New colorful Swiss watch bands for watches Wryst

Published : 06/28/2016 13:08:58
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Wryst release new colorful Swiss watch bands

Wryst now offer 6 new colorful Swiss watch two-tone quality silicone bands. The designer straps are suitable for Wryst Elements collection. The resistant and flexible straps offer great comfort and are built with a strong plastic insert for a perfect and solid integration onto the watch case.

Colorful Swiss watch

You can now choose from a selection of more superb double injection silicone watch bands in green, yellow, orange, red or blue with a thin black line on the sides. Receive also with these watch straps a spare black DLC buckle for ease of interchanging your watch band. Note that these new accessories will also be fitting the previous collections so if you have bought in the past a Wryst Airborne now discontinued, you can fit one of these new bi-color silicone strap for a new look to your Wryst timepiece.

Choice of 6 new colorful Swiss watch bands Wryst

Colorful sport watches

In order to ensure optimized fitting of your watch band please kindly inform us of which watch reference your newly purchased band is for so we can perfect size and fitting.

- Strap and buckle width: 22 mm

- Strap length: 210 mm

- Total strap length attached on the watch: 243 mm>

Fitting size: Suitable for wrists measuring between 150mm and 205mm diameter.

With a strong and atypical DNA, the Swiss watch brand Wryst is aiming more than ever to create aggressive looking Luxury Sport Watches never seen before, and far from any conventional timepieces ever produced to date. The tough and resistant watches are inspired by all sports providing adrenaline rush and Wryst will pursue achieving this with some the hardest materials the Swiss industry has to offer. Designed for professionals, athletes and people who have a real passion for racing and fun outdoors/adventure sports, no other watch brand is proud to offer such great compromise of unique watch design, high-end specifications and value for money.

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Marcia Bailey

The new colorful Swiss wrist watch bands looking really funky and cool. This models are totally appropriate for the cool dudes.