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Mechanical Watch Wryst SX1
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Mechanical Watch Wryst SX1

The mechanical watch Wryst SX1 benefit from a black DLC coating, the self-winding automatic movement Sellita SW200-1, and a black alligator leather bracelet. The motorsport-inspired collection RACER is brutal and mysterious. The world of motor racing influences all the dial details. This sturdy 50 mm timepiece has a 28'000 BPH heartbeat and runs a legendary Swiss automatic movement with 26 jewels. An extra all-black silicone bracelet also comes with this limited edition watch.

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Data sheet

Limited Edition of 75 pieces
Wryst Auto SX1 Racer
Stainless Steel Grade 516L
Scratch-Resistant Black DLC
Sapphire Crystal
Swiss Sellita SW200-1
38 Hours
50 mm Width
Transparent Case Back
Black and Grey Leather Bracelet
Wrist 176mm to 230mm
100 Meters (10ATM)
18 Months
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The Black DLC Mechanical Wryst Racer SX1


The Wryst Automatic Racer SX1 with DLC Coating

This mechanical watch screams luxury, boldness, and dedication to racing sports. The SX1 with black Diamond-Like Carbon casing is the only luxury Swiss automatic wristwear with DLC protection at this price tag. Two bracelets are systematically included when you buy a Wryst. Initially fitted with the black and grey alligator leather bracelet, you can also enjoy wearing your stunning Racer with a black silicone quality band.

Only 75 people will ever wear one of this small limited edition series of dress watches. Black is the color used to convey authority and certainty. Feel assertive and ready to get behind the wheels with a Swiss black automatic timepiece that won't leave anyone indifferent.


Black Mechanical Watch Wryst Racer SX1


The watch case

An intricately curved casing holds the exciting three-dimensional dial. The mechanical watch body features ergonomic edges on the bezel. The right side covers and protects the winder entirely. On the back, one can admire the movement through a smoked crystal printed with the manifold-style Wryst logo. Two case lugs in the shape of a camshaft provide a solid attachment to the bracelet with a secure height-set screw system. This patented watch feature is the guaranty your watch will not detach from your wrist accidentally.

Black Mechanical Watch with Sellita SW200-1 Self-winding Movement


The Two Different Bracelets

You will enjoy the Wryst mechanical watch Racer SX1 in two different versions.

The first one is a luxury hand-made black leather bracelet with three different layers. The band is finished with alligator leather and double stitching with a line in black and another one in grey. The inner side is within a soft suede-style finish for maximum comfort—the mention "Genuine Leather" is debossed by stamp press with the brand's logo. On the side, the third leather is decorating the bracelet edges with cowhide grey leather.

Secondly, thanks to the other band also available with your purchase, you can choose a double injection modern brand in quality, highly flexible silicone. If most of our two-tone bracelets offer a contrast of two colors, we opted for both colors in black for this reference. This large band is 25 mm, and with a soft backside, the comfort has been optimized for a seamless experience on your arm.

Black Mechanical Watch Wryst SX1

Two Different Ways to Wind the Mechanical Watch

Manual Winding:

Mechanical watches work with the winding of a spring which relaxes and activates the movement. The spring does not unwind all at once but instead transmits its force slowly and evenly. For this, a mechanical system called "escapement" had been developed. This system allows the energy of the spring to enter the movement only in multiple small pulses. Precisely calibrated cogs transmit force to the movement at the many places needed to the hour, minute, and second hands, to the rotating discs for the calendar indications.

Hundreds of parts are needed to achieve this result. On wristwatches, they often have to be microscopic, and on luxury watches, they are, in most cases, as in the past, cut, smoothed, and polished by hand.

On mechanical wristwatches, there are two principles for winding the spring. The first, the oldest, is also the simplest: manual winding. Initially, a small key was used, gradually replaced by a crown on the side of the case, turned between the thumb and forefinger to wind the watch. To set the time, pull the crown out slightly.

The manual labor involved in producing valuable mechanical watches often makes them expensive, if not inaccessible. For the first time in the watch industry history, Wryst provides small series of Swiss precision timekeepers at a more affordable price than ever before.


Self-Winding Mechanical Watch Rotor


The wrist as a winder:

Automatic winding is also possible thanks to the oscillating weight. The wrist movements have repercussions on the mechanical watch movement, which winds the mainspring in tiny impulses. Sometimes it can be judicious to hand-wind the mechanical movement by hand a few times since the watch must be wound to start running. This will help the timepiece running on its own power reserve.

From an external point of view, mechanical watches differ little from manually wound watches: they are, for the most part, a little thicker because the rotor, which must be able to turn freely around the central axis, is placed on metal. The rotor moves whenever the wrist changes the position of the watch. This involves transmitting the oscillations of the rotor to a spring. The rotor must make about 150 revolutions to allow a single rotation of the spring shaft.

All references "RACER" with two silicone bands:

Steel Self-Winding Wryst Racer SX1

Mens Rose Gold Wryst Racer SX2

Gold Plated Wryst Racer SX3

Motorsport & Racing Wryst Racer SX4

Steel & Red Band Wryst Racer SX4


Wryst Racer





Bold and manly size

Really pleased with my purchase of this great manly sized watch and it actually feels smaller than even some of my 45mm other pieces from several luxury brands. I will be looking closely at your future models and collections Thank you for a quick delivery to Amsterdam and all the best. Harvey


Un modèle totalement incroyable

Cette Wryst est un modèle vraiement incroyable avec un style à part. La carrure noire avec ce revêtement est un réel plaisir à porter. Je reçois de nombreux compliment et le mouvement Suisse de qualité est à la hauteur de mes attentes. Je la porte tout les jours et c'est une experience qui me surprends car la forme est inouie et moderne. Pour le changement des bracelets c'est une autre histoire... If faut deux tournes-vis de la même taille et faire très attention de pas perdre les vis. On s'y fait mais la première fois ce n'est pas facile à réaliser. Aussi j'aurai préféré reçevoir deux boucles cela m'aurai éviter d'avoir à changer la boucle à chaque fois sur le bracelet que je veux porter. Merci en tous cas c'est une création inédite. All the best!

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