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The sport watch for men, Wryst Elements PH4, made in Switzerland, is perfect for fitness and daily exercises. A black timepiece with yellow...

Mens Sport Watches Wryst...

The mens sport watches Wryst Elements PH4 are a perfect example of how a robust Swiss timepiece should be designed and manufactured. With 100...

Black and Green Watch...

This black and green watch Wryst PH3 in a limited edition with a dark grey dial for sport offers a brutal and innovative sportive look. This...

Sportive Watches Wryst...

The sportive watch Wryst Elements PH7 is an unusual black watch produced is small series of 75 pieces. The PH7 is perfect for professional sports...

Blue Dive Watch Elements...

The blue dive watch Wryst Elements PH7 with blue details and a black bracelet. This is a highly collectible sports watch with 100 Meters of water...

Green Sport Watch Elements...

The green sport watch Wryst PH3 Swiss Made has a distinctive style. The limited edition sports timepiece PH3 with green bracelet benefits from the...

Deep Blue Watches Elements...

Deep blue watches Wryst Elements PH7 Limited edition with an unmissable modern design. Dedicated to a sporting audience hungry for thrills and...

Swiss Square Watch Wryst...

The mens square watch Wryst PH4 offers a new groundbreaking sports style. The tough materials and square face of this Swiss PH4 with yellow...

Mens Outdoor Watches for...

The Swiss outdoor watches Wryst Elements PH3 with a stunning design are exclusively available in a limited edition of 75 pieces. With a striking...

Men Watch Wryst Elements...

The men watch Wryst PH7 for sports is designed to withstand the test of time. Wear a bold, stylish black wristwatch with a new and modern feel...

Wryst Women Sports Watches PH3

The women's sports watch Wryst Elements PH3 is dynamic with a modern white strap. It has an elegant design that represents a new and refreshing...

Wryst Black Watch for Women...

The black watch Wryst Elements PH4 for women benefit from the strong materials required for active sports and adventures alike. With a water...

Watches for Sports with High Specifications


Tough Watches for Your Favorite Sports

 The Wryst Elements sports watches for men are specifically designed for adventure and water sports enthusiasts. The vibrant collection features a rugged black Diamond-Like Carbon coating that offers maximum protection against scratches, making it perfect for active sports and harsh environments. The mens sport watch Elements are fitted with a "K1" curved mineral crystal, which is proven to be more shatter-proof than sapphire crystal and more scratch-resistant than any mineral crystal.

Additionally, the "Elements" are equipped with a screw-down crown and provide 100 meters of water resistance, making them ideal for water sports. It's worth noting that these sports watches are only available in limited editions of 75 pieces.


Mens Sports Watches Wryst


Colorful Sports Design

Our customers are always stunned by the look on their wrists and how comfortable they feel. The groundbreaking new timers from Wryst with black DLC casing and green, yellow, orange, red, or blue accents will make you fearless. Each collection includes two double-injection silicone straps with dust-proof coating and solid rigid insert ends between the lugs. These are solidly attached to the case with an eight-pieces screw set.


This exceptional sportswear is dedicated to enduring harsh environments during intense physical activities. Every time you look at your watch, it will remind you of your latest experiences and make you want to outdo your latest achievement. Most remarkably, the curved case shape fits seamlessly on the wearer's arm and feels light and comfortable. The colors on offer can also suit your favorite dress code. Whether you are also using your Wryst for jogging, exercising, fitness, or even casual wear during the day. No network is required, no upgrade, and the extended 45 months of battery life guarantee your everyday peace of mind.


Colorful Sports Watches for Men


Outdoor Watches PH3


Collectible Limited Editions of 75 Pieces

Active sports fans always look for a rare and unique Swiss watch. Wryst only produces small series for all models. When the 75 timepieces of each reference become unavailable, buying one will no longer be possible. More than a luxurious object, all the produced volume will sell out one day. These features make the aggressive-looking exclusive Swiss timepieces a secured long-term investment.

The Elements is a new take on the fashion lifestyle more than an everyday accessory. No other design on the market looks just as inspired by extreme sports as this collection. When checking the time, Wryst calculated every finishing detail to provide a futuristic feel. From the dial with hour markers to the crown's sides, all aspects are unique and will surprise you all day.

Most importantly, the creations offered by independent watchmaker Wryst are timeless. No less than three years of intense research and development have led to this shape you will enjoy every day. Get your summer look or winter feel right with a luxurious piece that provides accurate timing and reliability for a hundred years. Each reference can also be dressed in an elegant, genuine leather bracelet, giving your wrist a new look. As for all other models, we always include two silicone bands with each timer.


