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Green Mens Watch Wryst PH3
Wryst Green Mens Watch
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Green Mens Watch PH3

The green men's watch Wryst PH3 with distinctive style. The limited-edition sports timepiece PH3 with green bracelet benefits from today's hardest materials. The scratch-resistant black Diamond-Like Carbon coating protects the case and square buckle. This Elements reference guarantees a durable and reliable wristwear experience for sports. Also include an extra bracelet.

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Limited Edition of 75 pieces
Wryst PH3 Elements
Stainless Steel Grade 516L
Scratch-Resistant Black DLC
Mineral "K1" Shatterproof
Swiss Quartz with Date
45 mm Width
Screwed Crown
Green and Black
Black and Green
Wrist 150mm to 205mm
100 Meters (10ATM)
12 Months
New product


Wryst PH3 in Green and Black for Men


The Exclusive Green Wryst Watch PH3 Men's Watch

The green mens watch Wryst Elements is fun, modern, and dedicated to sportive men loving sports and outdoor activities. Like all other references in the Wryst Elements collection, all unisex watches come with a choice of two bracelets. With this particular PH3 reference, receive a double injection green/black bracelet fitted and a second black/green bracelet—the outdoor wristwear benefits from the world's most scratch-resistant technology.

Wryst introduces an affordable black Diamond-Like Carbon timepiece. As well as being solid and durable, the Wryst watches have a uniquely timeless and futuristic design that is a perfect match for charismatic individuals. Feel impressive and exclusive with your limited edition black timepiece with green details for sports Wryst. All references are unique, with a serial number engraved on the case from #01/75 to #75/75. Yes, only 75 men's Wryst Elements PH3 will ever be available. The timepiece is perfect for your outdoors and water sports. This quartz green men's wristwatch will make you feel unique and mighty while you can freely concentrate on your next thrill. These Elements feature green dial details and a lime green silicone bracelet.


Wryst PH3 Green Mens Watch


Dedicated to Sports and Adventures

You can only find the Wryst Elements PH3 in black with green details watch on the official Wryst online boutique. We offer excellent reactive customer service. Buy a Wryst Swiss luxury model today for a long-lasting and durable experience. We always guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Wryst Timepieces are well-known for their innovations and unique features, redefining the concept of luxury men's wristwear. With exclusive style, bold dimensions, and current specifications, all the Wryst models offer more than any other outdoor green mens watch of the same category. The Elements Green PH3 model belongs to the exclusive Wryst collection of quartz movement-powered, extreme adventure timekeepers proudly bearing the esteemed Swiss Made quality certification.


Active Sports Wristwear with Green Band


Green Gents Watch with Stylish Appearance

Reliable timepieces are must-have accessories included in the extensive wardrobe of adventurous men who typically follow an ambitious and active lifestyle. The modern-day sportswear matching the existing fashion trends must carry a significant fashion appeal without undermining their masculine/feminine character.

The Wryst Elements are an excellent example of a contemporary sports wristwear collection that defines the ultimate aspects of an extreme sports timepiece with superior design features. Featuring a DLC coated stainless steel case in a solid black color, this exceptional model also radiates a fashionable charm with its green color highlights on its dial and strap. This attractive light green-black color scheme also provides a unisex appeal to this timepiece, making it equally suitable for men. The Green PH3 variant is an outstanding model from the Wryst Elements line of extreme sports tickers that boast a unique blend of creativity and good taste.

Bold and Sturdy Case

Even with its bold dimensions, the Wryst Elements offers a pleasant wearing experience thanks to its well-proportioned, curved case structure and smartly designed lugs equipped with a patented strap attachment system. The case's distinct shape commonly confirms the Swiss brand’s extraordinary sports timepieces' natural character. Its barrel-shaped 45mm case is made from a super-strong 516L grade stainless steel alloy famous for its excellent material properties. The watch's case is treated with a protective black DLC coating except for the crown and case back. Engraved with the limited edition serial number and model-specific inscriptions, the stainless-steel case back of this Elements is securely attached to the main case body with four large screws. This feature ensures secured water resistance up to 100 meters.

The ultra-thin black DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coating on the exterior protects the Elements Green PH3 from scratches and other visible damages. It adds a unique style to each timepiece with a shiny black surface finish. The black DLC coating also improves the saltwater corrosion resistance, making the watches suitable for ocean adventures.


