Gold Plated Watch SX3 Automatic
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Limited Edition Swiss Gold Plated Watch

Automatic Gold Plated Watch Racer SX3 for Men

Swiss gold plated watch Wryst Racer SX3. Shine on with this bold, sexy, and sincere men's limited edition luxury wristwear. Unleash your charismatic aura by wearing this fantastic mechanical timepiece in polished yellow gold—vibrant, dazzling, and a sturdy 50mm size. If you are still looking for the perfect Automatic motorsport timepiece, the Wryst Racer SX3 in yellow gold is for you. Two different double injection quality bracelets to suit your style.

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Swiss Wryst Racer SX3 Yellow Gold Watch


A Brilliantly Insane Limited Edition Automatic Piece

The men's gold plated watch Racer SX3 are extraordinary mechanical timepieces. If luxury and racing are your passions,n you have reached the right place. Exclusively available in a small series of 75 pieces, the Racer SX3 is also a highly collectible timepiece. In the past, the most successful watches produced by Wryst were sold within only a few months.

Showcase your strength and good taste!


Gold Plated Watch SX3 Automatic


Strong and More Durable Gold Plating

Choose a harder and  more resistant gold plating technology for your watch: Gold Bend Plating

Genuine gold plating wears off slowly, thinning in areas that contact objects regularly. When plating wears off, it can look faded, or if it is plating over sterling silver, the tarnish beneath can darken in spots where the gold plating has worn thinner.

Your exclusive Wryst Racer SX3 benefits from five coatings of yellow Gold Bend Plating (Yes, that's right, five layers!). This process obtained from "Bend Plating" is ZirconiumCarboNitride. Zirconium metal is vaporized and combined with Carbon and Nitrogen to produce the gold color. It is a more molecular bonding process. It holds on better. It is used on base metals and will not fade color yearly. Most importantly, it will be considerably more scratch-resistant than any gold plating process.

Advantages of gold Bend Plating against Traditional Gold Coating:

- Durability

- Corrosion-resistant

- Longer lifetime

- Gold plated pieces can discolor within a short period

- Gold Bend Plating coatings can be ten times thicker than standard gold plating

Gold Bend Plating is more challenging than gold plating and more long-lasting. It is slightly more vulnerable to the black DLC technology we use for our black timepieces. It is still much more scratch-resistant than gold plating. Higher-end jewelry and luxury watches require a more durable coating, are longer-lasting, and are resistant to corrosion. In this instance, gold Bend Plating coating shines as the right choice.

The Bend Plating we use for our luxury watches offers about fifteen times more resistance. It is also corrosion-resistant, chemical resistant, has a low friction coefficient, and has low maintenance. Wryst only uses the best materials and coating technologies available today, with your all-important budget in mind and the longevity of your investment.

Luxury Lifestyle for your Everyday Living

Wryst's perception of motorsport thrills associated with refinement and style is no different than yours. A timepiece dedicated to stepping up your game offers a feeling you may not come across very often. Holding the stunning and iconic Sellita SW200-1 movement - Brother of the ETA2824 - the rotor can be felt and, most importantly, observed through the case back. Wear on your wrist a jewelry timekeeper that also has a heart.

Gold Watch Racer SX3 for Men

Spectacular Perpetual Second Hand

The second hand of this Racer SX3 benefits from a perpetual movement taking the entire dial. This prominent feature extended on both sides of the face is merely spectacular to see. Always wanted a luxury watch that looks and feels alive? The sophisticated white dial with gold-colored indexes and hands also benefits volumes and depth. Black, white, grey, and yellow gold details make this automatic timekeeper one of the busiest you have ever come across. Engine dented wheels and motorsport gearings inspired the hour hand design. The SX3 has a date window at a 3-hour position.

A Designer Statement Piece

The automatic Wryst Racer SX3 is developed, engineered, produced, and assembled with the highest possible watchmaking standards and know-how. Owner at Wryst and veteran Swiss watch designer Jacques Fournier has two objectives: Offer perfect quality in the making and a unique alternative to the saturated horological industry. Visually the Wryst timepieces are exceptional, and many people are delighted to find out they even exist.

Luxury Gold Plated Watch Automatic

Original Manufacturer Oscillating Weight

Wryst opted for an original manufacturer's watch part on the Racer collection. There are several reasons for this. An essential aspect of a mechanical watch is the rotor, technically known as oscillating weight. Removing and refitting the rotor can somehow weaken this critical part. Also, the rotor's weight is significant, as any tooling or engravings applied to this part can modify the overall weight of the rotating part and, therefore, affect timekeeping and accuracy. Furthermore, if the rotor is altered in any way whatsoever, this also causes issues with the Manufacturer's warranty.

