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Black mens watch Wryst ES20
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All Black Mens Watch Wryst...

US$673 -40% US$404
The black mens watch Wryst Ultimate ES20 is integrally coated with black DLC. Black represents a fresh look that is both understated and sleek....
Waterproof watch ES30
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Waterproof Watch Ultimate...

US$640 -40% US$384
The waterproof watch Wryst Ultimate ES30 is adorned with a green and black bracelet. Its 200 M water resistance is a testimony to its dedication...
Unique watches for men Wryst ES40
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Wryst Unique Watches...

US$640 -40% US$384
The unique watches Wryst ES40 Ultimate with yellow details is ideal for outdoors and extreme sports. This 45 mm bold black Swiss timepiece with...
Red Watch Mens Wryst ES60
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Red Watch Mens Ultimate...

US$640 -40% US$384
The Black Wryst ES60 Ultimate with black DLC coating and red details is available in only 99 units. The world's most scratch-resistant black...
Black Watches for Men
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Wryst Black Watches for Men...

US$714 -40% US$428
The black watches for men Wryst Ultimate ES30 in stainless steel are protected with black DLC coating. This stylish scratchproof 45 diameters...
Black Scratch Resistant Watch ES20
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Black Scratch Resistant...

US$609 -40% US$365
The black scratch-resistant watch Wryst Ultimate ES20 for sports is now adorned with carbon fiber. This stainless steel watch offers the world's...
Swiss Fitness Watch Wryst ES40
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Best Fitness Watch Wryst...

US$595 -40% US$357
The Black Fitness Watch Wryst ES40 with carbon fiber bracelet is a unique scratch-resistant black DLC reference ideal for swimming, exercising,...
Black Dial Watches
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Black Dial Watches Ultimate...

US$714 -40% US$428
Black dial watches Wryst Ultimate ES40 with black Diamond-Like Coating and yellow details. Gents who prefer a bolder and chunky feel will be...
Wryst Ultimate ES60 Leather
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Black Watch ES60 with...

US$595 -40% US$357
Black watch with Carbon Fiber band Wryst Ultimate in black with red details. This version of the ES60 reference with a Carbon Fiber strap and...
Military Watches for men
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Wryst Military Watches ES30...

US$595 -40% US$357
Mens black military watches Wryst. This more controversial piece features a khaki-green Camo bracelet. While the bracelet embodies the camouflage...
Wryst Ultimate ES50 Mens Orange Watch
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Mens Orange Watch Wryst...

US$595 -40% US$357
This men's orange watch Ultimate Wryst ES50 Swiss limited edition is bold, fun, modern, and an excellent watch for Extreme Sports. With a large...
Metal silver watch Wryst ES50
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Silver Watch Wryst Ultimate...

US$654 -40% US$392
Silver watch Wryst ES50 Ultimate with a silver brushed stainless steel case, metal bracelet, and sapphire crystal. With a large 45mm case size and...

Wryst Mens Black Watches with DLC Coating


The Strongest Black Watches for Men

 Wryst mens black watch with black DLC coating offer you the best of watchmaking at the lowest price ever. One sure thing about Wryst timepieces is that you have never seen anything like them before. These sturdy steel timepieces are designed for demanding, adventurous, and outdoors lovers.


A unique, beautiful wristwear designed to withstand rough environments. The atypical brand Wryst now offers the addition of a robust and scratch-resistant black DLC metal bracelet for the ULTIMATE collection dedicated to intense wear. With a 45mm diameter case size and 22mm width bracelet, the striking mens black watches Wryst are a real individualism statement.


The timepieces devoted to an active lifestyle benefit from sapphire crystal, Diamond-Like Carbon coating (DLC), 200 Meters water resistance, and screw-down crown. The ideal specifications for a dark watch. More exclusive than ever, wear a timepiece produced exclusively in a limited edition of 99 pieces with serial number engraved on the case-back. This Ultimate men's timepiece features more strength attributes than will ever need during rough activities.


