Wryst manual instruction USB card and warranty

Wryst manual instruction USB card and warranty

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How to use my USB card received with a new Wryst watch?


Finding the manual instruction for your Wryst

The USB card for Wryst watches manual instruction and warranty registration form is sent systematically with all our exclusive limited edition sports watches. Both PDF files are accessible on the USB stick. Sometimes our customers have difficulties in finding how to use it or to connect it to their computer. All timepieces are delivered in a black outer box protection the wooden black watch box with leather lining.

Wryst Watch Box

Even if we ensure the files are usable on Apple computers and any PC, it can sometimes be challenging to understand how this all works. It is why we are explaining on this page how to use this USB card, and alternatively, you can download on this page your corresponding manual instruction and also the warranty registration form.

Wryst usb card manual instruction

Wryst USB card manual instruction back

The USB stick is inside the black plastic card inside your watch box. It can be found where is it written the inscriptions "Press to flip-out." By pushing down like shown on the pictures below, you can twist the edge of the card and reveal the USB stick, which will flip out on the other side of the card. Then, you can insert the stick in your computer USB slot to access the files.

Wryst manual instruction USB card

Wryst manual instruction USB card open

Note: The stick is 128M in size, and the files have not been secured on your card. Therefore, you can choose to either keep the card as it is or print the data and then use the USB memory stick for any other purpose.

If only it could be this simple

Nowadays many of us use antivirus software on our computers, and this is not always making things easy. It may be that your antivirus is not happy with the insertion of an unknown device. You may have to scan the newly inserted card, even if, on our end, we check all the content is safe and free of any virus. Alternatively, you may also be uncomfortable in a situation where the card has been inserted the other way around in your USB slot, or your computer can only recognize USB 3.0 connection, which will not help.


Also available on your Wryst USB card

The second file available on the memory stick is the warranty registration form. We would recommend to fill in this form and return it to us by email at the address: sales (at) wryst-timepieces (dot) com


Following this instruction will ensure your warranty is officially registered against your timepiece and also confirm to us you are the legitimate owner of the model reference and serial number. If, for whatever reason, you decide to sell your watch or it just changes ownership, we highly recommend that you contact us to let us know who will own the watch. Doing so allows us to ensure we can trace the timepiece and be satisfied with its legitimacy. Even if the brand Wryst is exceptionally unique and offers only limited editions and small series, it may be that one day, someone attempts to make copies.


Since 2015 all Wryst watches feature a screw-down crown. We strongly instruct all our customers to ensure the watch crown is always screwed firmly against the case at all times! We also suggest you check periodically the crown has not been unscrewed unintentionally.


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By Sean 02/01/2020 13:06:39

I received my watch a few weeks ago, service and delivery was seamless. The watch came with a USB card which has manual instruction and warranty on it, I thought this was a nice little touch! There has been a lot of thought gone into the small details which makes the whole experience of buying a watch from Wryst special.