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The Ultimate black quartz mens watch for extreme sports and outdoors has landed. Produced, built, and assembled in the Swiss traditions, the black quartz watch with black DLC coating offers the best value for the money. Choose to purchase today an exclusive quartz timepiece for men with the best features, and without breaking the bank.


Wryst is the only Swiss brand to offer competitive scratch proof and shock resistant wristwear for outdoors and adventure. Have you had enough of having to buy a new quartz watch every year? Was your last one scratched after seven days? None of this will happen to your Wryst Ultimate sturdy investment. This collection is dedicated to the bold guys who like the sensations, and adrenaline action sports have to offer.


Nevertheless, this mens outdoor watch is also suitable for casual wear and nights out. Most references include a free extra all-black silicone bracelet for an extra more casual style. More black than ever, your colorful timepiece will transform into a more dressy feel for any occasion where matching your favorite color is no longer required. Wryst also has a blacked-out timepiece with black-on-black everything. Note this reference is now only available in minimal quantities, and this will be the next model to become sold-out and discontinued. Take the jump while you can and buy yourself a quality Swiss timepiece with black stainless steel casing, sapphire crystal, 100 meters water-resistance, screw-down crown, and much more.


Toughest Mens Black Wryst Ultimate



The 45 mm diameter watches have an exclusive black DLC coating, which makes them scratch-resistant. The DLC technology offers hardness much higher than stainless steel. The recent addition of carbon fiber genuine leather bracelets adds some versatility to this unique collection. The references Ultimate ES40 and ES60 with a black leather bracelet with Carbon Fiber are ideal for more car racing and motorsport feel. Another limited edition version Wryst Ultimate ES30 with a black case and green details, is wearing a Military Camouflage khaki-green bracelet.


The black stainless steel case also has a unique feature. Each side is engraved by CNC machining to an insane depth of 0.6mm. This very interesting particular and never seen before case sides make this model very new and different to discover. Each Wryst Ultimate has a raised circular ring — an interesting and intelligent way of protecting the sapphire crystal. The glass sits on a lower level compared to the face level. This way, if your Ultimate has direct contact with a rough surface head down, the sapphire will not be affected.


Newest all black mens quartz Wryst



The grade 516L stainless steel watch benefit from a beautiful black dial (Except ES50) and a shock-resistant black stainless steel case. Wryst thrives to offer a more affordable option for durable sports timepieces with sapphire crystal and date window. The Swiss brand also provides a friendly experience with emphatic, friendly, and rapid customer service. We are always happy to help and adapt to your requirements. If you see a timepiece and want another bracelet you saw on this particular reference, we are pleased to provide it. Contact us without delays and take the jump and wear the designer black Ultimate with materials that will last years after years. If you are looking to make the most out of your money, the Ultimate is the first choice for a secure and long-lasting investment.


Perfect for athletes, professionals, or sportives, this model has it covered. Are you a windsurfer, rock climber, sailor, rider, or skydiver? This sports model has all the features required in a hostile environment. Like you, the Wryst Ultimate series are designed to conquer. Endure rough situation, and capture time, years after years. Bold, manly, colorful, extreme, and exclusive, the Swiss Made limited edition Ultimate with its scratch-resistant black coating is the strongest and delivers quality and reliability. At the same time, the price stays very affordable for most people. The perfect companion for diving or other aquatic activities. This series has a larger 45mm sturdy case size and a lot of styles. The overall design stands out and looks attractive. Strongly built and with sapphire crystal, it makes the ideal wristwear for intense use and a hostile environment.


