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Wryst Automatic Racer SX1

Swiss Automatic Watch Racer SX1 Limited Edition

Swiss automatic watch Wryst SX1 dressed in a black leather bracelet. Choose to wear a unique and collectible luxury mechanical wristwatch with a refined black leather strap. The mind-blowing motorsport Wryst Racer style in brushed stainless steel is a must for racers and riders. Only 75 Racer SX1 will ever be available. An exclusive timepiece with sapphire crystal, 100 meters water resistance, and housing the legendary Swiss Sellita SW200 movement. A total of 26 jewels and 28’800 A/h frequency.

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Wryst Racer SX1 Swiss Automatic in Steel

Luxuy Style Wryst Automatic

With this steel Swiss automatic watch Wryst SX1, we thrive to combining peculiar style, simplicity, and spectacular features. The plain brushed stainless steel case size 50mm runs one of the world's best self-winding Swiss movements ever produced. A soft and flexible black leather bracelet offers a more refined and luxurious feel. If you are looking for a new timepiece with an attitude and a Motorsport temper, this Wryst Racer SX1 is just for you. Remember, only 75 people will be lucky enough to proudly own and wear one of this special edition mens automatic steel watch with Sellita Swiss movement.

Swiss Automatic Watch Racer SX1 

Add temperament to your passion for speed

Are you wheeling to make a strong statement and expose your individualism? The Racer collections can potentially change your life. Your time around the track will follow you with a long sweeping second hand rotating side-to-side over the entire dial. Printed stars, côte de Genève, and many other features on the dial are remembrance and homage to motorsport and racing. Either to attend an event or to enjoy driving at top speeds, the resourceful SX1 will stick beside you and be ready for more.

The grades of stainless steel alloy vary. Unlike the austenitic steel grade 316L, Wryst opted to use the grade 516L, one of the other types of solid metal. This 516L has different alloying elements, is much harder, and increases corrosion resistance.

Automatic Swiss Watch Wryst

Mechanical Steel Watch for Men

The motorsport-inspired Racer collection benefit from the world-renowned Swiss know-how, craftsmanship, and assembly. The solid grade 516L stainless steel case's resistance to corrosion is engineered with CNC machining due to a sophisticated design never produced before. The Racer collection runs the 26 jewels, 28’800 A/h frequency, self-winded with oscillating weight Sellita SW200-1 movement. It means the high-end mens stainless steel watches are guaranteed to offer you the best mechanical watchmaking for many years to come.

This Racer automatic is also available with yellow gold plating with the Luxury Gold Watches SX3 and rose gold plating with the reference High End Watches SX2.

Two bracelets included for a versatile look

The Wryst Racer SX1, with a handmade black leather bracelet, also comes with a second double injection silicone bracelet in black and grey. More adapted to the outdoors, this exclusive designer bracelet is another unique creation from the independent brand Wryst. No other mens watches will provide a bold and masculine 30 mm width bracelet reducing to 25mm near the buckle.

Swiss Automatic Mens Watch

Comfortable and Secure Attachment System

This ingenious patented system is inspired by a camshaft in style and provides a different and unique look. Most noticeably, the shape of this exclusive Racer morphs around the curve of your arm seamlessly. The curved design of the case and soft, flexible bracelet offer outstanding comfort, and the timepiece is pleasing to wear. Your wide luxurious leather bracelet has double stitches, adding strength and increased resistance to this wide 25mm masculine band. The bracelet attachment is unique and has never been achieved before. Thanks to a height-screw system, the mens stainless steel watches with oxidation resistance will never detach from your wrist.

A Complex Stainless Steel Case

Unlike most high-end manufacturers today, the Racers are only produced in small series. It will add exclusivity to your wristwear experience without any doubt. Our brutal, complex case shape is brand new in the industry. The metal case with a brushed finish is achieved by complex Computer Numerical Control machining. Our engineers are dedicated to offering the best possible restitution of the original CAD design using coded programmed instruction passed on to a 5-axis computer-controlled cutting machine (CNC). As a result, all cuts are perfected for the best possible finish.

The metal finish is produced by polishing the metal with a 120–180 grit belt and then softening with an 80–120 grit greaseless compound. To keep a perfect feel and uniformity, the case sides with engraved details are kept with a raw finish to contrast nicely with the watch's face.

Wryst Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

Quality Sapphire Crystal

The domed-shaped crystal is much stronger than glass domes at similar thicknesses while being much more scratch-resistant. The Racer collection benefit from a thick 1.5mm glass, which curves nicely onto the intricate waved casing. It allows the wearer to enjoy a clear visual of the dial easily. The sapphire is finished with an anti-reflecting coating.

Secured Screw-down Crown

To wind the movement, set the date and time of your luxury timepiece. The SX1 has a large crown. The crown can be used when unscrewed. Thanks to the case shape, this feature is protected by accidental shocks. The case water resistance is also increased with this system, which has a gasket protecting from water ingress. This added peace of mind is also improved with the case back attached with four screws with 100 water resistance certification meters.

We also offer the Self Winding Watch SX1 with two silicone bands if the leather material is not for you.


