

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Mens Wryst SX270 brown leather watch with a Gold Dial


Durable watch with black DLC coating and a genuine leather bracelet

These Wryst luxury leather watches for men Wryst SX270 benefit from the world's most durable hard black coating. This sophisticated chronograph for sports, outdoors, and adventure with gold dial, polished rose gold crown, and pushers are captivating. This version benefit from a sturdy and comfortable brown genuine leather bracelet with double stitchings. A gold-plated quality Swiss movement provides accuracy with an attitude. You can be proud to be looking at a small edition black wristwatch because only 75 pieces will ever be available.

Style, Charisma, and Unicity

One statement is evident with Wryst: There is no other watchmaker in the industry offering such trailblazing designs. This model Wryst SX270 is no exception, and the combination of black with gold sunray on the dial is timeless. Most importantly, the materials deliver reliability, robustness, and precision. Which timepiece today pulls together so many specifications?:

New modern, futuristic, and sports-inspired technical design. Black scratchproof diamond-like carbon coating on the case and the square buckle. A domed 2 mm thick sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. Handmade genuine brown leather bracelet with three leather layers signed black back, and double stitchings—a screw-down crown and bolted case back, allowing 100 water resistance for watersports and outdoors. The brown leather watch comes with a second bracelet included in a different silicone material for versatility. Polished gold plated crown and pushers. A gold-plated Swiss quality quartz Chrono movement with 1/10th of a second precision and 45 months battery life. An exclusive 18-month manufacturer warranty. Your brown leather strap watches come in a black wooden luxury box with black leather inlay and a bespoke USB card for manual instructions. And all this is produced in exclusive worldwide limited series of 75 units of brown leather watch men.

Most and foremost, Wryst creates the luxury fashion wristwear of the next generation. Wearing a Force is unlike anything you have ever worn before, empowering, reassuring, and indeed an excellent long-term investment. Make the most of your budget today with this highly collectible timepiece.


Watches Wryst SX270 in black DLC casing with Gold face and brown leather watch band Wryst SX270


Combining advanced machining and handmade craftsmanship

The complex shape of this designer timepiece is only possible with CNC tooling and machining. Wryst's case design is unique and requires Swiss know-how and engineering. Conventional doing will not satisfy all the details of this futuristic and aggressive 50 mm chronograph design. Combining new technologies and manual expertise, the brown leather bracelet watch is cut, assembled, and stitched by hand.

The "Made in Switzerland" reputation is known worldwide to define quality and must be kept sustainable. This can only be obtained with a real passion for details. The dedication of the brand Wryst for these unique small series is pushing further the boundaries possible. Wryst is far from mass production series and possible mistakes during the production chain. Every part is subject to thorough quality checks to qualify for the next stage. The result is fascinating and spectacular — a timeless, quality luxury black chronograph with a gold-toned dial. Only a select few lucky individuals can pretend to own one of them. Nothing can replace the human eye.


Mens black watch with brown leather bracelet


Intuitive and Precise Chronograph Functions

You can time any of your adventures or adrenaline-seeking activities with a precision of 1/10th of a second. All references from the Wryst Force Collection offer accurate chronograph functions. The chronograph second-hand and subdial hands stand out in red color. The black hour and minute hands with white Luminova are well contrasted against the gold sunray dial for an authentic reading experience.

This stainless steel wristwatch with a leather band does not have a black dial but a black stainless steel case with a high-quality leather band and luminescent hands. The mens brown leather watch with gold chrono presentation has brown color details, raised black minute track with white printing and double luminova white dots, and well-contrasted white hands. The Swiss quartz movement corresponds to a demanding crowd looking for technical precision and reliability. Wryst offers total transparency in supply chains as the limited edition chronographs are only available online. We provide professional customer service and the coupon Free Shipping, which you can use in your cart to grant you the DHL prompt delivery costs.

Another version of this Wryst SX270 watch in small series is also available with two silicone bracelets. One is brown with white lines, and the other is Moka with brown linings on the sides. Check out the Wryst timepieces in black and rose gold with a brown bracelet. By sending us an email, you can also request that we fit any of the two bracelets included while placing your online order. Your order will be processed and dispatched within two working days worldwide. Shipments are usually delivered the next day to the United Kingdom, and the usual delays for other destinations are generally 72hrs.

An extra double-injection silicone bracelet

You will also enjoy a second option and swap the leather strap fitted on your mens watches leather band. This unique double-injection bracelet is a signature of the brand Wryst and requires several months of development. The silicone bracelet in brown with white lining can replace the men's leather watchband. The bracelet is firmly attached to the case with an 8-pieces patented unique system. The silicone and the brown leather strap watch bracelet fit nicely into the case. The timepiece will fit comfortably and securely on any wrist between 170mm and 210mm in size. Make a bold statement with the oversized Wryst Force.


Black chronograph Wryst SX270 with gold face


Wear a stylish luxury timepiece for men designed to win in the United States or worldwide. watch brand Wryst offers one of the most empathic, dedicated, and friendly customer services you will ever experience in the watchmaking industry. If the number you wish to purchase is still available, you can buy one from our selection of leather watches with timeless styles. Contact us for all requests regarding serial number availability.

Tips to look well after your men leather watch

Leather watches are a classic accessory for men who appreciate style and quality. Leather watches can complement any style from casual to formal. They add a touch of class and elegance. Our mens black leather watch SX270 is also durable, comfortable, and versatile, as it also comes with a brown silicone band with white side lines.

Wryst mens brown leather watches are not only fashionable but also practical. They can last for a long time if they are properly maintained and cared for. Some tips to keep your leather watch in good condition are:

- Avoid exposing your leather watch to extreme temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight, as they can damage the leather strap and the watch mechanism.

- Clean your leather strap regularly with a soft cloth and mild soap. Do not use any chemicals or abrasive materials that can harm the leather.

- Store your leather watch in a dry and cool place when not in use. You can also use a watch box or pouch to protect it from dust and scratches.

- Replace your leather strap when it shows signs of wear and tear or when you want to change your look.

Leather bracelet watches are a great investment for men who value quality and style. They can enhance your appearance and personality, as well as reflect your taste and preferences.

Feel exclusive and unique

Another advantage of wearing the mens leather strap watches Wryst SX270 is that you will hardly ever meet someone wearing one. Even if you do, it can then be a subject of discussion - Each luxury leather watch for men has a unique number engraved on the back. Which serial number would you prefer? Please contact us today to see if your lucky number is available. You can also choose a remembrance piece for any special occasion, such as a birthday, a first grade, or any other event that needs immortalizing.


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Swiss Chronograph Watch SX210

Swiss Movement Watch SX270

Black Leather Watch SX210

Black and Gold Watch Mens SX270

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Wryst Force




Limited Edition of 75 pieces
Wryst SX270 Force
Stainless Steel
Sapphire Crystal
Swiss Chronograph with Date
Screwed Crown
Brown Leather Bracelet
Brown and White
Wrist 170mm to 210mm
100 Meters (10ATM)
18 Months

Specific References

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