The New Automatic Collection Wryst Racer Watches Revealed

The New Automatic Collection Wryst Racer Watches Revealed

The Automatic Collection Wryst Racer


Striking Automatic Luxury Motorsport Watches

The automatic watch collection "Racer" from Wryst Timepieces is now available. Get ready for a stunning find with 4 new watch references that will blow your mind. The brand specialised in Motorsport and extreme sports inspired designs is now offering new disruptive mechanical timepieces. As always, Wryst produced these in limited edition and only 75 of each automatic model will be produced.


New Automatic Wryst Racer


After the Previous "Motors" Quartz, the New "Racer" Automatic

This new RACER automatic collection feature reminders of motorsport and racing cars all over it. Still, you do not need to be a professional car racer or motorbike rider to enjoy wearing one of these. The previous Motors collection has been a massive success with black DLC casing, Alcantara bracelets, black red & white colors, and some carbon fiber details (Motors MS3). Similarly, the new Racer automatic comes to life and delivers at a totally new level.


More Sophisticated and Luxurious Than Ever

Four really cool new watches!


Let's start the show with the mind-blowing racing watch Wryst SX4 with polished Black DLC casing:

Automatic racing watch Racer SX4

This timepiece is simply one of the most motorsport-inspired luxury automatic timekeeper ever produced. Fasten your seat belt, only 75 will be made! The striking shiny finish of black DLC coating is present on the casing, the crown, and the signed buckle. Especially relevant the dial is embellished with cuts on the sides that remind of a V6 engine. There are also some details with "côte de genève" circular brushed effects for a dazzling luxurious feel bringing life to it.


In second, meet the yellow gold luxurious automatic gold plated watch Racer SX3:

Gold Automatic Racer SX3 watch

Yellow gold color is associated with success, achievement, and triumph. Prestige and sophistication await with this exclusive and luxurious automatic reference. Black, White, light grey and yellow gold colors on the dial are unique and transform the watch into a piece of jewellery. The case side has embossed engravings reading "RACER - Automatic". In addition and like for each reference, two bracelets come with this spectacular timepiece.


The third watch in Shiny Rose Gold mens gold watches Racer SX2 for men add to the collection's uniqueness:

Rose Gold Automatic Racer SX2 Watch

Reaching 50mm side to side, the Rose Gold SX2 timepiece shine and breathe the wow factor. The case back reveals a small circular window through which one can see the Sellita SW200 Swiss mechanical rotor movement. Wryst logo is painted in black inside this smoked crystal. The minute hand is a reminder of the mechanic inside the watch, and also inside motorsport engines.


Self winding watch Racer SX1 - The plain simply brushed is the fourth reference:

Automatic Racer SX1 Watch

With a long sweeping second hand taking both sides of the dial, the automatic SX1 watch is a true spectacle in display. Most of all, the dial is protected by a 2mm thick domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. Looking at this timepiece is something you will learn to want every single minute of your life. All three hands benefit of superluminova in order to see the time in the dark while driving or not.


Specifications of the Automatic Wryst Racer:

- Limited run of only 75pcs of each model

- Mechanical Swiss movement Sellita SW200

- 26 Jewels

- Power reserve 38 hours

- 28'800 Vibrations per hour, 4hz

- Screw-down crown

- See-through smoked case back crystal

- 100 Meters water-resistance

- Each reference includes two bracelets


In conclusion, the Racer automatic is a safe choice for a durable timepiece with unprecedented design and personality. Wear one of these exclusive collectible limited edition timepiece. It feels like nothing else you have ever experienced before. The watch is running the Swiss movement Sellita SW200. With his brother the ETA2824 these are the most reliable out there for a luxurious mechanical wristwear. Fans of motorsports will particularly appreciate the fine mechanical aspect of these timepieces. Should you wish to purchase one of the Wryst Racer automatic and wish to know the serial numbers available, please do contact us.


Discover the four references Wryst RACER here:

Wryst Racer Automatic


All references "RACER" with luxurious handmade leather bands:

Brushed Steel Wryst Racer SX1

Gold High-end Wryst Racer SX2

Luxury Gold Wryst Racer SX3

Black & Carbon Wryst Racer SX4

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By Gordon 11/07/2021 09:06:24

How do I know when you are down to the last serial numbers? On your site either the watches are sold out, or they are available. No indication about which serial numbers you have left for the automatic collection. This is just like pot luck to try and save to buy one of them. The post is not exactly recent either.

By Alejandro 09/01/2021 00:36:33

por favor, ¿dónde puedo comprar este reloj en barcelona? Gracias

By Doug Washington 08/31/2021 07:05:08

All of a sudden the watchmaking industry is making insane good looking models that are different than any others. Why do big brands create a unique watch as well like you did? I thing they are more interesting and have a great potential for success. Unfortunately I will obviously never be able to afford one. Very sad. But well done the Racer SX2 in rose gold is my favorite. Doug

By David K 08/30/2021 16:23:41

Please can you tell us if the watches are resisting to active sports? I do a lot of rowing and tennis on my spare time. My arm is always moving vigorously and I need the watch to be very secured around the wrist.Cheers

By Victor 08/06/2021 07:12:58

Some very serious looking timepieces there. I have bought my first automatic back in late 70s and I will never look back. The mechanic involved has a kind of magic feel and as long as you keep going so the movement will. My only downside is that you are not showing the power reseve indication so how to know how much you have left of running time? Great overall construction and style. Well done!

By Jack 07/30/2021 15:38:52

This new collection is admirable. Well done!

By Mo Han 06/27/2021 23:17:04

These are insane watches. I want to know about the fitting size and how wide is the band. Also what is the weight. Do you have any plans for leather bracelet for racer like in the past for shoreline and motors? Thx Mo.

By Roberta 04/27/2021 14:55:05

I bought one oif these to my husband and he said "I have never liked a watch as much as I like this one". So I am sure can also make a very happy husband with this kind of gift.

By Leo 06/24/2020 10:07:06

The design of these is phenomenal... They have everything required for a well-known luxurious Swiss brand and the price is more than acceptable. I have started saving for the SX4 which is definitely the one I will go for. I read a review on ablogtowatch with that idiot or ariel adams and he is comparing this stunning creation to toys he found randomly on the web. This is not the way your review this striking modern design and the this was a poor attempt. Just stick to what you know ariel, what a waste of time. I am really upset about this to be honest shame on you ariel adams from ablogtowatch - What a looser.

By Tori 05/18/2019 00:28:47

I have bought one of the 75 Wryst racer sx1 and these are truly extraordinary timepieces. The second hand just make the dial really alive and I only get compliments. People are surprised the brand exist and they check it out straight away on their phones. This make me feel like I am wearing something very unique and different. Already considering buying my second... watch out ;)

By Stuart 01/10/2019 13:39:20

Sensational watches! I have always been a fan of mechanical timepieces but I must say these are really amazing. There is nothing I do not like about them - Except for the price. Brilliant, a fresh new futuristic design. The dial is a little busy but it goes very well with the rugged case design. My favorite is the rose gold one SX2. Have you ever thought of making a leather bracelet for a more "luxury" look?