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Wryst Self Winding Watch Racer SX1
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Wryst Mens Self Winding Watch
Luxury Mens Self Winding Watch Racer SX1
See-through Self Winding Movement

Self Winding Watch Racer SX1

This self winding watch Wryst Racer SX1 will enhance your lifestyle. This reference is just for you if you have a true passion for motorsports and well-honed mechanics. With a brushed stainless steel case and a head-turning black dial, the Wryst SX1 Swiss Made is for racers. Add exclusivity and uniqueness to your exciting everyday life with a collectible luxury watch produced in a limited edition of 75 pieces.

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The Mechanical Wryst SX1 With Mind-Blowing Style


Luxury Racing Style Reserved to Only a Select Few

The self-winding watch Wryst Racer SX1 is exclusively available from the independent watchmaker Wryst. The aggressive 50mm stainless steel case design is technical, modern, and futuristic, inspired by motorsports and racing. Wryst excels exclusivity in the making! There are no chances you will ever meet with someone wearing the same mechanical wristwear, ever. Demonstrate you have an aggressive winner's personality and become one of 75 people who will ever wear this timepiece.


Self Winding Watch Wryst SX1


What Does Self-Winding Mean?

For an automatic self-winding watch, the term "Automatic" means the movement will wind itself. The rotor attached to the movement rotates freely on the center axis, and these rotations act as a winding system that tightens the mainspring. You can observe the rotor move through the crystal on the back of your Wryst Racer timepiece. As opposed to manual winding watches, this rotor, called "oscillating weight" in a more technical term, acts as if you were winding the spring manually. The natural movement of your wrist during your daily activities will then cause this mass to spin and keep the movement running through the day.

Once the mainspring is fully wound, and the watch is worn for an extended period, the rotor will do its job continuously winding the mainspring, thereby topping off the power reserve. The reserve will ensure the mechanism runs even after the watch is no longer worn. The Wryst SX1 can accumulate a power reserve of up to 38 hours, keeping the movement running overnight, even if you are not wearing it for a day.


Swiss Steel Self Winding Wryst Racer


Most Reliable Swiss Mechanical Movement

The strength and durability of your collectible high-end timepiece are essential. Wryst provides just that. The Racer SX1 holds a 26 jewels movement with a frequency of 28'800 A/h. If you decide to take your RACER off, the escapement will deliver power reserve for up to 38 hours fully wound. The main difference between quartz movements and automatic movement is that manual winding or the straightforward motion of the arm winds the mainspring. This SX1 also benefits from glowing luminescent hands and hour marker.


Wryst self winding watch


Engineered and Manufactured to Last

The stylish case forged in the best stainless steel produced with a grade 516L is astonishing. A two-millimeter curved sapphire crystal also guarantees involuntary scratches will not deteriorate your investment. Moreover, the sturdy screw-in crown further secures the water-resistance of up to 100 Meters. So that is that. We have here all that is required to satisfy the most demanding individuals. More than you would expect from any other more expensive luxury manual watch for men.


Wryst Racer SX1 Self Winding



Enjoy the Show From All Angles

The moving parts of this lively Swiss Wryst Racer are a True Delight for the Eyes. The polished low chamfer reveals the serial number of this collectible limited edition of 75 Swiss Stainless self-winding timekeepers. The original and untouched manufacturer oscillating weight that powers the spring is displayed on the case back through a smoked crystal behind Wryst printed logo. The SX1 can also be wound by hand. Engraving details are a reminder of the high specifications. The engraved inscriptions such as "SM for Made in Switzerland," "100 Meters", "Sapphire Crystal," "Automatic," and racing flags artwork are present on the Wryst Racer collection.

This exclusive self-winding watch requires the wearer's arm or wrist motion for the winding mechanism to wind the spring and gear train. All luxury Racer references for sports Wryst come in a sleek wooden box with black leather lining. On the left, the case features the engravings "Racer Automatic."


Luxury Wryst SX1 Manual Watch


An Adaptable and Versatile Luxury Companion

Think again if you believe the Wryst Racer provides reliable mechanics, great style, and an enhanced luxury feel!

Wryst offers affordable luxurious accurate timekeepers never like possible before. For these particular Swiss SX1 with self-winding movement, feel free to choose between the black/grey or grey/black large bands adapted to the small, medium and large wrists. Two different double injection silicone bracelets come with the Wryst Racer references.

This unique Wryst Racer is also available with a version dressed in a black leather bracelet, and a scratch-resistant black DLC casing with the SX4 adorned with black and red carbon fiber bracelet.


All references "RACER" with luxurious handmade leather bands:

Brushed Steel Wryst Racer SX1

Gold High-end Wryst Racer SX2

Luxury Gold Wryst Racer SX3

Black & Carbon Wryst Racer SX4


Wryst Racer




Data sheet

Limited Edition of 75 pieces
Wryst Auto SX1 Racer
Stainless Steel Grade 516L
Sapphire Crystal
Automatic Sellita SW200-1
38 Hours
50 mm Width
Screwed Crown
Transparent Case Back
Black and Grey
Grey and Black
Wrist 176mm to 230mm
100 Meters (10ATM)
18 Months

Specific References


Watch had a lot to give

This automatic with a brushed steel finish has a lot to give. Timeless design (I had mine for a few weeks and I like it more everyday) and specifications. The domed sapphire is really outstanding with this unique case shape. No need to metion the movement which only needs to be shaken a bit to start immediately. From every angle the case is a real pleasure to touch and feel. I truly recommend you buy one. Thank you so much again


La best

Cette montre est brutale, innovante, et très futuristique, j'adore! Bravo et merci


Captivating Look

This SX1 is really something new and different in my collection for the Swiss self-winding mechanism. I would strongly recommend this particular model, which is the most "casual" look in the series. I was not sure exactly what to expect as there was no video available to admire this timepiece on the internet, but I took the jump anyway. No picture or video can give justice to the shape once you have it in your hand. What a real achievement of modern style and elegance. The size is also perfect, and the case feels much smaller than a 50 mm watch would. Actually when I compare it to my Hublot Classic Fusion size 45 mm they almost look the same size. Strange that. Anyway thank you for this fantastic watch!


Great watch company

Delighted with my new SX1! I received it safe and sound in Canada in no time. Thanks for the free shipping coupon offered spontaniously. Highly recommended brand. Watch feels neat and is comfortable to wear. Surely a statement piece which stands out from my other automatics. Thank you Wryst


Brutal timepiece

My new Wryst SX1 is no doubt the most daring auto in my collection. I usually wear it for going out and the design is seeking much attention every time. Thank you for this quality luxury piece.


"disruptive and exclusive"

I am impressed, the black watch with the red accents is very impressive. Also the stainless steel model with the black strap hits the mark for "disruptive and exclusive" very nicely. I really like your professional and courteous engagement. Very respectfully, Jimmy the watch guy.


Great watch with Fantastic service

I’m not a decisive buyer and have spoken to Joanne over a few emails with my questions. She has been very patient with me and Addressed all my concerns.<br /> Received the watch within a week of ordering and loved the design.<br /> Though it’s a 50mm watch, it is definitely smaller on the wrist due to its curved design. It fits comfortably and a very good everyday watch for me.<br /> <br />



Stunning luxury watch, great friendly and professional service, thank you!


Never seen anything like it

This watch has a bold feel and is well built. Great dial busy and stylish. My only regret is that we can not see more of the movement at the back but this does not affect the overall insane design of the case. Would highly recomment this automatic timepiece to anyone out there. Top customer service too. Josh

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