Wide leather watch bands and leather cuff watch Wryst Racer

Published : 09/06/2019 12:10:51

The New Wryst Luxury Leather Bracelets


Three New Handmade Leather Bund Straps Now Available

The latest wide leather cuff watches Wryst and men's watches with leather bracelet. Three new references are now available: The quartz men's brown leather watch, the Wryst Racer automatic watch with black alligator wide leather watch bands, and the Black Carbon Fiber Watch SX4 with red sides and stitches.



These highly complicated 3-layered integrated mens leather cuff watch bands with double stitches are 100% handmade. The top layers, sides layer, and back are in three different pieces of leather. These are cut, assembled and stitched by hand.


Brown Alligator Look for the Luxury Wryst SX270

The Swiss Quartz Chronograph collection FORCE is now including the stunning reference Wryst SX270 with a luxurious new brown alligator bracelet. This guide for buying a mens leather cuff timepiece will satisfy our discerning clientele' most demanding individualists. The comprehensive soft quality new bracelet integrated to perfection against the case has grey genuine leather sides, black and grey stitches, and black suede back. The Swiss brand has opted for an all-handmade production. Every detail is meticulously cut, assembled and stitched by hand from the best quality leathers.


Black mens watch with leather bracelet:

Leather cuff watch Wryst SX270 Brown Alligator Bracelet

Our leather watchband in genuine alligator has a good flexibility and features seven rectangle square punched holes. Each hole designed to attach the band is the same size then the buckle's tong at 4mm x 2mm. The curve is exacted to perfection so when the wrist watch bracelet is attached on your arm it will feel seemeless and ultr-comfortable to wear. Brown leather cuff size 25 mm are rare and offer a good stability of the top of your arm for any activities. Who wants a watch which has turned around the arm when you need it the most?


Wide leather watch bands Wryst


Latest Addition to the Luxury Automatic Watches Wryst RACER:

Black Carbon Fiber Leather Bracelets with Red Stitches

Another new addition to the Automatic Racer collection is the black Carbon Fiber leather bracelet for Black Carbon Fiber Watch SX4 with red edges and red stitching. The Swiss Wryst watches with black DLC looking even more motorsport-inspired than ever SX4 are brutalized by this unique three-layers black bracelet. The carbon fiber material is a definite asset across the board for racing cars, supercars, and hypercars. It has many features, such as high stiffness and strength, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. The incredibly resistant material suits to perfection the already racing-inspired black Racer SX4 luxury cuff watches for men.


Carbon fiber watch Wryst Racer SX4:

Black carbon fiber wide watch bands

There is nothing quiet like the combination of black and the color red together for a racing feel. Carbon fiber is not an easy material to combine with leather bracelets. This double stitching achievement will give our SX4 reference a bold and manly look with a combinaison on grey and red stitches. A leather watchband mens will love to wear during their favorite daily adrenaline rush around the track. 

Black and Red cuff watch Carbon Fiber leather


This particular black Carbon Fiber look will also match to perfection the now discontinued and sold-out quartz Chrono Wryst TT watch. A ruthless sports chrono with wide watch bands in black, yellow, and red. Perfectly assorted to the red stitches and sides of this handmade bracelet.


Wryst TT Watch with Carbon Fiber Bracelet


Black Alligator Leather Bracelets to Enhance the SX1 Feel

Lastly, the stunning brushed stainless steel Wryst Racer SX1 Automatic features a soft and comfortable black alligator bracelet. This reference is more plain and casual, by far the most successful reference of the Racer limited editions. Only 75 pieces are produced, giving you less time to take the jump and purchase yours. Black on top and inside, this bracelet has grey leather edges. This color contrasts well against the leather cuff watch's casual stainless steel feel with a black dial. More bracelets will be revealed for other models from the RACER automatic watches and FORCE Chronograph watch collections soon.


Automatic watch Wryst Racer SX1:

Leather cuff watch band for the Racer SX1 Automatic

Alligator 25 mm bund strap Wryst


At this time, the above three new bund straps were in stock on September 10th, 2019. Soon every watch strap version will be available for purchase directly in the luxury Swiss watch shop Wryst. These new cases size 25 mm will further enhance the luxurious feel of our "Racer" and "Force" collection. Meanwhile, please contact us. We offer highly-experienced and friendly customer service.


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08/13/2021 09:46:12

These are not truly leather cuff watches but I do like the width of the leather bracelets which are really large.


03/01/2020 12:28:57

I admit, at first glance, I was a bit skeptical, but then I noticed it's not bad at all. The aesthetical is well-executed, with sensible design choices, and the price was an excellent surprise. I think this watch will sell well to its intended audience.


09/12/2019 10:04:28

Hi my husband really like the black and red automatic watch. Can we order the three bracelets with the Racer SX4 automatic please? So the black/red, the red/black, the black carbon. Thank you


09/09/2019 08:21:12

I bought the force sx270. Stunning timepiece and I get lots of compliments. How can I buy the brown leather bracelet online? I can not see it in your list of leather bracelets.


09/06/2019 16:10:14

How to buy the SX4 with carbon fiber? Any finance available?