Watch Wryst Airborne Now Sold-out and Discontinued

Published : 12/01/2014 14:42:27
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Watch Wryst Airborne Now Sold-out and Discontinued

- Wryst Airborne FW3 green and black
- Wryst Airborne FW4 yellow and black
- Wryst Airborne FW5 orange and black
- Wryst Airborne FW6 white and stainless steel

The Wryst Airborne Swiss sports watch collection produced in 2012 is sold-out. The watches provided exclusively in a limited edition of 75 pieces will never be available again. The atypical timepieces Airborne FW3, FW4, FW5 dedicated to extreme sports, and with the hardest black coating (Diamond-Like Carbon) sold exclusively online became sold-out end of 2013. Reference FW6 with a brushed stainless steel finish is also unavailable.

Luxury Swiss Sport Watch "Wryst Airborne FW3" Black DLC

Wryst Airborne FW3

Luxury Swiss Sport Watch "Wryst Airborne FW4" Black DLC

Wryst Airborne FW4

Luxury Swiss Sport Watch "Wryst Airborne FW5" Black DLC

Wryst Airborne FW5

Luxury Swiss Sport Watch "Wryst Airborne FW6" Brushed Stainless Steel

Wryst Airborne FW6

WRYST is the only Swiss watch brand in the world to create exclusive luxury Swiss sports watches with a new, unique, and groundbreaking style. All the timepieces dedicated to sportive and charismatic individualists are produced in Limited Editions and inspired by Extreme Sports and Motorsports.

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04/01/2020 10:07:33

I have just come across your website and loving all your timepieces, your designs are so unique I would love to buy one but I can see you have sold out of the Airborne collection which is such a shame but I will keep looking on your site as you do have a lot of choice.


04/07/2016 08:56:07

Hi, how can I buy the Airborne FW3 reference please? Thanks