Gold Watches for Men Racer SX2

Luxury Gold Watches for Men Wryst SX2 Automatic

Gold watches for men Racer SX2 automatic. Wear a bolder and more tactile luxury Swiss timepiece. Reach new heights with a modern, luxurious limited edition produced in low numbers. The shiny rose polished gold finish of this 50mm case size will address your strong charisma. The Swiss automatic movement and sapphire crystal guarantee your investment is secured.

Two bracelets are included for two different styles.

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Mechanical Racer SX2 Mens Gold Watches


A sleek masculine luxury feel

These gold watches for men don't need diamonds or any artifacts for extra shininess or to feel luxurious. You will rarely experience such an outstanding style of quality Swiss watchmaking. The black dial showcase some truly insane features.

A technical and precise time reading is surrounded by black, shiny, and everose gold colors. The large-sized second-hand perpetual movement around the dial makes the show, while the hours and minute hands benefit from a high-glowing luminova material.

This exquisite Wryst SX2 looks particularly stunning in low light. The three hands are not the only ones to light up in the dark. The hour markers and circular luminous dots at the 12, 3, 6, and 9-hour positions are mesmerizing.


Gold watches for men Wryst Racer SX2


Gold automatic like never before

Today, Swiss watchmaking know-how and expertise allow you to choose and wear a distinctive luxury fashion accessory confidently. The self-winding movement with 26 rubies, 28'800 bhp, and a power reserve of 38 hours can also be manually winded. Far from an ultra-thin case, the SX2 height is 15.5mm for a statement piece.

Other versions with the same casing, handmade leather bands, and chronograph quartz movement are available within the Wryst Force chronograph collection. Designer minimalist wristwear has no place next to the Racer collection.

Overall, the Racer is a suave motorsport-inspired collection with design inspirations from mechanical racing engineering and well-oiled engine parts. These rose gold plated steel luxury mechanical watches are also available with a stunning brown leather strap.

So far, many pieces have been sent to their new owners worldwide. Wryst produces only 75, with unique serial numbers engraved on the back case. Are you looking to purchase serial #32/75 and #06/75? No longer wait; contact us today to find out which numbers are still in stock.


Luxury mens gold watch


Stylish mens rose gold-tone luxury watches

The gold men's watch Racer SX2 produced exclusively in a limited edition of 75 pieces is a real commitment to enhancing your fierce lifestyle. The motorsports-inspired case back features stars and racing flags. The flags represent your racing wins, and the stars represent your present, past, and future success. The show goes on when you return the timepiece.

As an alternative to yellow gold, several watches for men are now offered with gold-tone colors, also called pink gold. This new watch brand's tendency to provide stainless steel luxury watches with pink gold, commonly called rose gold-tone watches, is now a must in the dress watches category.

This exclusive small series is not precisely designed only for motorsports. Perfect for yachting, vacations on the oceans, and many watersports are also part of this incredible timepiece's possible activities. The screwed case back and screw-in crown qualify for 100 meters. For this, you would need to keep checking the crown is firmly and tightly against the case side.

Also, you can enjoy wearing your spectacular companion for nights out, playing poker or gambling at the Casino in Las Vegas, or just for a night at home or at your favorite luxury hotel.

Mechanical dress watch design

The Racer SX2 mechanical dress watch is not battery-powered. Watches use a complex self-winding mechanism to measure time instead of a lithium battery powered by a quartz watch. An automatic watch has a manual or self-winding mechanism to power the mainspring. The mainspring then releases a perpetual movement that moves the hands and date or related functions.

The force accumulated inside the caliber transmits through a series of dented wheels, rubies, and many gears that power the balance wheel. A weighted wheel will oscillate back and forth to put the entire mechanism in motion at a constant rate. The escapement device then releases the wheels, constantly moving the dial hands and date functions.

The tic-tac sound, which can be heard when a mechanical watch operates, is called the escapement. Mechanical watches functioning with a spring-powered mechanism appeared for the first time in the 15th century. History confirms that most features in an automated or chronometer wristwatch have evolved mainly in England in the 16th and 17th centuries.

This unique stunning Wryst Racer rose gold mechanical watch can be hand-winded and powered by the oscillating weight observed through the case back glass. The robust movement will deliver up to a 38-hour power reserve fully winded.


Watch Wryst Automatic Racer SX2


Reach new heights of luxurious lifestyle

Only one to 100 million people will experience wearing a luxury Wryst automatic sensations for each reference. Both styles are unique and a modern feature of this exclusive luxury self-winding timepiece. Whether you choose the grey and beige strap or the beige and black one, the polished rose gold square buckle and casing are ideal matches. Enjoy two interchangeable bracelets with the SX2.