The Best of Watchmaking

The exclusive limited edition black watch ULTIMATE is available with green, yellow, red accents. Reference Wryst ES20 is the blacked-out version with also DLC coating on the case back. Wryst also offers the brushed stainless steel finish with the slate grey and orange dress watch Wryst ES50 for a more casual look. The black Ultimate dark watches benefit from deep engravings on the side of the case at 0.6mm tooled by CNC for a unique look.


Wryst Black Watches Ultimate for Men


All Black Mens Watch Wryst Ultimate ES20


Bold and Brawny Casing

The black watches series "Ultimate" is designed for independent, strong-willed, and determined men. This collection is perfect if you prefer a popular and classic round case design. It is also a preferred destination for the brand’s highly distinctive and resistant timepieces. In these unique models, black, the primary color theme, represents strength, power, and authority. Also, black is a versatile color that can pair with a variety of dressing styles.

The black color is known for its light-absorbing properties. It absorbs all wavelengths of light and reflects none. Due to this property, it is typically considered the least visible color. It is also the most preferred color for providing an underrated or stealthy appeal to any product.

The opulent color theme of the Wryst men's metal watches combines modern technology with superior quality materials. This bold timepiece is as robust as it is handsome. All Wryst timepieces are made from 516L stainless steel. It is the amorphous carbon coating that provides each of these specific Ultimate an elegant aspect. The most modern surface coating method, known as DLC coating, combines diamond with graphite smoothness. This process makes the timepiece exteriors extremely hard like a diamond while its surface maintains smoothness to ensure pleasant wearing.


The New Solid Black Metal Bracelet

The round face, three hands, and date black timepieces are now available with the large solid black bracelet for enhanced style. The bold feel of the Wryst black watches Ultimate is evident when you add the total weight of 209 grams to your wrist. A quality three-blade clasp will secure this accessory nicely with an analog display with luminescent hands and hour markers. The black DLC coating is the most scratch-resistant protection for dark watches. Your Ultimate black DLC Wryst will be more reliable and durable with a robust feel and good weight than ever. Wryst also offers each reference of the Ultimate collection an extra double injection quality silicone strap and signed square buckle.

Providing optimum scratch-proof properties for timepieces, Black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) is the most superior surface coating method used in the manufacturing industry. With this sophisticated technology, Wryst makes each of these men’s wrist timepieces a statement piece. Proudly reflecting rich colors, these timepieces come with the utmost specifications for a masculine and robust men's black timepiece.

The dark black casing watches made by Wryst are fantastic and elegant. They feature a dark dial inside a rock-solid DLC case. These timepieces maintain a manly stealthy appeal.

Based on dial details, this collection is interpreted in two exclusive categories. All variants and different versions are enhanced with bright color dial details. The first one is for those who prefer an underrated fashion style, and the second one is for those who seek attention.


Black is the New Trend

These Wryst black men’s watches will enthrall the customers who love to wear rigid and stealthy timepieces. The ES20 model is a blacked-out model featuring a DLC case and a wholly modern dial. All external parts (Case, crown, bezel, case-back, and bracelet) of this Ultimate dark watches are treated with a scratch-proof coating.

The Wryst ES20 black men’s reference does not feature any luminescent coating. Also, devoid of any intense colors on the dial, these versions maintain a unique monochrome theme all the time. Every detail on the dial, including hour markers and hands, is in alternating dark shades. A contrasting grey paint is applied on their top instead of using the luminous coating to highlight the hands' visibility. The white numerals on the dark background provide a bright display of the date.

In total, three blacked-out men’s variants are available based on the type of bracelet fitted. The first one features a DLC-coated stainless steel bracelet that reaffirms the aggressiveness of this timepiece. Measuring 22m in width and an appropriate size of 176/230mm, the solid metal bracelet maintains a brushed finishing just like the case body.