Watch for water activities black and green


Black and Green Mens Watch PH3


Ideal for Active Water Sports

The black reference Elements are for harsh environments. It will resist unintentional shocks while looking sophisticated and stylish. This limited edition "Elements" has a highly technical one-piece stainless steel case. It offers the most scratch-resistant "Diamond-Like Carbon" coating. This black protection increases lifetime and strength. This DLC coating is a strong selling point and a signature asset for the brand Wryst. It's a real achievement in this price range.

The Wryst Elements collection with three hands and date also benefits from a screw-down system for the crowns. These features secure the qualifying 100-meter water resistance for those living on the waves. Find the complete details on how water-resistant your watch is.


All Your Needs for Your Everyday Sports

The stunning, colorful Elements feature shock-resistant black protection and are easy to read thanks to the luminova on hour hands and hour markers. Unlike most other sports wristwear qualifying to only 50 meters, the PH references with screw-down crown comply with 10ATM specifications - Twice as much.

The dark grey multi-sport functions of the watch faces do not provide you with the distance covered and lap time; instead, these are robust, hassle-free, and durable Swiss quartz timekeepers. The watch features include a safe, patented, unique bracelet attachment. An additional free bracelet is not something you will often come across. There is no need to recharge your timepiece as the battery offers a comfortable 45-month lifetime. Remember, only 75 units of each model will ever be produced, with the reference Elements PH8 now sold out and discontinued.


Sports Mens Watch PH4


Sports Watch for Men PH4




You can find the best sports watches for men in various shapes and forms. Wryst produces a more brutal and bold modern look. Hundreds of millions of colorful watches sell yearly, and it is not always easy to choose from vast and diverse models. Most of the references sold have a round face, are more classic in style, and are produced in large quantities.

The vision of Wryst is new and different. We understood the future of wristwear at an early stage to precisely offer designs and quantities not usually found through regular channels. A brand needs to learn and understand what people want to wear and why. Men want to be different and unique. People need a sturdy, durable, and stylish timepiece for most extreme sports and adventures. They want to make the most of their investment and never get bored wearing their accessory. Here are several reasons why you should take a closer look at the collection Elements:


1/ Durability

Sports often require a hassle-free experience. Nowadays, digital and smartwatches need looking after - Recharging, updating, and upgrading are not ideal.

Choose a Swiss quartz movement with 45 months of extended battery life for your peace of mind. No need to worry about anything! Just grab your beloved and all-important timepiece and strap it on your wrist.

With this stunning collection of watches for sports, you can enjoy the world of Swiss Watchmaking. This is the guarantee of a long-term investment. You do not have to look for another style as the collections are timeless, which we do best. Years of studies led to a design created so you can not get bored of it. No need to change the style or feel like you need a new timepiece. The Elements are so timeless that your children and grandchildren will want to wear one. Only 75 pieces of each are available, and when they are gone, they are gone!



Swiss manufacturing guarantees a long-lasting experience for your investment. Wryst also offers the most robust materials ready to endure a harsh environment and excessive wear.

The "K1" mineral crystal of these exclusive men's wristwear. It is more shatter-proof than sapphire, and more scratch-proof than mineral crystal. In short, your timepiece is invincible. Also, the black coating DLC is much more challenging than stainless steel. You won't be worried about scratch marks on the case. They are the world's most robust tickers at this price point. Another great added value is the two bracelets included. Since the beginning of 2012, Wryst has always been including two bracelets with each sports watch. This way, you can add a different feel to your wrist, and the bracelet will last twice as long.

The Swiss movement inside your Elements reference is also anti-magnetic and anti-choc.


3/ Accessible Price Point

Most other brands try to offer the best specifications, but none like ours.

We know you want to make the most of your investment, which is our top priority. You will never find a quality brand offering so much for such a low price. Plus, we are only producing small series.

How do we do it?

The bold and exclusive Swiss mens sports watches are only available online. We have cut the middleman costs. There is no margin for distributors and retailers, and we do not have investors. The independent name Wryst is so exclusive that you need to look for us to find us. For example, retailers require an average margin of 25% to 50% of the retail price value. Selling online is the future, and all our competitors know it. Brands such as Tag Heuer, Audemars Piguet, Bell Ross, and many others know this. Other world-renowned names know that choosing a timepiece dedicated to sports online is more fun. It is the only way to find your dreams' rare and exclusive design.