The revealing see-through case back

Returning the case is also a showstopper. You can observe the quality Swiss movement rotor through the circular smoked crystal. The Wryst modern logo is present inside the crystal in black. Read your unique serial number at the bottom of the case for this special limited series of 75 units.

Some manufacturers modify and personalize the rotor to make the back window more prominent, but at Wryst, we have a different approach. The back stainless steel casing is essential; modifications can affect how your timepiece keeps good time. According to our manufacturer's expertise, and transformation of the oscillating weight can significantly affect its weight and wind the movement. For us, the caliber should run as soon as you put it on your arm.

Your body's simple movement will wind your Setilla SW200 movement seamlessly as long as you wear the SX2. A large crystal on the back also eliminates unnecessary spaces for the watch featuring details, references, names, and indications.


Wryst Racer SX2 Watch in Gold


Rose gold is the new trend

Rose gold accessories have flooded the market since the 2010s, including affordable classic mens gold bracelet watches, with some starting to prefer rose gold cases. In addition, you may have noticed the trend for rose gold-tone colored watches appeared mainly in recent years. Swiss watch brands soon began to look at this rose gold-tone for luxury accessories. Mixing black and yellow gold with copper would enhance the luxury feel and contrast even better against the matte black details.

Rose gold plating explained

You may wonder if we are talking about solid gold or 100% real gold here. Rose gold metal, also known as red gold or pink gold, is misleading. A procedure consists of yellow gold and copper to obtain rose gold coloration. The copper combined with yellow gold creates the "reddish" hue we know.

As far as proportions are concerned, the more copper you merge into gold, the less it contains gold. We use karat amount to measure the initial solid gold's actual amount or purity. The higher the karat, the higher the percentage of gold. This concept will give you an indication of how much of that piece is 100% pure gold.

Does the mens gold watch SX2 contain Real Gold?

Since rose gold casing would imply copper being involved, a watch case would resist even less wear and tear than 24 carats of solid gold. Therefore, Wryst uses a different technique to coat the stainless steel watch cases, so they are even more scratch-resistant than any solid gold 18cts watch.

Instead, each Wryst SX2 is colored with Gold Bend Plating coatings. This technology offers the watch case and buckles a ten times thicker protection than standard gold plating. The Gold Bend Plating process provides a much harder and more long-lasting coating. Such protection will also increase your all-important luxury timepiece's water resistance and oxidation resistance.


Video of the rose gold watch SX2:


Light and comfortable to wear

Despite a 50mm large size case and 24mm bracelet, the Racer SX2 is surprisingly comfortable to wear. The inside of the rubber strap is kept completely neutral and plain. No irregularities allow a very smooth feel for a sturdy luxury Swiss timekeeper weighing only 135 grams.

Looking at your investment every day will feel timeless. Discover and rediscover your mechanical watch day after day without even noticing it. The Racer collection's balanced, sportive, and aggressive design is a delight to the eyes. With style, a unique curved casing and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal wear nicely on the wrist. Every time and always.

From an instrument to much more

The second half of the twentieth century ushered in the digitalization of the world.

It has radically modified the relationship people have with their watches. Computers and electronic items became instruments of everyday life. As time became available on every screen-on, computer, cell phone, digital panels in the streets, microwaves, ovens, and other appliances in the home, watches should have become obsolete. But instead, a shift occurred. The primary role is an instrument to tell the time accurately, but what accounts for more interest now is its role as an artifact.

This precious object combines price, status, and style with a strong interest in tradition and technology.

Like never before, watches have become objects reflecting the owner's personality, taste, and wealth. They have also become beautiful platforms for creativity. In addition to being luxurious, they are now totally fashionable items. In addition, since the 2000s, a general interest in authentic and purely mechanical objects has matured.

This metamorphosis, linked with considerable improvements in development and production processes and new, innovative materials, has led to a modernization of watchmaking. Marketing departments now call the shots for each brand, with a mission to make dreams come true and excite customers in a new way.

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Wryst Racer Collection





Limited Edition of 75 pieces
Wryst Auto SX2 Racer
Stainless Steel
Rose Gold
Rose Gold Plating
Sapphire Crystal
Automatic Sellita SW200-1
Transparent Case Back
Grey and Sand
Sand and Black
Wrist 176mm to 230mm
100 Meters (10ATM)
18 Months

Specific References

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