Green Men Watches


Easy to read dial

Extremely robust and stylish, the Wryst Elements Green PH3 are attractive watches, notably for a neat, distinctive dial design. K1 shatterproof mineral glass with AR coating and grey-colored watch face perfectly complement the shiny black case. The dial ensures comfortable reading of indications with its clutter-free and meticulous design featuring large, easy-to-read Arabic numeral hour markers and luminescent hands. The light-green shade applied on the second hand and to other dial details is entirely in tune with the vibrant bi-color strap.

Firm and flexible strap

Made from silicone and perfect for wrist sizes between 150mm and 205mm, the dust-proof and non-allergic double injection bracelet of this PH3 has a fashionable green-black color combination. Seamlessly integrated into the lugs with a cutting-edge attachment system, the strap keeps the timer firm and secure on the wrist.

Men can create combinations to complement their dressing style with the free, add-on silicone strap provided with every Wryst Elements. The silicone strap has better elastic properties than the usual leather straps. The soft double injection silicone strap is also lighter than the metal bracelets. This feature makes the Wryst Elements Green PH3 an ideal choice for diving and ocean adventures.

Precise and practical movement

The Wryst Elements Green PH3 comes equipped with a highly accurate Swiss movement, whose functional qualities match the modern gentlemen’s active lifestyles and busy diary. The dial has three central hands (hour, minute, and seconds) and a date indication at 4:30h. The Swiss Ronda 515 movement is also easy to adjust with the large stainless steel crown positioned at 3-hour and protected by the innovative top case structure. This quality movement ticking inside a well-built case structure makes the Wryst Elements model an everyday wearing experience—the PH3 benefits from 100 meters of water resistance, which qualifies for watersports. The company Wryst offers all references with reliable Swiss movement and date windows.

Wryst Elements Vs. Smart Watches

You may find hundreds of digital or smartwatch models in the market, including the popular apple series loaded with various functions like heart rate monitor, sleep pattern, fitness tracking, etc. Other indications like displaying the time zone, lap time, the distance covered, and so on. Although it looks interesting, the smartwatches lack essential quality specifications, especially for a high-performing and reliable sports accessory.

The Wryst Elements is a perfect example showing smart-watches are not the right choice for those who prefer precise, reliable, and well-built quartz. It is easy to compare with black dial smart-watches and other analogs or digital sportswear. Therefore, let us explore the notable features that make these Wryst Elements models the first choice.

The Wryst Elements Green PH3 does not feature any fitness app that can track your activity. It does not calculate the distance covered or monitor your heartbeat, either. It is not an alarm stopwatch either. Instead, this stylish, brutal Elements collection proudly follows the 21st-century lifestyle and fashion. The PH3 is always ready to assist you as a reliable timekeeper in your adventurous-filled and active life.


Green Wryst PH3 Mens Watch


Analog Swiss Quartz vs. Intelligent Wristwear

Long battery life

The Ronda 515 quartz movement powers all Elements references. The battery life is around 45 months. You can wear your hassle-free timepiece for over three years without replacing the battery. The power source generally used in most connected watches is a rechargeable lithium battery. For example, they can only provide a maximum charge of a few days. Therefore, your innovative electronic sportswear needs to be recharged regularly to function. The Elements model is carefree at this level and can save you time so that you can enjoy your favorite activities.

Carefree Experience

Unfortunately, "smartwatches" are generally equipped with heavy operating systems and software vulnerable to technical problems and errors. So connectivity issues, software flaws, virus attacks, and battery drain can be problems. Besides, the unavailability of power sources to charge it and other technical issues can affect performance and proper operation. The device can also trigger a complete stop at any time.

It will be catastrophic if your timepiece breaks down during sports activities or an outdoor expedition, especially in places where the Internet is not available. The Elements for sports is not vulnerable to technical faults and will continue to work tirelessly. It is equipped with a reliable Swiss movement combining a durable experience with an analog display.

Built to last

The other significant difficulty with an electronic device is the possibility of becoming useless for smartphones and other gadgets based on firmware and an operating system. Also, companies will launch new models with the improved and latest software. Older versions of the product may become obsolete. Compatibility issues will be the cause. No such problem arises in the case of an Elements watch.

With quick battery replacement once every 45 months, this rugged sports watch can offer an incomparable lifespan. This is perfect compared to intelligent devices, which can drop you anytime. The Ronda 515 movement is easily repairable and interchangeable. Since their creation in the 1970s, quartz movements are still relevant even after 50 years and are widely used.