Wryst Limited Edition specifications


Reliable Swiss Quartz Movement

Date Window at 3-hour

Luminous hands and hour dots

Large 45 mm Case, 22 mm Band

Toughest Black DLC Coating Ever

200 Meters Water Resistance

Second Rubber Strap Included

Limited Editions of 99 Pieces

Secured Screw-Down Crown


Battery-powered timepieces with a quartz crystal are also the peace of mind everyone needs for accuracy. With a precision of +/-10 seconds per month, be on time and every time. The movement of all Wryst Ultimates is anti-magnetic and shock-proof. Reliability is a must for resistant timekeepers during outdoors and extreme sports. This is also why every aspect of the specifications has been meticulously considered to provide the best possible experience and peace of mind. The Perpetual calendar will provide the date, and the correct timezones can be adjusted to your location in a few seconds. No need to pay the exorbitant price of a Tag Heuer or any other expensive Swiss brand. Swiss quality is now available at a much more affordable retail price.


Swiss black watches for men


Video of these exclusive Wryst Ultimates:

This high-resolution video shows on-the-fly views of the nicely done Wryst Ultimate ES60 with red and black dial, red and black bracelet, and black DLC casing and square buckle. The case back of each timepiece is engraved with a unique serial number. Do you want the serial #01/99? The number #25/99, which will be perfect for your 25th birthday? Why not contacting us to find out the availability for this particular piece?


Wryst Ultimate ES60 in black and red



Many brands are offering electronic wristwatches or more of the good old black plastic digital watches in recent years. As much as we like them, these timepieces need to be looked after more often than you expect—the battery life, for example. There is no need to recharge your Wryst. The Renata Swiss Made battery will last as much as 3 to 4 years - Not just one day or two. Plus, the modern smartwatch requires to be "connected." Since extreme sports and outdoors people like to mingle with wildlife, all you need is to know what time it is. Most importantly, none of these new electronic gadgets will resist your intense activities like the energetic vibrations of a maintain bike or the accidental scruff while climbing a vertical cliff. This is where Wryst timepieces are your best companion.


Our objective at Wryst is straightforward! Offer the most resistant wristwatch possible, at the best price reasonable. This aim is including to have a lot of fun and adrenaline rushes while enjoying your favorite outdoor sports such as action sports, outdoors activities, extreme sports, and watersports.



We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Buy an exclusive Wryst Ultimate all-black watch today. We guarantee a full refund of your timepiece within 14 days if you are not totally happy with your purchase. Most of our customers feel the urge to buy another piece when they receive their first one. Since 2012 Wryst timepiece is setting the bar very high when it comes to prompt and friendly customer service. Unlike the other mass production brands, we will take good care of you just like we would with one of our friends. We often share stories and real facts about our customers' daily life. We usually provide the fastest and friendliest one-to-one contact you will ever come across in the entire industry. Plus, we thrive always to go the extra mile to please any particular request. Demanding individualists are more than welcome to contact us. We may well be more demanding than you about our products' quality to meet your high expectations and offer a truly memorable experience.


Mens Black Quartz Watch for Sports



First and foremost, the small series Wryst with luminescent hands are a strong statement of a unique lifestyle. The accents of green, red, yellow, and orange color details on the dials and silicone bands will suit you. These are the ideal for matching your sports car, your surfboard, or your mountain bike color, picking yours to feel complete and assorted. Time and date clear reading is also essential for sportives wheeling to extend the day after the sunset.


In conclusion, the Wryst Ultimate is designed by you and for you. You can find more mens stainless steel reference photos and visuals in high resolution by googling Wryst in your favorite browser.



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There are several advantages of wearing a Swiss Ultimate non-mechanical watch. The first one is the ease of use. A mechanical movement requires regular servicing due to the caliber's complications, which contains hundreds of small parts - Which need particular attention. Mechanical timepieces with automatic movements have limited power reserve, which averages about three days or less. If you stop wearing your dress watch, it will stop running. This means every time you stopped wearing your timepiece and want to wear it again; you are likely to need to set the time, the date, and ensure it will be winded.


No such requirement for a quartz clock, as you well know. Quartz-based movements will run until the battery runs out, and the quartz watch movements will offer precise frequency for the most accurate timing possible. Also, quartz use is often more appropriate for a diving watch. The Wryst Ultimate is 200 meters water-resistant instead of 100 meters for the Wryst automatic stainless steel collection with leather straps. These are also available at a much higher price point.