All references "RACER" with two silicone bands:

Wryst Racer SX1

Wryst Racer SX2

Wryst Racer SX3

Wryst Racer SX4




Wryst Racer


Data sheet

Limited Edition of 75 pieces
Wryst Auto SX1 Racer
Stainless Steel
Sapphire Crystal
Automatic Sellita SW200-1
50 mm
Screwed Crown
Transparent Case Back
Black Leather Bracelet
Silicone Black and Grey
Wrist 176mm to 230mm
100 Meters (10ATM)
18 Months

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this brand

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this brand but could not find any shop selling them. Every time I want a new watch I feel it is crucial to try it on, ask any question I want about it and get as much information as possible about it - Especially if it is a brand I am not familiar with. After contacting the sales department by email, they confirmed the watch was not retailed anywhere in any shop in London so I asked all my questions directly to them. All my doubts were cleared so I could not find any reason not to take the jump. They actually mentioned I would be "100% satisfied" or receive my money back. After a minor hic when placing the order (I typed a wrong postcode!) I only had to wait to receive my new Wryst SX1. I liked the other ones, but I prefer the plain steel feel which is more discreet for me. The parcel was not delivered the next day as they promised, but the following one at 10:30 am. Finally, I could have a feel of it. The wooden box is signed inside and out, and also with a printed black two-pieces carton around it. When I first saw it, I thought this would be too big for me. I did want a slightly larger size to see the time better, but still, a doubt persisted. On the second day, the watch was still running, so they must have fully winded it before sending it - The time and date were also correct. On the fifth day running it, it was still on time. I do take the watch off at night. Concerning the movement, obviously, I know the Sellita SW200 well because I have another one running the same Swiss caliber anyway (One main reason I wanted this model). Since then, I never needed to wind manually the watch - Hence the good review - I have other luxury swiss watches and they need to be hand-winded now and again. So after a while I realized the case is not as large as I first thought. I praise myself for finally deciding to buy my SX1, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants one to also go for one of these 75 gems. Overall a great experience and I will now be less hesitant to buy a quality watch online (Especially in the UK). Thank you again. Greg.


Instant buy! Stunning

I instantly bought this watch when I saw it! Received safe and sound Edinburgh in two days. Great packaging and a beautiful wooden black box with black leather lining and white prints. Everything I was expecting for my new automatic. I recommend Wryst to everyone out there who love a good prestigious watch.



I just love my new Wryst automatic thank you very much! Stanley - Utha


Great solid watch

I have now been wearing this stunning SX1 for over 10 months. It has been running smoothly and had no issues whatsoever with it. I love the finish quality and the unusual shape of the case. But wearing it everyday I had to purchase a replacement leather bracelet. Unilke other brands the spare leather band was available and in stock. Watch looks new again! Thanks


Bold and manly size

Really pleased with my purchase of this great manly sized watch and it actually feels smaller than even some of my 45/48mm other pieces from several luxury brands. I will be looking closely at your future models and collections Thank you for a quick delivery to Amsterdam and all the best. Harvey


My Favourite Wryst watch

I have 3 Wryst watches and this is by far my favourite. Even managed to get # 50, a birthday gift from my wife :-)


Un modèle totalement incroyable

Cette Wryst est un modèle vraiement incroyable avec un style à part. La carrure noire avec ce revêtement est un réel plaisir à porter. Je reçois de nombreux compliment et le mouvement Suisse de qualité est à la hauteur de mes attentes. Je la porte tout les jours et c'est une experience qui me surprends car la forme est inouie et moderne. Pour le changement des bracelets c'est une autre histoire... If faut deux tournes-vis de la même taille et faire très attention de pas perdre les vis. On s'y fait mais la première fois ce n'est pas facile à réaliser. Aussi j'aurai préféré reçevoir deux boucles cela m'aurai éviter d'avoir à changer la boucle à chaque fois sur le bracelet que je veux porter. Merci en tous cas c'est une création inédite. All the best!


It's growing in me

Received my watch safe and sound in no time to Netherland. My first impression is long-lasting... I can not stop looking at my new SX1 which is growing in me everyday. Unlike many other watches I have got bored of in the past, I feel this one will provide the opposit as it keeps growing in me everytime I look at it. At last a timepiece with a technical modern look and Swiss automatic movement at a more affordable price. I wear proudly my Racer everyday. Thank you again for the friendly contact with customer service.


Amazing buy

I have just received my watch and it's awesome! Very classy watch and I love the finish and the sporty look. It fits on my wrist perfectly. Very good company with endless amount of watches, will defiantly buy another one.


Great mechanical watch

Watch arrived with next day delivery in Manchester. At first I thought the watch looked smaller than 50 mm and after measuring it surprisingly it really was that width. The timepiece is well built and feels very good on my arm. The shape is unusual and this is what mede me choose it. Please it is one of 75 ever built so this adds to its value. Leather bracelet is excellent quality. Thx


Received today and wow!

Totally satisfied with Wryst product and customer service! After been able to choose from the serial numbers available, I place my order and received my new SX1 in no time to Missouri US. I have to say the watch looks totally insane. I own several other automatics and I am very difficult with quality and finish. This particular piece toicked all the boxes, plus it gets really noticed. Thank you so much again.


Great timepiece

I just love my new WRYST thank you so much to make this experience so friendly. Bold looking watch just like I wanted!

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