Create watch product background with AI - Artificial Intelligence

Create watch product background with AI - Artificial Intelligence

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Product backgrounds created by AI for the watches Wryst



Learn how to create product backgrounds with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

We have asked AI to create images of product backgrounds, and we discovered it could generate ideas containing almost precisely what we asked for.

If you are unfamiliar with what AI can do for you, give it a go. You can quickly learn how to interact with Artificial Intelligence capabilities, and it's all free. Make the most of the free tools available to you.


Discover background images generated for the watches Wryst

First, we played with simple requests, such as plain colorful images to use as backgrounds, but then if you through a request showing several objects on your image, AI will understand what you ask for and add precisely what you requested to your background.

That said, it takes several attempts, and the results are not always spot-on, but some backgrounds are great and can be used without the hassles of having to take photographs.


Adding a few objects of your choice to the scene

Here are a few results we obtained by just prompting Bing AI to add a few objects around the product to add elements around the product.


Watch product background created by ai

Men's sport Watch Wryst Elements PH4 with a black and red bracelet


We asked AI: "Create a red background with a red climbing rope and a gold compass."

Note that the compass face design has been generated randomly as AI can not copy existing products; it can only create visuals that imitate what it knows. Many Wryst Elements sports watches for men are available, but a few references are now already discontinued.


Artificial Intelligence image man wearing watch Wryst MS630

Man wearing the luxury men watch Wryst MS630


AI can accomplish complex image-creation tasks. For this background, we have prompted BingAI with "Create an image of a man with his hand repairing the engine of a superbike so we can add a watch on it."

And there it was, just like we asked. The men's racing watch Wryst can then be added on the arm with a photorealistic 3D render, positioning exactly the MS630 as it should. All we had to do then was enhance the lightning and shades. Stunning right? We could have paid a model for this illustration, but thanks to AI, we can now create superb visuals that show clearly what the watch feels.


Industrial Black Product Background Watch Wryst ES20

Blacked-out Stainless Steel Watch ES20


We asked AI for this image: "Create a black background with 30 black screwdrivers."

Note that AI did not illustrate 30 screwdrivers but only 26. For this illustration, AI created an artistic circular artwork with the objects, providing an industrial feel.

The watch illustrated above belongs to the small series of black watches, Wryst Ultimate.


AI background with a man wearing a watch with his hands on the steering wheel

Wryst SX210 Swiss Chronograph Watch Size 50 mm


This image shows the full potential of AI image creation. For this one, we have prompted the following:

"Create an image of a young man with his two hands on the steering wheel of his sports car."

The illustration of the two arms is not perfect with a slightly disproportioned finger, but apart from this, we are delighted with this AI image creation. We know our customers always enjoy seeing what the watch looks like in real life.

We then added the watch on the man's wrist with compositing. The Wryst SX210 watch was rendered with 3D software and adjusted to fit perfectly on the arm with the right size and angle.

The result is a 100% photorealistic computer-generated image, as nothing contradicts real life. That's right; you are looking at an entirely artificially created image of a man driving his sports car while wearing the Wryst Force chronograph watch.

Browse all the men's chronograph watches Wryst Force produced in limited editions of 75 units.


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By Shania 09/18/2023 10:14:37

The best software to use for photorealistic human models is definitely Stable Diffusion 1.5. You can forget about Bing AI as many features are restricted. You will be better off with a paying option with almost unlimited possibilities.

By Joshua 09/05/2023 08:00:55

The watches look incredible but for the AI "art" I am not sure is shows them to their best. You could pay for more advanced creation with the best AI image generator tools to use in 2023 like Dall-E 2 or Starry AI. Nevertheless, I love the idea of creating models and then add the watch on them. This is very clever.

By Damien 08/10/2023 10:07:22

J'admire c'est article car on comprends bien ce que l'intelligence artificielle est capable de faire. Je n'avais aucune idée qu'on pouvait lui demander de créer des images. Ça parait incroyable. On est quand même en 2023... Bravo c'est une belle source d'information en tout cas.

By Jeremy 08/09/2023 22:05:00

Great example of the pictures OpenAI can create front prompts. But it's not quiet there yet. On the last picture the human hands are difficult to reproduce realistically. I also noticed a few other details not reflecting how we see real details. But I must admit the watches are all great. Nice designs.