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Introducing the Trailblazing Automatic Wryst RACER Watches

Limited Editions of 75 Pieces


Visionary Swiss Automatic Timepieces

Motorsports engineering and luxury lifestyles inspire this Wryst RACER collection. Each model is dedicated to demanding modern men. The automatic watches benefit from a Swiss self-winding movement with a 38-hours power reserve.


Wear a stylish mens automatic watch and enhance your modern fashion lifestyle. Wryst produces collectible mechanical timepieces making your investment worthwhile for years to come. All our dress watches offer a precise self-winding watch movement and can also be hand-wound.


A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating offers excellent strength and durability. Your next-generation bold and modern timepieces are here at Wryst.


Automatic Watches for Men Wryst Racer


Stylish Men's Bold Watches with a Mechanical Soul

There are only very few durable automatic movements available today. Built, assembled, and produced exclusively in Switzerland, the watch brand Wryst has chosen the Sellita SW200 series for this premium collection.


The evolution and changes from SW200 to SW200-1 consist of gear improvement. This durable high-end caliber with 28,800 BPH (4Hz) and 26 Jewels can either be self-winded by your arm's motion or manually winded. The spring can be manually wound for up to 38 hours of power reserve with a full charge.


This new gear design SW200-1 provides power transmission equal to the SW200 gearing, but the tooth size has been reinforced. This feature has been improved because Swiss movement engineers found that each tooth has "slim geometry" and is known to get vulnerable to solid shocks.


Built To The Highest Quality

Made to last, the watches were manufactured in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. An area known for perfecting the precise art of watchmaking. It certainly shows with this collection, adding fantastic value to an already groundbreaking design.

The large double-injection quality silicone bracelets hold the 50mm watch comfortably around the wrist. Polished or brushed by hand, the complicated algorithm of shape and curve of the timeless design will suit individualists perfectly with personality and charisma.


Made For Sports Car Enthusiasts

These watches fit perfectly into the world that racers experience and match the style of the fast cars they drive. Inspired by the motorsport industry, a watch like this wouldn’t look out of place on the wrist of an F1 driver. Everything about this watch has been designed to complement the beauty of a stunning sports car. The hands, for instance, are intended as a tribute to parts of a racing car engine, while the dial has cuts to match the cooling areas of a V6.


With a sweeping second hand, one can almost hear the countdown of an engine ready to start and roar to life. The colors used in each piece also reflect the beautiful shades one often sees in a luxury sports car.


When Watchmaking Becomes Feisty

The Wryst Racer style and design correspond to your motorsport-inspired spirit.


As a result, the center's large circular hands pay tribute to the connection between pinions used inside the caliber mechanism and race car engines. The dial features three openings that remind us of a V6 engine on each side. Most importantly, the raised prominent central part is innovative.


Finally, the polished yellow gold plated indexes and the manly casing will provide the wearer with a pleasing luxurious feel at a lower price point and affordable pricing.


Specifications of the Wryst Racer automatic:

√ Automatic Swiss movement Sellita SW200-1

√ Operating frequency of 28'800 A/h (4hz)

√ Number of jewels: 26

√ Running time 38 hours of power reserve

√ Sweeping second hand

√ White on black date display at 3-hour

√ Apparent oscillating weight through the case back


1. Wryst Automatic Racer SX1

Discover the luxury automatic Racer Self Winding Watch SX1 with brushed stainless steel casing. This reference has a stylish black and dark grey dial with shiny polished details and a contrasted black hour hand. The industrial feel of this self-winded model is neutral yet highly fashionable. All Racer references have a screw-down polished crown.

Five-pointed stars are printed on the dial and engraved on the case back. Stars are graphic symbols representing an idea or a concept. On this occasion, they represent your success and achievements.

Purchase today an affordable men's automatic watch within this small edition. Contact us today to see if the serial number of your choice is available.


2. Luxury Automatic Wryst SX2

A more fancy version of this mechanical movement timepiece is the Mens Rose Gold Watch SX2. This polished Rose Gold case, dial details, and buckle will be ready for any challenge with style. If the modern man of the 21st century owns a luxurious rose gold plated wristwatch, it should be this Racer SX2.

The self-winding timepiece features a smoked crystal on the back, revealing the Swiss movement Sellita SW200-1 rotor. Two silicone bracelets are included with these charismatic Swiss mechanical watches — the first in brown with white lines and the other in dark grey with brown edges.


3. Swiss Mechanical Gold Watch SX3

A gold-plated version of this Racer design was necessary. The atypical curved case of this Gold Automatic Wryst Racer SX3 will make the timepiece shine for years to come. Individualists often wear gold as often as possible. Gold is the color of success, achievement, and glory. As such, this SX3 doesn't need to have diamonds.

This model is successful beyond our expectations. The case's polished finish is enough to blind your opponent all along. A bright white dial with more halcyon details transforms this timepiece into an exciting experience. Contact us to request your favorite serial number between #00 and #75.


4. The Motorsport Black Automatic Wryst SX4

As much as a luxury fashion accessory can associate with motorsports, the Automatic Motorsport Watch Wryst SX4 in shiny DLC and red accents hits the mark. Yet the most motorsport-inspired luxury design for men with a black dial and date window, these SX4 have it all.

Wryst has produced special limited edition Swiss timepieces since 2012. The reference aims at car racing, sports cars, and supercars drivers. Most of all, we have here an exclusive automatic or manual winding watch.

An aggressive design takes this automatic piece to a new level in fashion style. Also, this Racer SX4 comes with two different modern silicone bracelets with red lines.