The other Wryst ES20 variants feature either a black double-injection silicone bracelet or a carbon fiber leather strap. These wristwatches are lighter, and sleeker timepieces compare to the model fitted with the steel bracelet. Wryst’s signature double-injection silicone bracelets are known for their casual appeal. The carbon fiber leather strap provides a distinctive appearance featuring a unique pattern inspired by motorsports.


Bright Light on Dark Shadows

You can discover some eye-catching men's pieces adorned with a decorative touch of attractive colors in the other category. Placed under the references ES30, ES40, and ES60, these timepieces also have black dials but are enhanced with obvious color details. The color themes used for the Ultimates are fiery red, joyous yellow, or refreshing green. Depending upon the version, one of these bright colors is used to highlight hour markers, indexes, seconds hand, and model number.

The precise application of bright colors infuses a touch of vibrancy into these mens black watches. It also improves visibility. These models also feature glowing, luminous coating on hands and hour markers. Made with 516L stainless steel, the case, crown, bezel, and bracelet of these versions are treated with DLC. The case back, however, maintains the original finish of 516L stainless steel. These models are worn on a super-strong metal bracelet. The customers can also opt for versions fitted with the brand’s popular bi-color double injection straps.


Built for Extreme Performance, Handy to Use

These Wryst ultimates can perform in varying environments ranging from your day-to-day life to the most extreme missions. You can wear it during your professional and leisure daily activities. The DLC coating is tough, and it can protect the timepiece from damages and scratches while working with heavy machinery. The quartz movement also has excellent anti-magnetic and shock-proof features for protecting from magnetic interferences, extreme shocks, and vibrations.

For an extreme and intense experience during intense exposure, the dial's excellent visibility is a must. Although dressed in a dark theme, the Ultimate timekeeper ensures an easy time reading. Due to the large dial with large hands and markers, it is possible, allowing a bright display of indications. The systematic and clutter-free dial design ensures quick and effortless reading of time and date. The anti-glare sapphire crystal front glass also provides a clear view of the dial.

The screw-fitted case back and screw-in crown maintains an impressive water resistance of 200 meters for each timepiece. Mens black watches with DLC coating also protects the timepiece from corrosion due to exposure to salty ocean water. These features enable the timepiece to be comfortably worn during any aquatic events, sailing, and other nautical activities.

Enabling the timepiece for its all-around chronometric performance is a Ronda quartz movement three-handed with day date. Manufactured according to strict quality standards, the Ronda 515 is a workhorse and has an impressive 45 months of battery life. This quartz caliber is well-suited for day-to-day usage, exact, and requires no maintenance.

The bracelets and straps fitted with all Wryst timepieces are anti-allergic, dustproof, and water-resistant. They are appropriately sized, rigid, and also ensure seamless integration and wearing comfort. The supplementary strap provided with every Wryst timepiece can be utilized for replacing the bracelets whenever necessary.


Matt Black Watches with Two Silicone Straps

You can also purchase one of the black watches from Wryst with two double injection straps for a lighter, softer, and more casual feel.


dark watches for men


In conclusion, the stunning shock-resistant mens black watches with rubber strap Ultimate are timeless and durable. These are an ideal match for the British Army and the Royal Regiment of Scotland alike. Only 99 units of each reference are produced, and stocks are becoming low. Since 2012 Wryst company has released over 25 models, which are now totally discontinued and sold out. The Ultimate is the first choice for individualists choosing to make the most of their investment with all-around mens black watches combining the best watchmaking with high specifications at an affordable price. Wryst also produces Chronograph Watches and Automatic Watches in limited series with automatic movement.


This high-resolution video shows on-the-fly views of the nicely done Wryst Ultimate ES60 with red and black dial, red and black bracelet, and black DLC casing and square buckle. The case back of each timepiece is engraved with a unique serial number. Do you want serial #01/99? The number #25/99, which will be perfect for your 25th birthday? Why not contacting us to find out the availability for this particular piece?