4/ Excellent Customer service

Finally, your frustration is over. Do not worry about your after-sales service. Wryst provides the world's most friendly, emphatic, and fastest customer service. Before and after sales for us are much more manageable than for any other brand. The reason is that we only have a limited customer database. It means more time for one-to-one issues, and we are closer to our customers than ever.

Do you want to try it first?

Our terms and conditions allow you to try on them. Attach the piece to your arm in the comfort of your own home. After receiving your timepiece promptly, you have 14 days to send your purchase back, new and unworn, for a full refund. If you are not 100% satisfied, we do not require you to tell us why. On average, 99.9% of our customers are happy. All of which are overwhelmed by their new purchase. How do we know this? On average, 45% of our clients have bought more than one Wryst.

We also offer several other collections with, for example, the heavy-duty chronograph Wryst Force also provided in an exclusive limited edition.

If you want a more manly and higher-end version of this design, choose the Racer SX4 size 50mm (Instead of 45mm). The Racer automatic collection is the most brutal-looking timekeeper from the independent watch brand. It runs a Swiss mechanical caliber. Several references are available in different color combinations. The SX4 is the closest to this Elements collection but has a much bolder look and feel. All models are manufactured in small editions and include two different bracelets.


New HD pictures of the Wryst "PH" Series


Only Produced in Small Series

If you wish to take a closer look at this exclusive limited edition of 75 pieces, this is the right page. Discover the latest photo shoots of this watch collection in Blue, Green, yellow, and Red. Click on the image for a high-resolution visual, or hit the link at the bottom of this page to discover the availability, prices, and specifications of your favorite Wryst.


New pictures colorful sport watches Wryst


Unprecedented Sports Design for Men

The unique watches for sports are manufactured according to Swiss traditions and fitted with sophisticated double-injection silicone straps in many different colors. We can also deliver each reference from this collection with a black strap with thin lines along the sides.


Inspired by auto racing and extreme sports, the series Elements benefits from a design ready to endure the most challenging conditions. While the screw-down crown secures the water resistance up to 100 meters, the "K1" mineral crystal is more shatter-proof than sapphire and more scratch-resistant than a conventional mineral crystal. The black coating used by Wryst is Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), a lightweight and robust material used in the making of race car engines and the aerospace industry due to its incredible hardness.


Enhance Your Sports Lifestyle Like Never Before

Wryst breaks the monotony of classicism with striking, limited-edition Swiss sports wristwear offering highly competitive value for money. Since 2012, Wryst has provided a unique designer alternative to the more conventional-looking timepieces available on the market. These timepieces have an unmistakable, aggressive, masculine look; each one will one day become unavailable due to its limited numbers. With their "out-of-the-ordinary" design, and small production, you can be sure to feel unique and priviledged.


The best quality for a fraction of the price

This will reassure you if you have discovered our striking timepiece and are still wondering whether to take the jump. At Wryst, we are dedicated to making our small community of clients feel unique and privileged. We offer one of the world's best customer services. Before and after-sale contact with us is friendly and fast, and all that matters is your satisfaction.

Our customers will receive a personalized experience as we track and take notes and track records of every communication we have with you. Complicated large production volumes like the ones of our competitors can make you feel left behind. Please let us know if you have any questions, need to ask for specific spare parts, or learn about future collections.

The Elements collection is also available in a short supply of 75 exclusive references. You may want to know if a particular serial number is available. You may also wonder if you can swap a bracelet with another available one to suit your taste. We are only one click away and we are sure to answer our messages daily from Monday to Friday. Look up to a successful future with a timepiece you proudly wear daily - Choose Wryst.


Our Top Priority is Your Style

There are many functions absent from the Elements. This is because, at Wryst, we prioritize your fashion style so you can freely concentrate on your active life and success with peace of mind.

Our customers enjoy staying fit, and true fans of wristwear do not need unnecessary functions. After all, you can feel how your body responds while practicing active sports and exercises. When you wear a Wryst, the limit is the sky. The Elements are perfect for indoor skydiving, free fall, and BASE jumping. You can even compete at the Red Bull Air Racer or have fun equipped with a jet wing above Dubai.


Easy-to-read dial

Extremely robust and stylish, the Wryst Elements are attractive notably for a neat and modern dial design. K1 shatter-proof mineral glass with AR coating and grey-colored dials perfectly complement the shiny black case.

