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Wrist Watch for Men Wryst PH4
Black & Yellow Sport Wrist Watch for Men
Sport Wrist Watch PH4 for Men
Coolest Swiss Yellow Sport Watch

Wrist Watch for Men PH4

The striking Wryst Elements PH4 wrist watch for men Swiss Made in limited edition. A true testimony of dedication to a unique and unusual extreme sports style. Built in the Swiss traditions, the black sports Swiss watch for men PH4 is exceptionally comfortable and designed to endure the harshest natural environments. Bold and solidly built the yellow watch in black with yellow details benefits from groundbreaking scratch-resistant black DLC coating. Receive also a yellow silicone bracelet with your timepiece.

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Data sheet

Limited Edition of 75 pieces
Wryst Elements PH4
Stainless Steel Grade 516L
Scratch-Resistant Black DLC
Mineral "K1" Shatterproof
Swiss Quartz with Date
45 mm Width
Screwed Crown
Black and Yellow
Yellow and Black
Wrist 150mm to 205mm
100 Meters (10ATM)
12 Months
New product

Watch Description

Sports PH4 Watch in Yellow and Black With Black DLC


Wryst Elements PH4 in Black With Yellow Details

The Wryst Elements PH4 wrist watch for men with Diamond-Like Carbon coating has the best protection against wear and tear for any outdoor sports. All produced only in limited editions the Elements collection benefit of a screw-down crown to resist unintentional shocks during sports activities. The watch features include 10ATM, which qualifies for 100 Meters doing possible water sports with confidence. Wryst offers a style so unique and atypical that no other luxury brand can rival. Extreme Sports and Motorsports inspire the case, dial, and strap designs. Two high-quality double injection silicone bracelets come with your Swiss dress watch PH4.

Wrist Watch for Men PH4

Only 75 pieces of this limited edition striking sports watches for men and women reference PH4 will ever see the day. Purchase today a watch with stunning design and watch faces. Wryst stainless steel case timepieces are a rare example of charismatic fashion design for individualists. Contact us without delay to request a particular serial number.


Black Sport Wrist Watch for Men Wryst PH4


Astonishing Features


1. Long-lasting battery life

The Ronda 515 quartz movement powers the Elements sport watch model. The standard battery life is 45 months. You can wear it free of mind for more than three years without replacement. In comparison, the power source typically used in most of the smart-watches is a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. For instance, it can only provide a maximum battery backup of a maximum of one week. As a result, the smart-watches require regular electric charging to keep them running. The easy to read Elements timekeeper is free from such hassles and can save you precious time so that you can enjoy your favorite activities and women, men's sport.


Swiss sports PH4 watch for men


2. Hassle-free black watch

Unfortunately, the smart-watches typically loaded with software-based operating systems are vulnerable to technical issues and potential errors. So connectivity issues, faults in the software, malware/virus attacks, draining of battery can mean troubles. Also, the non-availability of power sources for charging, and other technical problems, can influence the timepiece performance. It can also trigger a total shutdown of your smart-watch at any time.

It will be catastrophic if your timekeeping device fails during risky outdoor sports activities and expeditions. Especially in locations where the internet is not available. The Elements are less vulnerable to technical faults and shut-downs. Whereas equipped with a reliable Swiss quartz movement combining a time-proven electronic circuit and an analog display mechanism.

3. Built for your convenience

The other significant difficulty of a smart watch is the possibility of becoming useless. Also, like smartphones and other firmware/operating system based gadgets. Moreover, companies will introduce newer models with upgraded or new software. The older product versions may become obsolete. Compatibility issues cause this. No such problems arise in the case of a Wryst Elements quartz watch.

With the timely replacement of battery once in 45 months, these heavy-duty sports watch can offer long battery life. Perfect in comparison to smart-watches that can let you down because of battery issues. The Ronda 515 quartz movement is easily reparable and interchangeable. Also, since its inception in the 1970s, the quartz-powered timepieces are still relevant even after 50 years and widely accepted.

4. A reliable movement that will not let you down

The stability factor of a Wryst Elements quartz watch is much better than that of also expensive smartwatches. All Wryst timepieces have the most rigid materials like grade 516L stainless steel alloy for the case construction. Moreover, this alloy makes them more robust than the majority of analog, digital, and smartwatches. Water-resistant up to 100 meters, the Elements is designed for outdoors. It is suitable for extreme water sports activities. Whereas most smart-watches are only water resistant up to 50 meters.

5. Tireless functionalities

The Wryst Elements is perfect for outdoors. It is also ideal for men and women to enjoy regular sports and adventures. The movement is not controlled by an app or any other network-based program that tracks your activity.


Wryst PH4 Wrist Watch dedicated to Men


A different approach to keeping in good time

Wryst watches are also unique fashion designer accessories with groundbreaking features. Ideal for water sports, outdoor sports, and adventure sports, you can feel comfortable anytime, anywhere, and whatever you do. The large 22 mm double injection bracelets hold the sport watch sturdily on the wrist while offering excellent comfort.

