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Deep blue watches Wryst PH7

Deep Blue Watches Elements PH7 Water Resistant 100M

Deep blue watches Wryst Elements PH7 Limited edition with an unmissable modern design. Dedicated to a sporting audience hungry for thrills and adventures, Wryst offers Swiss watches for men with a unique style and unprecedented resistant materials.

Receive two different bracelets with your PH7.

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Wryst Elements PH7 Blue Watch with Black DLC Coating


Electrifying deep blue color and scratch-resistant DLC coating

Dedicated to men passionate about the outdoors and water sports, the Swiss blue Wryst Elements sports watch is produced in a small series of 75 pieces. All references have their own unique serial number engraved on the case back from #01/75 to #75/75. With ultra-durable materials such as scratch-resistant black DLC coating and K1 mineral crystal. These stylish adventure-seeking watches have a timeless futuristic design. The Wryst PH7 in black and blue is also a stunning luxury fashion accessory. Feel fearless and daredevil during outdoor sports, water sports and extreme sports.


Wryst Elements PH7 Deep Blue Watches


This reference is exclusively available for online purchase. The unique Swiss watch brand Wryst offers individualists a stylish, durable timepiece and personalized, empathetic customer service. Just because you're fearless and confident doesn't mean we can't feel the same way about our products.

Two bracelets are available

Receive two silicone bracelets with your limited edition Wryst PH7. The quality double-injection bracelet is secured by a world-exclusive fastening system. The Wryst system consists of eight screws will ensure that your sports wristwatch stays firmly attached to your arm during outdoor sports.


Swiss Wryst blue luxury sports watch


Choose to wear the color of the sky and the sea. Blue inspires The color blue is one of the most common watches for men. Blue is often associated with stability, depth and symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence. Different tones of blue color are considered beneficial for the mind and body. It also produces a calming effect.

We know what our customers need

Since 2012, Wryst has specialized in providing the best in watchmaking with durability and hard-wearing materials at an affordable price. The Swiss Made label is certainly a sign of professional craftsmanship and expertise, but that is simply not enough for our valued, discerning customers.

The most important features required in our 21st century are quality of finish, impeccable aesthetic appearance, ultimate comfort and long-lasting durability. This is why Wryst only produces watches dedicated to sports with all these consistent elements. The strongest, most durable bracelets should be made from hard stainless steel, but that's not enough. To further strengthen the metal parts, the black Amorphous carbon coating is even stronger, literally as hard as diamond.

Concerning the crystal, which is domed on this reference, the hard mineral crystal "K1" is used. This glass-based dial protector is more scratch-resistant than standard mineral crystal and more shatter-resistant than sapphire. It's no wonder why skateboarders, BMX Freestylers and Motocross riders wear Wryst Elements.


Limited edition black and blue watch


Main specifications


√ The hardest black DLC coating in the world

√ Strong 516L stainless steel

√ World-renowned Swiss manufacturing

√ Design carried out with CNC machining

√ Modern, futuristic and pioneering design

√ “K1” shockproof mineral crystal

√ 100 meters water resistant

√ Screwed back and crown

√ The most secure bracelet attachment system

√ Two straps included for a versatile look

√ Limited production of 75 units


With a Wryst on your arm, you'll soon realize that the refinement and attention to detail in manufacturing is second to none. Every detail of the case, dial, case back, square buckle and bracelet required extensive engineering and quality checks. Constantly evolving, the brand is passionate and the efforts can be admired upon careful examination.

Each Wryst Elements systematically includes two interchangeable bracelets. Choose from a huge choice of five different versions of this watch series:


Wryst Elements PH3

Wryst Elements PH4

Wryst Elements PH7 black

Wryst Elements PH7


Wryst is the guarantee of a well-made watch. Look forward to your future and wear a fashion accessory that meets your expectations. The Elements collection is also particularly dedicated to making a good first impression. Take the plunge and don't wait any longer to make the right choice today with a long-term investment. We are an independent Swiss watch brand with more than eight years of experience. Wryst only produces and offers exclusive limited edition watches exclusively available online with small series of 75 and 99 unique pieces.


Wryst - Swiss Blue Sports Watch

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Wryst Elements


Data sheet

Limited Edition of 75 pieces
Wryst PH7 Elements
Stainless Steel
Scratch-Resistant Black DLC
Mineral "K1" Shatterproof
Swiss Quartz with Date
Screwed Crown
Blue and Black
Black and Blue
Wrist 150mm to 205mm
100 Meters (10ATM)
12 Months

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