The dial ensures comfortable reading of indications with its clutter-free and meticulous design featuring large, easy-to-read Arabic numeral hour markers and luminescent hands. The light-green shade applied on the second hand and to other dial details are entirely in tune with the vibrant bi-color strap.


Firm and flexible strap

Made from silicone and perfect for wrist sizes between 150mm and 205mm, this model's dust-proof and non-allergic double injection bracelet has a fashionable green-black color combination. Seamlessly integrated into the lugs with a cutting-edge attachment system, the strap keeps the timer firm and secure on the wrist.

Men can create combinations to complement their dressing style with the free, add-on silicone strap provided with every Wryst Elements. The silicone strap has better elastic properties than the usual leather straps. The soft double-injection silicone strap is also lighter than the metal bracelets. This feature makes the Elements an ideal choice for diving and ocean adventures.


Precise and practical movement

All models come equipped with a highly accurate Swiss movement, whose functional qualities match the modern gentlemen's active lifestyles and busy diary. The dial has three central hands (hour, minute, and seconds) and a date indication at 4:30h. The Swiss Ronda 515 movement is also easy to adjust with the large stainless steel crown positioned at 3 hours and protected by the innovative top case structure.

This quality movement ticking inside a well-built case structure makes the model "Elements" an active everyday wearing experience—the Wryst Elements benefits from 10ATM water resistance, which qualifies for watersports. The company Wryst offers all references with reliable Swiss movement and date windows.


Sports Watches Wryst


Analog Swiss Quartz vs. Intelligent Wristwear


Quartz Mens Sports Watches Vs. Electronic Ones

You may find hundreds of digital or smartwatch models in the market, including the popular Apple series loaded with various functions like heart rate monitor, sleep pattern, fitness tracking, etc. Other indications include displaying the time zone, lap time, distance covered, etc. Although the smartwatches look attractive, they lack essential quality specifications, especially for a high-performing and reliable sports accessory.


The Wryst testimonial of style is a perfect example showing that electronic devices are not the right choice for those who prefer precise, reliable, and well-built quartz. It is easy to compare with black dial faces and other analog or digital sportswear. Therefore, let us explore the notable features that make these sports watches models the first choice.


The Wryst does not feature any fitness app that can track your activity. It does not calculate the distance covered or monitor your heartbeat, either. It is not an alarm stopwatch, either. Instead, this stylish, brutal Elements collection proudly follows the 21st-century lifestyle and fashion. Feel ready to be assisted by a reliable timekeeper in your adventurous-filled and active life.


Avoid the plain black screen look.

Even if the recent intelligent gadgets offers functions beyond your needs, they do not have a real soul or reflect your personality.


There are unnecessary features these stylish mens sports watches won't provide, and after all, are they needed?


- Bluetooth

- Smartphone Notifications

- Heart Rate Tracking

- GPS Mode

- On-board Music

- Mobile Payments

- Sleep Tracking

- Training Load

- Recovery Time

- Party Apps

- Contactless Payment

- Sport Modes

- Smartwatch Mode

- Training Plans

- Amoled Display


Compared to new gadgets like the Apple series, we are not providing you with the fuss of unecessary features. Instead, we prefer you concentrate on your fashion style and handsome look.


Since you will never leave behind your all-important smartphone, everything is already available for you - Assuming you are in a connected location. The phone is the only accessory that doesn't have fashion style and is only a monitor screen or a mini-computer.


When you exercise or run, you want to know where you will go when you start and how long you are jogging. And eventually, who you run with.


For cycling sports, mainly downhill mountain biking, who has time to let go of the handlebar and look at the time? The most important feature there is accuracy and shock resistance.


Blue sport watch PH7


Seven Good Reasons to Buy a Wryst Timepiece


Long battery life

The Ronda 515 quartz movement powers all Elements references. The battery life is around 45 months. You can wear your hassle-free timepiece for over three years without replacing the battery. The power source generally used in most connected watches is a rechargeable lithium battery. For example, they can only provide a maximum charge of a few days. Therefore, your innovative electronic sportswear needs to be recharged regularly to function. The Elements model is carefree at this level and can save you time so that you can enjoy your favorite activities.


Carefree Experience

Unfortunately, "smart watches" are generally equipped with heavy operating systems and software vulnerable to technical problems and errors. So connectivity issues, software flaws, virus attacks, and battery drain can be problems. Besides, the unavailability of power sources to charge it and other technical issues can affect performance and proper operation. The device can also trigger a complete stop at any time.