A reliable Swiss movement

The stability of Swiss Wryst Elements is much better than that of disposable plastic devices. All Wryst benefits from the most reliable materials, such as grade 516L stainless steel alloy for the case. This alloy makes them more robust than most analog watches made of plastic or light alloy. Water-resistant up to 100 meters, the Wryst Elements is designed for harsh conditions. It is ideal for water sports and board sports. Most smartwatches only last up to 50 meters.

Green Men's Watches with Tireless features

The Wryst Elements is a perfect outdoor sports companion. It is also ideal for men who regularly practice active sports. The movement is not controlled by a connected application or any other program that tracks your activity.

The Wryst Elements PH3 green has no fitness apps that can track your activity. It also does not calculate the distance traveled or monitor your heart rate. Nor is it an alarm. Instead, this elegant and brutal wristwear proudly suits the lifestyle of the 21st century. The Swiss green sportsmen watch PH3 is always ready and faithful as a reliable companion in your life full of adventures. Furthermore, Wryst also provides a limited edition of mechanical references.


Video of the Reference Wryst PH3:


Exclusivity at an affordable price

All the timepieces from Wryst are part of a limited edition collection and maintain exclusiveness. The reference also stands apart from mass-produced analog watches. The Wryst Elements Green PH3 is limited to 75 numbered pieces. This model is the recent member of this luxury unisex extreme collection. Therefore, the Elements models are more affordable and more accessible for smaller "Swiss" budget fans. Besides, the brand offers free shipping for your order of Wryst Elements Green PH3. For this offer, apply the voucher promo code FREE SHIPPING in your cart before checking out.

Each Wryst Element systematically includes two interchangeable bracelets. Choose from a vast choice of five different versions of this colorful black wristwatch series in Black/Green, Black/Yellow, Black/Orange, Black/Red, and Black/Blue colors:


Wryst Elements PH3 watch with black and green bracelet

Wryst Elements PH4 watch with black and yellow bracelet

Wryst Elements PH7 watch with black bracelet

Wryst Elements PH7 watch with black and blue bracelet

Wryst Elements PH8 watch with white and black bracelet (Sold-out)


Wryst - A Distinctive Lifestyle Like Never Before





Différente et très classe

Bien reçu ma montre en à peine deux jours en Bretagne! Le forme de cette carrure est quelque chose que je n'avais jamais vu avant - Deux bracelets sont un plus. Content d'avoir pu en sécurisé une! Bravo et merci encore.


Very unique and sporty

I was able to save enough after a few months to secure one of these PH3 in small series. A really unique shape that compliments well my arm. Beautiful and well made all the way! Thank you


Just insane looking

I love so much my new PH3 - It looks to die for. After looking for a watch with green colors I found this one in Google search and bow! What a find. If only we could see more of these around. Brilliant timepiece and tough black coating. Case is well finished in brushed and I love the design of the buckle which is also different.


Flawless purchase

E remarkable watch thank you so much! Great friendly customer service, available and providing quick answers. Flawless experience - Highly recommended.


Totally pleased

A great looking timepiece, well built and feels light. Purchased back in December 2019 I have now been wearing my PH3 and it is a true pleasure to wear and live with. If I had to find something wrong I would probebly say that changing the two bracelets included is not always easy, with little parts that are so small you have to be very careful when doing it. A part from that yes I would highly recommend this Swiss watch - No doubts.


Love my new PH3

Very good quality strongly built timepiece. I love wearing it and Joanne from sales offered a free extra all black bracelet. Thank you again!



Wryst offers excellent value for money thank you very much for this exceptional watch!


Elements ph3

Wearing the watch everyday. Either at the gym or to play tennis it feels comfortable and looks really nice. Thank you Jo for the service. Samira


Smashing look

My new Element PH3 look very nice and is suprisingly comfortable! Will buy another Wryst soon, Thanks. Joel Mackenzie


Top Green Watch

Was looking for a lime green watch and this one has striking colors! Ticks all the boxes. Feels very strong and the black DLC in just very, very hard - much harder than I ever experienced before for a black watch. All the very best and thx.


Received mine!

Absolute winner - The design of this timepiece is unlike anything else I have ever seen in my life. The watch is so comfortable it feels like you are not wearing it. Brilliant thanks!

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