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Red Watch Mens Wryst ES60
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Sapphire Crystal Black & Red Watch Mens ES60

Red Watch Mens Ultimate ES60

The Black Wryst ES60 Ultimate with black DLC coating and red details is available in a limited quantity of only 99 units. The world's most scratch-resistant black coating of this watch makes it the most reliable and durable timepiece in black steel: an ideal asset to endure a harsh environment, outdoors, adventure, and water sports. This exclusive watch, packed with style and a spectacular overall design, is made to withstand severe conditions. Solidly built in the Swiss traditions and with a sapphire crystal, the ES60 black Swiss watch is the ideal companion for rough usage and hostile environments. Stand out with style. Two bracelets are included.

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Data sheet

Limited Edition of 99 pieces
Wryst ES60 Ultimate
Stainless Steel Grade 516L
Scratch-Resistant Black DLC
Sapphire Crystal
Swiss Quartz with Date
45 mm Width
Screwed Crown
Deep Engraving on Case Side
Black with Red Line
Wrist 150mm to 205mm
200 Meters (20ATM)
18 Months
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Men's Red Swiss Watch Ultimate ES60 with DLC coating


A Black With Red Details Wryst ES60 Reference

The suave round face Wryst Ultimate ES60 is an ultra-sporty, dynamic, and real achievement of a unique watchmaking style. Produced exclusively in Limited Edition series of 99 pieces, the black and red watch case sides are engraved 0.6mm deep with CNC machining, which is a significant challenge in itself. Stainless steel engraved case, screw-down crown, and buckle benefiting from scratch-resistant Black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) technology. It increases the hardness of the body and square buckles considerably.


Red Watch Mens Ultimate ES60


Renaissance of the Classic Round Face Timepiece

Wryst achieves a new style in the circular watch shape category combining the hardest materials, new tooling technologies, and the best specifications. For the first time in history, all are available at a more affordable retail price than ever before. Upgrade to Swiss watchmaking quality for a fraction of the price.

Visuals talk for themselves. Wryst exceeds in providing durable and costs effective luxury Swiss wristwear combining high standards of know-how and craftsmanship. The Wryst small series are all unique models and come to life in an exclusive small series of only 99 units.


Red Watches Wryst for Men


CNC Machining Technology

The 45mm circular casing is engraved on both sides. Precision technology is used to achieve a 0.6mm profound effect with CNC machining. Where most watches keep a standard look for their timepiece's side views, Wryst goes the extra mile, making the most of every feature and aspect of the body construction.

The timepiece stands prominently on the wrist thanks to the unique groundbreaking two-tone and double injection silicone bracelet. The strap integration onto the main body between the lugs with hard inserts offers an unprecedented aesthetical look and excellent comfort. Like all other timepieces offered by Wryst, this reference ES60 in the black bracelet and the central red line is sold with both this black/red bracelet and another all-black bracelet.

Wryst Ultimate ES60 Red Watch 200 Meters

Why Choose This Color Combination?

In western culture, these two colors, red and black together, are the most dramatic color combination, as red typically conveys the meaning of blood, and black is that of darkness. They can also bring a sense of power because they are visually a striking combination. Together, they give the impression of magma erupting from a lively volcano. Sticking to these two colors is familiar for product designers interested in creating fashion accessories as noticeable as possible.

Choosing a black color and adding a touch of red is very common in the motorsport industry. This choice reflects power, efficiency, and a sense of safety and assertiveness. Every year, more racing cars and motorcycles decorated with these two colors together are produced. Since the 80s and even before, manufacturers have started to build race bikes and superbikes engines in black. Mechanical engineering is more appealing to men when most parts are painted in black. Red details on a mostly black stainless steel give a sense of mystery, and red touches give this aggressive association with blood, villain, and evil.

Many other references produced by Swiss watch company Wryst have been offered with this fascinating combination of colors. For example, the Wryst Motors MS3 was one of the most successful collections produced. The more recent series Elements also has the model PH6, which is likely to become soon sold-out and discontinued. If you like collecting mechanical timepieces, the Wryst Racer SX4 with a black leather carbon fiber bracelet will most likely be a real find for you.

Available also with different bracelets

This unique Wryst Ultimate ES60 is also available with a black carbon leather bracelet with red color stitchings. Another version with a black metal DLC bracelet is bolder and more robust. All Wryst timepieces are always provided with two different bracelets.

Wryst thrives on being the only watch brand in the world to offer high-end specifications for a more affordable price. Features such as 200 meters depth, sapphire, DLC black coating, screwed crown, and integrated bands usually are just over $1000 in the Swiss industry. Furthermore, the square buckles provided have also be engineered to offer even more strength, so your investment is securely attached to your arm at all times.

Wryst ES60 Red Watch Mens Black Bracelet


Hard Black DLC coating

The white date displayed on a black disc at 3H

Firmly screwed crown against the casing

Size 45 mm case body

Two bracelets included for a versatile look

Sapphire crystal with AR treatment

200 Meters of water resistance


Another exclusive feature is the high circular bezel, which is rising higher around the glass. This particularity offers further protection to the crystal, sitting lower and less exposed to accidental shocks.


Wryst Ultimate ES60 with Black Bracelet


The video available exclusively on Vimeo showcases closeup views of the SWISS MADE signed black dial with red details. The camera is also focusing on the exclusive 3D engraved case-back with the brand's triangle logo and the engraved unique serial number for this limited edition "xx/99". There are only a few timepieces available now, so take the jump and choose one of the most affordable red Ultimate watches for men you will ever see at such a competitive price.

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Stunning watch in black and red

Fantastic purchase! So glad I decided to spoil myself with this increadible timepiece. A great affordable black DLC watch with sapphire crystal what else would you ask for. I love everything about it and bracelets are easy to swap. Highly recommended


Nice dark colors

Very beautiful black and red watch! I just wear it everyday and so far not one scratch on the case! One and a half month so far wearing my timepiece everyday and last time I bought a black watch it had marks showing the metal under the coating after 3 days. Nice heavy feel too, but comfortable.

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

So glad

I am so glad to have bought this watch. I never thought I could afford to buy a black DLC limited edition Swiss watch,... thank you so much! Excellent finish quality and top size. Customer service is fantastic.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Great Swiss watch

I felt this watch had it all. Now I am wearing it all I get is really good feedbacks. Feels nice and heavy. Cheers

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Ultimate ES60 red

Thank you so much for this really cool sport watch. I will buy the all black asap.

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