The hand engraved watch one-off from Wryst

The hand engraved watch one-off from Wryst

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The One-Off Hand Engraved Wryst ES51 Watch


Our unique Wryst Ultimate ES51

The new hand engraved Swiss watch Wryst Ultimate ES51 is now available for purchase. Swiss watch brand Wryst releases the most unique and exclusive timepiece ever produced. More collectible than any other Wryst limited edition watch, this brushed stainless steel reference with dark slate grey and orange details is now in stock and ready to dispatch.

Watch aficionados and collectors will appreciate being able to wear a piece of Wryst Swiss sports watches history with a stunning timepiece. Engraved by hand on the case lugs and metal bracelet, only one unique piece ES51 will ever be available.


Hand Engraved Watch


The four lugs of the case and a total of six bracelet links have been totally personalized on this watch. Well contrasted pattern are revealed with unique precision giving a feel of raised or relieved motifs.

The hand engraved watch explained in details

It takes several years to fully master the technical aspects of hand engraving, in order to become proficient in motif creation and in the art of studying engraving motifs.

The push graver method consists of fitting a small wooden handle held in the palm of the hand. With such level of precision, the need of microscope is obvious. The graver remains stationary, and the watch or watch parts being engraved is held firmly and fed into the graver's burin or rotated into it while a circular or curved line is to be cut. When making straight lines, the graver is pushed using only hand pressure. Each of these methods requires a holding device, to hold the watch to be engraved firmly in position.


hand engraved watch


Artistic hand engraved artwork of the Wryst ES51

Before beginning the incising process, the engraver must create a design concept. In this instance, the artwork for Wryst Ultimate ES51 combined the initial idea of the pattern and the know-how of the engraver.


Unique Hand Engraved Watch


Preparing to draw the engraved design pattern

The watch and bracelet being engraved must be accurately outlined. This can be done using various methods. The most common is smoke print. This method involves using the smoke from a kerosene lamp, candle, or equivalent to cover the surface with carbon smoke "inking". Another used method for printing the artwork is to use printer’s ink over the area. Clear tape is delicately placed over the area once the surface has been blackened by printer's ink. When the tape is removed, the ink remains on the tape, creating the exact shape of the pattern to engrave.


Steel Hand Engraved 45mm Watch


Before starting the engraving process

Assuming a design concept has been determined, the shapes, curves and steel hardness needs to be studied to adapt the design accordingly. Refinements are slowly introduced while maintaining the initial feel of the artwork. Creativity and familiarity with engraving styles are important factors. To achieve exactly what is envisioned, the most important is to spend time creating the design. The better the artwork is understood and adapted to the curves of the watch, the better the reproduction will be when reduced to scale for image transfer.

Previous to starting the engraving process of the watch itself, several details must be considered prior to the actual cutting of the pattern on the case lugs and bracelet. Shading is the process by which tightly grouped fine lines or dots are chiseled in order to reveal a visual contrast. This all important step can raise the overall quality of the engraving. Correctly executed, it will add volume and life to the artwork. As the close-up images reveal, the engraving is to be relieved, backgrounds need to be removed, leaving the hand engraved pattern as a raised or relieved motif.


Best Hand Engraved Watch


How to buy this hand engraved unique piece Wryst?

If you are looking to buy this superb hand engraved timekeeper Wryst Ultimate ES51 please contact us today for price info.


Hand Engraved Wristwatch Wryst


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By XAVIER GUITTEAUD 05/31/2020 17:44:39

Bonjour. Je voudrais connaitre les tarifs de cette montre gravé SVP.

By Gilbert N

Stunning watch - If only I could afford a hand-engraved Swiss timepiece...! This one is the most affordable I have ever seen, still way above my budget.