It will be catastrophic if your timepiece breaks down during sports activities, especially in places where the Internet is not available. The Elements for Sports is not vulnerable to technical faults and will continue to work tirelessly. It is equipped with a reliable Swiss movement combining a durable experience with an analog display.


Built to last

The other significant difficulty with an electronic device is the possibility of becoming useless for smartphones and other gadgets based on firmware and an operating system. Also, companies will launch new models with the improved and latest software. Older versions of the product may become obsolete. Compatibility issues will be the cause. No such problem arises in the case of an Elements watch.


With quick battery replacement once every 45 months, this rugged sports watch can offer an incomparable lifespan. This is perfect compared to intelligent devices, which can drop you anytime. The Ronda 515 movement is easily repairable and interchangeable. Since their creation in the 1970s, quartz movements are still relevant even after 50 years and are widely used.


A reliable Swiss movement

The stability of Swiss Wryst watches Elements is much better than that of disposable plastic devices. All styles benefit from the most reliable materials, such as grade 516L stainless steel alloy for the case. This alloy makes them more robust than most analog tickers made of plastic or light alloy. Water-resistant up to 100 meters, the Elements are designed for harsh conditions. It is ideal for water sports and board sports. Most smartwatches only last up to 50 meters.


Green Men's Watches with Durable Features

All the references we produce are a perfect sports companion. It is also ideal for men who regularly practice active sports. A connected application or any other program that tracks your activity does not control the movement.

The Swiss sportspeople watch is always ready and faithful as a reliable companion in your life full of adventures. The Wryst Elements has no fitness apps that can track your activity. It also does not calculate the distance traveled or monitor your heart rate. Nor is it an alarm. Instead, this elegant and brutal wristwear proudly suits the lifestyle of the 21st century.

In conclusion, the Elements are available today for you if many colorful timepieces are available. None of our competitors offer sports equipment like these references with K1 hard crystal and rugged DLC protection. We also provide the option to receive a leather band with your limited-edition wristwear. Would you please contact our dedicated customer service for more information?




Today, the references PH6 with red details, PH5 with orange details, and PH8 with polished steel casing are sadly sold out and discontinued. The reality of the small series means there is only a limited supply and only three versions are available and in stock. The Swiss brand launched in 2012. Since then, we have counted 25 versions of our exclusive timekeepers, now gone forever. The Shoreline, Motors, 2824, TT racing, and Airborne will never return.


Watches for Sports


Suave Luxury Sports Accessory for Him


Are you a man looking to keep fit and healthy through daily exercises and outdoor activities? Do you like running? Exercising? Biking? or playing tennis? These incredible designer pieces are just as daring as you are. Connect with your environment. This men's sports watch collection is a dedication to the "Elements" around us.


Besides, only 75 units of each reference will ever be available for sale. Therefore now is the right time to enhance your lifestyle. Showcase more of your wildness with one of these quality tickers. I feel like the limit is the sky with a modern-looking watch dedicated to enduring sports.


Performant and Ready to Go

If you like what you see, take the jump for a reliable and durable Swiss timepiece ready to follow you daily. The Elements have a shockproof and anti-magnetic Swiss movement with a battery life of 45 months. Forget about your smartwatch not being charged or updated, and strap this magnificent piece around your arm. You are ready to go!


Your peace of mind matters! The collection of sportive watches also offers water resistance of 100 meters, perfect for any watersport. Enjoy swimming, canyoning, kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, or even kitesurfing. Inspired by sports, the model Wryst PH is dedicated to feeling secure and comfortably attached to your arm.


Remember! These watches are only available in small quantities of 75 pieces for each reference. Besides, contact us to find out which serial numbers are still available and ask if we can offer you a discount. Most importantly, Wryst provides the best traditional Swiss watchmaking for a fraction of the price. Our impeccable, friendly, and professional customer service offers the best possible experience before and after your purchase. We offer the world's fastest and most efficient after-sales service because we deal directly with our customers!


In Conclusion

The choice between complicated watch features requiring regular attention and a more traditional wristwear with a long-life battery and Swiss quartz accuracy is yours. You can now communicate and showcase your good taste for a sportive, outgoing look at a more affordable price. Distance yourself from a dark screen smartwatch, which is time-consuming. Forget about the constraint of charging your device often. The series Elements will never disappoint you when you need them the most.

Strap on one of the bold mens sports watches, and do what you do best. We produce incredibly resistant wristwatches designed to endure the elements. Benefit from the legendary Swiss reliability for many years to come. Your fashion lifestyle depends on it.