Resistant Swiss Timepiece Inside and Out

The Wryst PH4 in yellow and black benefits from the most scratch-resistant coating in the world. This technology, known for its incredible hardness, is used for the making of motorsport engine parts. But the best is still inside. The reliable Swiss movement Ronda 515 is the guaranty of a durable and accurate watch that will not let you down. No electronic is involved, no updates or firmware are required. Whereas the Wryst PH4 is perfect for outdoor running, it does not include fitness tracking, built in GPS (Or any GPS tracking), and it is not a digital sports watches for men with a large face.

Unlike the new smartwatches available today, this limited-edition traditional three hands and date Swiss watch Wryst Elements PH4 has everything you can expect from a luxury timepiece, charismatic style included.


Sports Wryst black wrist watch Wryst for men


Far from the classic round watch

Men and women are sometimes looking for an alternative designer luxury timepiece, which looks like no other. Wryst thrives on providing small quantities of exclusive timepieces that look like no others. What the watch brand does best is what others do not offer. These quarts three hands and date sport watches only appeal to individualists looking to express themselves in style. Solidly built, atypical looking, and a real delight to look at every time, the Wryst are most and foremost targetting a small crowd. If you are young to middle age, athletic, and an outdoors fan, we have you covered.

Secure and comfrotable to wear

This timeless design is a safe investment with a unique patented strap attachment and is also lightweight. Even if you are proud to wear this mind-blowing timepiece, you will hardly notice it or feel it on your arm. Perfect for left-handed and right-handed, the PH4 looks great on both sides. Like all other timekeepers offered by the watch company Wryst, two bracelets are included. You can either wear the double injection black silicone band with thin yellow lines, or the yellow one also included. Note that if you prefer to wear the all-black bracelet or the leather bracelet, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with this particular request.

Purchase it while you can

The previous model which was close to this PH4 was the reference Wryst Airborne FW4 with chronograph function. Now, sold-out and discontinued, your best chance to wear a black and yellow Wryst watch is to take the jump for these exquisite Elements with "K1" mineral crystal. This glass is more scratch-proof than regular mineral crystal and more shatter-proof than the synthetic sapphire material. Another great feature is the screwed crown and case back. This allows a safer way to protect from possible water damages. The secure large square buckle also reflects a design inspired by action sports and adventure.

Most importantly, the Elements collection is far from mass production, and this provides all customers with one-to-one compelling customer service. There is no other Swiss manufacturer to date offering such a level of dedication to satisfying. You can forget the long wait for receiving a delayed answer to your email, the refusal to take responsibility for an issue from where you purchased the watch, etc.

The latest colorful watch reference in black and yellow

This colorful combination is also similar to the motorsport-inspired reference Wryst TT watch, which has been available from 2015 to 2019 and is now sold-out and discontinued. Your Wryst purchase is also a long term investment. As of today, 26 references produced by Wryst timepieces will never be available again.

Finally, buying your luxury sports timepiece directly from the brand is also avoiding unnecessary costs like for the distributors or the retailers. As we all know, in this modern society, most people choose to do online shopping. You can browse our other watch for men collections, which include the Wryst Force Quartz Chronograph, the Wryst Racer Automatic, and the round face collection Wryst Ultimate for a more casual sportive look.

Five other references within the Elements collection are also available:

Wryst PH3 in black and green

Wryst PH5 in black and orange

Wryst PH6 in black and red (Last pieces available)

Wryst PH7 in black and blue

Wryst PH8 in steel and red (Now sold-out)


Video of this Watch for Men Elements PH4 here:


More for your investment

Wryst is keeping an excellent reputation in providing emphatic customer service. We strive to offer the best after-sale experience, directly watch all our customers - No middle man involved. We can answer any concerns you may have about your unique limited edition sexy watch promptly and efficiently. You can also benefit from granting worldwide delivery with our FREE SHIPPING code, which can be used on check-out in your cart.


Wryst - Wrist Watch for Men Like Never Before


Wryst Elements



Great design

This PH4 is really fantastic. A great black and yellow watch also perfect to wear with the all-yellow bracelet. I can only praise myself for having bought this beautiful timepiece. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to stand out and wear a sports wristwatch that looks different than all other round ones out there.


Used to the size

Bought and received this superb watch in no time. I love the feel of it. To start I thought it was slightly too big for me but actually with time and after wearing it for two weeks it is just right for my small wrist. Brilliant service



c la top des top

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Best watch I ever bought

I have started to collect watches four years ago, and this one is slightly over my budget. I decided to take the jump despite the 45mm size which is a little small for me but WHAT A WATCH! Design is just totally different than anything I've seen before. Best watch in my collection so thank you so much Wryst - Good on you for a young Swiss brand.


Wryst Elements PH4

Brutal watch design - Feels and look very sporty. Looks superb fitted with yellow strap. Thank you so much for providing the serial# of my choice!

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