NEW - Handmade leather strap upgrade


All Automatic Racer references are now available with handmade quality leather bracelets. These new additions provide a luxury look for a recent acquisition or upgrade a timepiece you have already bought. All new straps provide double stitchings and a soft black leather back with "Genuine Leather" and "WRYST" signature markings.

The bracelet sides are also different colors for three different types of leather to make for each combination. All square buckles available with silicone bands are perfectly suitable for these additions. It is possible to purchase any leather bands to replace yours or just a new look.


5/ The brushed Wryst SX1 with leather bracelet

The Luxury Automatic Stainless Steel Watch SX1. The most standard version of this collection with a simply-brushed finish casing and buckle. The luxurious black bracelet perfectly matches this everyday timepiece while waiting for your next motorsport experience. The dark grey edges are the exact Pantone color as the SX1 grey dial details. This more casual stainless steel case is the most notable of the sold collection. Contact us for the few serial numbers still available for now.


6/ Brown leather bracelet with black/grey stitches

Rose gold and dark brown are a striking combination for a head-turning statement piece High End Watches SX2 with polished rose gold casing and attachment buckle. The bracelet is in black leather on the back with the inscription "Genuine Leather" and an embossed Wryst logo. The band edges are in a different leather grey color. Let your glory shine with an exceptional design, perfect for formal meetings, luxurious vacations, or important meetings.


7/ Brown Automatic Leather Watch

The first choice for a yellow gold watch is a brown or black bracelet. Both texture and elegant colors together inspire refinement and confidence. You may choose this timepiece for important meetings and cocktail nights. The SX3 is ideal for any occasion you need to make an impression. The Gold Watches SX3 also has a white dial, luminous white hands, and hour markers. This feature is perfect for comfortable reading in low lights and glows in the dark.


8/ Black Carbon Fiber Automatic SX4

This timepiece is likely part of any high-level motorcycling and car racing event. The carbon fiber material is convenient in motorsport and a logical choice for the raging Wryst Carbon Fiber Watch SX4. This dark black DLC case and buckle also have a shiny polished black finish. The sides and stitches in red are assorted with the dial details. If you want the perfect design to match your brutal supercar or hypercar, click on the picture and buy this unique reference while you can still do it.

Since the beginning of the watch company, Wryst has learned to appreciate your specific needs. One of them is that our discerning clientele is looking to purchase a luxurious RACER while making a long-term investment at the same time. High standards and quality making are a must for any business to thrive. Wryst is succeeding where most new mechanical watch companies have failed these past decades.


The World's Best After-Sale Service

Since the start of our venture, Wryst has been providing one of the world's best after-sale and customer service in the watchmaking industry. The company's DNA is essential but what steals the show is always the product finish quality and details. Now strong of an eight-year-long experience, we always find new ways to improve our products and customer service. We consider every one of our clients like a new friend embarking with us on a lifetime journey—with empathy, honesty, and sincerity in mind. Wryst represents an attitude, a way of life, and a new fashion accessory concept. Look good - Feel good.


Nowadays, more than ever, your chances of success are directly linked with your appearance and your style. People seem to forget what it means to "go out." Our vision is: "Dress like you are going somewhere better later." Wearing a Racer timepiece, you can enjoy some adrenaline-packed sensations on the track and feel ready for any formal occasion later.


These hand-winding luxury references include:

√ Small series of only 75 units

√ Most challenging stainless steel grade 516L

√ 50mm case size, 25mm bracelet width

√ The serial number is engraved on the case back

√ 100 meters water resistant

√ Sapphire crystal with AR coating

√ Screw-in crown

√ Polished luxurious finish (Except SX1 brushed)

√ Assorted signed buckle

√ Crown protecting case design

√ World's most scratch-resistant coating (DLC coating for Racer SX4)

√ Two modern double-injection silicone bracelets

√ Unique 4-screw strap attachment

√ Engraved left case sides: "RACER Automatic."

√ Luxurious wooden box with leather lining

√ USB card for manual and 18-months warranty details

√ Shipping is available worldwide with DHL


A Close Look at the Automatic Movements

Calibers are created by movement designers and engineers using computers similar to those found in automotive engineering. Master watchmakers in charge of programming the computer numerical control (CNC) machining tools, which carry out parts production. Then watchmakers finish, assemble, test, and adjust the movements before fitting them into cases, adding the dial and hands, and closing them up.


Many tests are necessary to check the quality at different stages because of the complex manufacturing process and level of detail required. Dedicated assemblers can also execute the various tasks separately. For instance, the assembly of a movement can fall into subgroups of parts with specialists in charge of assembling them. The experienced watchmaker focuses only on the most sensitive operations.


Art and decorative features also find their way into movements. Mirror polishing, beveling, engraving, and even gem-setting are the usual techniques applied in fine watchmaking to perfect the mechanics by creating visual contrasts between the various parts and their surfaces.


Discover a video of the automatic watch SX3

(Model SX3 in Yellow Gold)


Choose your serial number.

(Subject to availability)


Above is a close-up on-the-fly video of the Wryst Racer SX3 in gold. You can discover every facet of this delightful creation. Enjoy looking at the case back with refined engraving details and the see-through window revealing the workhorse Swiss movement Sellita SW200-1.


In conclusion, Wryst provides aggressive-looking sports watches like other luxury Swiss watch brands. Automatic watches are at the forefront of fashion design. These exclusive racing timepieces are dedicated to modern and ambitious men. Most importantly, each reference is produced in small series of 75 units. Therefore, this makes the luxury automatic watch Racer more desirable and collectible than ever.