Mechanical Watches Wryst Racer for men with brutal design

Mechanical Watches Wryst Racer for men with brutal design

Wryst Mechanical Racer Watch Collection


Bold, Awesome and Innovative

The Wryst Racer automatic watch series, designed exclusively for men, exemplifies precision engineering and unique design. With a limited production run of just 75 pieces, each timepiece is an exquisite rarity. The collection encompasses four distinct references, including the high-performance Automatic Racing Watch Wryst SX4, the elegant Gold Watches for Men SX2, the luxurious Automatic Gold Plated Watch SX3, and the understated yet refined plain Self Winding Watch SX1.


Wryst luxury mechanical watches




Each unique quality Wryst Racer mechanical watch for men has a domed sapphire crystal, an engraved see-through case back with the serial number, a screw-down signed crown, a large 25mm signed square buckle, and two different bracelets. The casing is a bold 50mm width for a good masculine feel.

The Brushed Stainless Steel Version Racer SX1:


Wryst Racer SX1 mechanical swiss sports watch

Self-Winding Watch Racer SX1


The Wryst Racer SX1 is a self winding mechanical watch that exudes a casual aesthetic. It features a plain steel casing and buckle. Its dial and hands are matte black with bright white luminous lines, while the light grey hour markers are filled with luminous material for enhanced visibility. Inspired by motorsports and racing, the watch's design makes a bold statement and pays homage to the thrill of driving fast. The 3-leveled watch face incorporates numerous motorsport features and ornaments inspired by engine parts, adding to its unique and distinctive appeal.


Shiny Rose Gold Racer SX2:


Wryst Racer SX2 mechanical swiss sports watch

Gold Automatic Watch SX2


The luxurious and suave Gold Watches for Men SX2! This indulging rose gold timepiece is like nothing else you have ever seen. Surely, there is no need for diamonds at this level because shining is what this timepiece does best. At Wryst, we know you and, more specifically, that you have high expectations. Imagine wearing this timepiece in the near future and for years to come. Only 75 lucky persons will be lucky enough to embrace the style of one of these mind-blowing Wryst Racers.


Luxurious Polished Yellow Gold Racer SX3:


Wryst Racer SX3 mechanical swiss sports watch

Gold Plated Watch Wryst SX3


Gold is associated with illumination, love, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom. Add to these a dose of motorsport, and you have all the ingredients of this ultimate Automatic Gold Plated Watch SX3. The casing and buckle are both in a yellow-gold polished finish. Two soft and resistant bracelets are part of the deal in black and alpaca or alpaca and black color. You can also purchase an all-black bracelet for this timepiece to contrast even more with the golden feel of this automatic luxury Swiss watch.


The Most Motorsport: Black DLC Racer SX4:


Wryst Racer SX4 mechanical swiss sports watch

Motorsport Automatic Watch Racer SX4


If racing is your passion, the Automatic Racing Watch Wryst SX4 is the right match for you. Bold, assertive, and aggressive at the same time, these Wryst Racers for men wear a 50mm case size. No other quality Swiss timepiece offers the same watch ratio for the money. If you are also looking for a long-term investment, a 75 Wryst Racer SX4 with scratch-resistant black DLC coating is also a fantastic match. Two bracelets are available, one in black and red, the other in grey and red. Wear today one of the most motorsport-inspired automatic watches on the market. You will never look back.


Now also available with handmade comfortable leather bracelets

Automatic Watch SX1

Automatic High End Watches SX2

Mens Gold Watch Automatic SX3

Automatic Black Watch SX4


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By Damien 06/29/2020 08:20:56

En toute honnêteté ces montres sont divines! Je suis dans le sud de la France, ou est-ce qu'on peut les voirs en vrai s'il vous plait avant d'acheter? Merci

By adam 12/23/2019 12:08:42

I have just brought one of theses watches the rose gold one and it's insane I love it! People always comment on it when I'm wearing it out, I think the design of the watch is very unique and the detail that has gone into the dial is second to none! Delivery service was fast and would highly recommend.

By J.M Juvet 06/28/2019 10:05:55

Very inspired creations. The dial I find a little busy but the case is quiet a spectacular execution. How did you come up with such unique shape?

By Edward 01/03/2019 10:51:15

These designs are just simply insane! Love them all. I can not see any info about retailers selling this brand, do you deliver worldwide? Thank you

By Rachid 11/07/2018 06:32:44

I have never seen these watches before so I had to comment of this. The shape and look of this Racer watches are very good! But I think for luxury watches you should offer a more luxe leather bracelet and also deploying clasp. I have man,y watches in my collection and this one would look very nice and a great alternative to my Hublot, Rolex, Omega and Audemars Piguet. What is the movement used for this design please? Again, well done on this collection... R.

By Trevor 11/04/2018 15:42:03

Very nice large watches. Hard to imagine what they look like in reality. You should include more videos of the watches. That's only my opinion. Really great and unique shape!