Best new watches in 2024 | Wryst Paragon Automatic Chronograph

Best new watches in 2024 | Wryst Paragon Automatic Chronograph

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The Best Watch to buy from Wryst in 2024


10 People in the World Will Wear a Watch Paragon

The best watch to buy in 2024 will be unique, elegant, luxurious, collectible, and a watch from Switzerland.

For the very first time in horological history, we have combined a lightweight black carbon fiber watch case with contrasted clear white enamel engravings. As such, the Paragon represents a groundbreaking achievement never created before. If you seek a distinctive wristwatch that seamlessly combines bold aesthetics with practical functionality, the Paragon model awaits you.

The reference Wryst Paragon Automatic Chronograph is by far the most sophisticated watch we have ever produced and also the most collectible, with only 10 pieces made.


Wryst Paragon Best Watch to Buy in 2024


New, disruptive, and highly collectible

It is compelling to imagine wearing a unique watch only ten other men will ever wear on this blue planet and beyond. You can now invest your money wisely with a striking object that will take on value year after year. The Paragon is another watch packed with innovations, a manly modern design, and a truly dynamic feel.

Embrace your daily activities without worrying about the accessories you wear on your arm. Ultra-light carbon fiber weighs only a fraction of the usual stainless steel casing and is more resistant and harder.

The face and back of the watch are both protected by thick sapphire crystals. On the back, six openings allow you to admire the fine robust mechanics your ETA workhorse Swiss movement offers.


Wryst Paragon Carbon Fiber Best Watch Wryst 2024


Extraordinary specifications

The new PARAGON carbon fiber watch automatic chronograph benefits from several innovations:

- Lightweight black forged carbon fiber case, case back, and crown

- Unforeseen white enameled engravings

- Manufacture chronograph movement Valjoux ETA7750

- Power reserve 45 hours

- Integral sapphire crystals front and back

- Curved face, patented bracelet attachment

- Case-protected screw-down crown

- Limited edition of 10 pieces #01/10 to #10/10


An iconic automatic movement

The Wryst Paragon runs the Valjoux ETA 7750 Swiss automatic chronograph movement. The 7750 (pronounced 77 - 50) is globally renowned for being the most durable and robust caliber ever made. The best watch to buy in 2024 under $5000 US is here at Wryst.

Exceptions are rare. The Paragon is one of them, as this timepiece also qualifies for a "Chronometer" certification. This certificate is obtained by an average daily rate from -4 sec to +6 sec on the first ten days of testing. It could also just be enough to hold an accuracy of up to 10 seconds per day.  Even if this tolerance seems to be high, for an automatic watch, this result requires, in reality, an extraordinary requirement.

The Chronometer symbolizes the culture of precision, high-quality manufacturing, and exacting standards, which is what drives Swiss watchmakers' passion. Learn more about the 7750 movement here.


WORLD'S FIRST: Forged Carbon Fiber with White Enamel Engravings


Visually unique with a black and white contrast

Every year, the world sees an endless stream of innovative products, but one particular timepiece is turning heads with its unique design. The Paragon watch boasts a sleek and stylish black carbon fiber case contrasted by bold, white enameled writing. Its minimalist and contemporary look is a true testament to the dedication of its designers. 

This high-end watch is more than just a fashion accessory; it's a statement of elegance, finesse, and an unwavering passion for car racing and motorsports. The Paragon watch is meticulously crafted, with attention paid to every detail, from the case to the movement inside. With its sleek, aerodynamic design and precision engineering, it embodies the spirit of the racing world.

The Paragon watch is the perfect accessory for any racing enthusiast or watch collector who appreciates the finer things in life. It's an actual work of art that combines form and function and will make a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

Another example of a successful combination of white details on a black design was the remarkable 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500:


Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 1967


Iconic and sincere motorsport-inspired dial

The subdial layout has been the same since the ignition of Wryst with the very first Airborne watch series just over ten years ago.

The small seconds are shown at 9:00, and the chronograph hours and minutes subdials are at 12:00 and 6:00, respectively. This “6-9-12” subdial presentation is instantly recognizable to watch enthusiasts. The day and date indications are available on the right side, with the inscription "Automatic Chronograph" printed in white.

The natural movement of your arm during the day will be enough to animate the 240 components of the mechanical movement and wind the watch, offering all the required features to time any event with accuracy and style.


Two different versions are available

With only ten automatic chronograph watches available, we believe showing only two versions is enough to make our customers want to buy one of the ten Paragon. But there are many options available. So, if you wish to receive your unique timepiece with a different bracelet, like the brown leather version or the black carbon fiber one with red details, contact us with any requirements, and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Watch Wryst Paragon Silicone Bracelet

Paragon Automatic Chronograph Watch in Forged Carbon


Watch Wryst Paragon Leather Bracelet

Automatic Carbon Fiber Watch Wryst Paragon


Shipping worldwide with DHL Express

All our models will be dispatched worldwide with the secure DHL Express service for peace of mind. You also use the code FREE SHIPPING in your cart, so the costs of this excellent delivery method are on us.

Get your best watch to buy in 2024 and feel proud and privileged to own one of the ten Wryst Paragons.

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By Lee 08/11/2023 06:29:16

Please can you tell me if serial #4 is still ok to buy? Thx.

By Charlie 07/19/2023 10:07:18

A stunning piece, what a watch! Never seen this white enameled done before on a watch. How is it done please?

By William 06/02/2023 16:28:25

These watches are insane...! Caprivating style - Never seen anything close to this beauty before, and I like my watches. Just incredible to see so I can only imagine the experience of wearing this majestic carbon fiber watch.

By Hans 05/23/2023 10:05:48

I agree the watches are very special and I have never seen before this white engraved details for a carbon fiber case. Special and dynamic design well done. Still overpriced for me though!