In conclusion, the Wryst Racer SX2 gold plated watch with automatic movement is a collectible luxury fashion designer accessory. Another reference is also available with a luxury leather bracelet.


Two Different Ways to Wind your Mechanical Watch


Manual Winding of an automatic:

Automatic watches work with the winding of a spring which relaxes and activates the movement. The spring does not unwind all at once but instead transmits its force slowly and evenly. A mechanical system called "escapement" was developed for this purpose. This system allows the energy of the spring to enter the movement only in multiple small pulses. Precisely calibrated cogs transmit force to the movement at the many places needed to the hour, minute, and second hands, to the rotating discs for the calendar indications.

Hundreds of parts are needed to achieve this result. On wristwatches, they often have to be microscopic, and on luxury watches, they are, in most cases, as in the past, cut, smoothed, and polished by hand.

On mechanical wristwatches, there are two principles for winding the spring. The first, the oldest, is also the simplest: manual winding. Initially, a small key was used, gradually replaced by a crown on the side of the case, turned between the thumb and forefinger to wind the watch. To set the time, pull the crown out slightly.

The manual labor involved in producing valuable automatic watches often makes them expensive, if not inaccessible. For the first time in the watch industry history, Wryst provides a small series of Swiss precision timekeepers at a more affordable price than ever.

The wrist as a winder:

The wrist movements have repercussions on the mechanical watch movement, which winds the mainspring in tiny impulses. Automatic winding is also possible thanks to the oscillating weight. Sometimes it can be prudent to hand-wind the automatic movement by hand a few times since you must wind the watch to start running. This will help the timepiece run on its power reserve.

From an external point of view, automatic watches differ little from manually wound watches: they are, for the most part, a little thicker because the rotor, which must be able to turn freely around the central axis, is placed on metal. The rotor moves whenever the wrist changes the position of the watch. This involves transmitting the oscillations of the rotor to a spring. The rotor must make about 150 revolutions to allow a single rotation of the spring shaft.


All references "RACER" with luxurious handmade leather bands:

Wryst Racer SX1

Wryst Racer SX1

Wryst Racer SX2

Wryst Racer SX3

Wryst Racer SX4


Video of the SX3 automatic yellow gold plated watch:


Wryst Racer



Data sheet

Limited Edition of 75 pieces
Wryst Auto SX3 Racer
Stainless Steel
Yellow Gold Plating
Sapphire Crystal
Automatic Sellita SW200-1
38 Hours
50 mm
Transparent Case Back
Black and Alpaca
Alpaca and Black
Wrist 176mm to 230mm
100 Meters (10ATM)
18 Months

Stunning gold plating

The shiny polished gold finish is amazing to look at. Denfinitely a one-off purchase due to the limited series. Bold and stylish to wear I love it. Busy dial but clear reading. Overall a fantastic gold automatic watch.


Striking gold design

This watch is an absolutely striking piece of jewelry. I love every single detail about it. I would highly recommend Wryst for beautiful gold SX3 watches and my serial #34 is really the best looking watch in my collection. Thank you for swapping the brands as per my request.


Great experience - Fantastic product

This SX3 has the new fresh and innovative design I was looking for - Much more affordable than the other Swiss automatic I have seen so this is what made me take the jump - I absolutely love my new purchase and will definitely consider buying another Wryst soon. Excellent contact with the customer service team. Thank you all.


More than I expected

An overwhelming watch! This SX3 is my best looking gold piece. My collection is growing every year and this is totally different than what I would normally go for. I am very happy with the purchase and prefer to wear my Wryst for very special occasions - When I feel the need to stand out. I have many friends and collegues asking me about the brand as only very few even know it exists. Thank you and good luck to Wryst in the future. Im a happy customer all the way.


Solid investment

This SX3 is a spectacular piece. I own several gold mechanical references from other brands but this one is clearly overdoing all of them. Great quality product and offered at a lower price than other Swiss brands which is great. I like the Sellita SW200 and never had any issue this is a very well made movement. Thank you Wryst for this special and unique new watch. A more modern and definitely long lasting investment.


Top luxury

Got mine in 3 days in US Nevada. No pictures will give justice to this amazing watch. Highly recommended customer service too


Wearing it more than my Rolexes

I grow fonder and fonder of my wryst sx3. I now wear it far more than my two Rolexes (Justdate and Cellini) and all the time when I'm at sea sailing.


Quick delivery

Arrived very fast in Arizona thanks to free DHL service. Watch is truly special and feels great.


Just look at it...

I have never paid so much money before for a watch. I have a few of them, but none to the standard of this Wryst SX3. Looks really intense. The watch itself has something very special... Like a big piece of jewelry. I am so happy and thank you for a very quick and friendly customer service!

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