Best watch for extreme sports and adventure

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Reliable and robust adventure watches


A sturdy watch designed to withstand the elements

The best watch for extreme sports, adventure, watersports, and extreme sports, Wryst black watches Ultimate are at the forefront of know-how and benefit of the latest black coating technology. The watch brand offers the strongest, most durable, and most reliable timepieces for the first time at an affordable price. Each reference is also truly exclusive and only produced in small series of 99 pieces.

To date, there are only very few timepieces designed and engineered to withstand rough usages such as watersports and extreme sports — the Wryst Ultimate collection is dedicated mainly to providing durable and ultra-resistant wristwatches. Whether your main outdoor sports are surfing, rock climbing, or water skiing, this collection has all you need to enjoy recreational or professional activities with total peace of mind.

World's most scratch-resistant extreme sports watches

"Trying is believing!". Our customers sometimes find it hard to believe the DLC coating is that resistant. If you have worn a black watch with PVD coating, then you will be positively surprised to see how resilient is the black coat of your Wryst, while wearing it weeks after weeks. Black DLC technology is far much better than poor quality PVD. Wryst is the first Swiss watch brand to commercialize adventure watches with a scratch-resistant black coating. There is only one way to find out if the black surface truly is guaranteed to look uniformly black for the 80 years to come: Take the jump! Most of our customers who have verified this fact purchased another Wryst Timepiece within 12 months after their first initial acquisition. The black coating we provide is harder than steel itself.

Heavy-duty Carbon Fiber Genuine Leather Bracelets

The black carbon fiber bracelets with colored stitches are a new addition to the active watch collection Wryst Ultimate. Here are the latest products added to our selection:

The Black Carbon Fiber fitness watch

The Wryst Ultimate ES40 is also fitted with a soft and flexible black carbon fiber bracelet with yellow stitches. This genuine leather bracelet is also antiallergy. Alternatively, you can also use the all-black black DLC metal bracelet for this reference.


best watch for extreme sports


Wryst ES60 Red and Black Carbon Fiber Bracelet, red Stitches

For this more racing-inspired version, the black carbon fiber bracelet stands out with class. The Wryst Ultimate ES60 showcase refined red details on the dial, which are assorted to this genuine black leather bracelet's red stitches. Two other bracelets are also available for this red and black 45mm size sports watch.

Best watch for extreme sports carbon fiber bracelet


A Black on black watch with a black Carbon Fiber bracelet

The comfortable black-on-black genuine black leather bracelet with carbon fiber complements this all-black Wryst Ultimate ES20 scratch-resistant black DLC watch. Black is a mysterious color that is typically associated with the unknown. The inside of the bracelet is also in genuine black leather with black stitches.

In opposition to the gadget watches Suunto core with solar power, the robust Ultimate stylish watches Wryst Ultimate do not provide unnecessary functions like barometric pressure, heart rate, altimeter barometer, and atmospheric pressure. Instead, the outdoor adventure watch with a black dial produced by Wryst has a stainless steel casing, shock resistance, and a battery lifetime of 48 months. The leather strap is also highly resistant and dedicated to being healthy and durable.

Best blacked out DLC coating watch for extreme sports


Steel reference Wryst ES50 with slate dial and orange details

The contrast of this reference Limited Edition watch Wryst ES50 limited edition watch with steel casing and black carbon fiber bracelet merely is exquisite. The ES50 is the most successful watch of the ULTIMATE collection. The band's orange stitches are perfectly matching orange details on the hands and hour markers of this extreme sports watch.

Limited Edtion Swiss best watch for extreme sports

Statistics show that people tend to be more interested in wearing a sports watch with little to no maintenance required. Strap it on when you need it. The battery lifetime of all Wryst Ultimate adventure black watches with Swiss movement is 48 months. No need for recharging, no need for updates. And it does the best of wrist-wear by letting you know how long you have left until your next session of surfing, riding, climbing, rafting, and any other adrenaline activity.

A vast choice of other bracelets available

Wearing an exclusive limited edition best extreme sports watch will make you stand out from the crowd in style. The screwed crown, a screwed case back, is another feature that is only available on much more expensive sports watches. All Ultimate references are 200 meters water-resistant. If the references with black carbon fiber and camouflage genuine leather bracelets are only available with one band, most other references include two different bracelets for a versatile look. For example, the Wryst Ultimate black dial watch ES40 is dressed in a metallic black DLC bracelet and a double injection green and black silicone strap. If you prefer the all-black look, we can replace this green bracelet with a black-on-black silicone upon request.


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By Mathias Dojean 05/07/2021 23:52:23

Hi, can someone at Wryst please contact me by email and tell me how to proceed with a full service of my Wryst ES20 all black with black DLC bracelet? Thank you. It's all working perfectly and the watch still looks new but I just want to make sure I look after it as I should. You are mentioning in the Manuel instructions this should be done regularly. It is a very tough watch and still looks perfectly new after two and a half years which is a first for me for a black coating. Thank you. Mathias.

By Johnathan 11/03/2019 14:56:26

Great watch! I wear mine all the time, I bike a lot and not scared to wear this watch when riding because it can literally stand up to a few knocks, it is a really good watch for people who are active and it looks smart, love the design and the detail in the strap is cool, you can buy additional straps as well which is great if you fancy a change, comes with instructions, papers and lovely box.

By Marco 08/17/2019 10:02:51

Great black watches with good specs. Sapphire crystal is a must. The coating I would really want to know how scratch-resistant this DLC is. I prefer black metal watches than the cheap black plastic ones but the ones I bought really do not last and the black coating wears out very fast.

By Andreas 07/15/2019 12:52:11

I just received my ES50 and wow people love it just as much as I do. Will need to buy a the black DLC one too very soon. These are chunky and manly to wear and very comfortable despite a nice bold size. Great to know I am now wearing a Swiss watch with sapphire crystal and 200 meters water resistance which I could never afford before. Thank you Wryst!!!

By Amir 07/12/2019 14:21:33

Superbes montres avec d'ailleur un revêtement qui devrai être utilisé pour toutes les montres acier noir... Avec une glace saphir et 200 mètres la montre est quand même un peu trop chère. J'aime beaucoup le bracelet fibre de carbone et les flancs de la carrure avec le nom Wryst c'est très original et unique. En somme de trsè belles montres série limitée mais encore une fois au dessus de mon budget.