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Mens black military watches Wryst. This more controversial piece is featuring a khaki-green CAMO bracelet. While the bracelet embodies the camouflage “look,” it’s black dial with green details combination stands out. The Wryst Camo is an extension of the ULTIMATE range with a military bent. The black scratch-resistant DLC casing is perfect for elite military commandos during stealth missions. Two hundred meters of water-resistance and Swiss craftsmanship also provide an accurate all-around classic military camouflage army watch for outdoor recreation.

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Data sheet

Limited Edition of 99 pieces
Wryst Camouflage ES30
Stainless Steel Grade 516L
Scratch-Resistant Black DLC
Sapphire Crystal
Swiss Quartz with Date
45mm Width
Screw-In Crown
Deep Engraving on Case Side
Camouflage khaki-green
Wrist Between 150mm and 205mm
200 Meters (20ATM)
18 Months
New product

Watch Description

Swiss Army Watch in Black with Camouflage Bracelet


Versatile black swiss military camouflage watch

The military ES30 with leather camouflage bracelet Wryst are the perfect timers to be worn by soldiers, sailors, and airmen. This mens black watch is ideal for outdoor recreational activities and extreme sports such as fishing, shooting games, and also hunting. The camouflage pattern is popular in clothing and fashion accessories since 1915. Camo pattern has been used in the work of numerous artists, sometimes with an anti-war message. In fashion, many designers have used camouflage symbolism and military clothing. In modern times it is also used as streetwear and as a political protest symbol.


Wryst military camouflage army watch


Strong Outdoor Mens Military Watches

The black casing benefit from the scratch-resistant "Diamond-Like Carbon" technology. The glass is a 2mm thick sapphire crystal that sits lower than the bezel to be less exposed to unintentional shocks. The crystal has an anti-reflective coating to avoid being noticed when you do not want to be. Your Swiss black military watch is also ready for rough use in a wet environment with a screw-down crown and water resistance of 200 meters. Both flanks of the case are deep-etched by CNC machining, and the crown can be screwed tightly against the case to hold firmly.

Mainly aimed for the United States, the black stainless steel case camo Swiss watch is perfect for the air force, desert camouflage, marine corps. It is a bold field watch with shock resistance and digital display. As opposed to a digital watch like Suunto core, the analog watch ES30 has a bright reading analog display with luminescent hands.


Swiss Army Watches Mens


Military Swiss Reliable Watch with Swiss Craftsmanship

Inside the watch sits a precise and accurate Swiss quartz movement with resistance against shocks NIHS 91-10 and resistance to magnetic fields 18.8 Oe. The military camouflage watch is tough, durable, and designed to provide a reliable wrist-wear experience. This military wristwatch is not solar powered. The quartz movement has a battery lifetime is 45 months, ideal for long missions abroad, and the military watch will operate comfortably in temperature between 0 °C and 50 °C.

If you are a man in need of a watch that remains reliable and holds up strong, this stainless steel black DLC design is an ideal balance of strength and comfort. The black ES30 feature allows this watch and others of its brand to hold a whopping 48 months battery lifetime. The battery will literally run forever.

Are you always on the move? Are your hands constantly busy and in movement? The analog display on this stylish watch uses a Swiss quartz caliber with shock-proof abilities for precision and accuracy. Finally a watch inspired by navy seals designed to thrive on your constant activity level.

These stunning black military tactical watches do not offer analog digital display. The ES30 high quality timepiece is offering analog time display. Military inspired, and with extended battery life, the Wryst Ultimate camouflage are perfect for law enforcement.


Black Swiss army watch with camouflage bracelet


All-around tough wrist-wear for outdoors

This bold sports inspired design has been popular since the launch of this Ultimate watch series. Your wristwatch can be tough and durable without being bulky and burdensome. This analog camper watch is also has a consistent light weight convenient and comfortable with a camouflage leather bracelet which carries the durability and strength of an outdoor lifestyle.

The references ES30 are sturdy in even the harshest conditions and provide accurate readouts for time and navigation. The military life often demands a watch that can withstand the obstacles and rigors and of an active lifestyle. Wryst Swiss watch brand has committed to upholding just that.

This all black design with black-toned hands and markers displays is discreet and undetectable yet still clearly legible. Do not be intimidated by the darkest seas. The luminescent hands and markers of this black DLC scratch proof watch glow much brighter than other timepieces. The unidirectional bezel of this sturdy black watch is marked with high contrast white notches for easy readability. The Ultimate watch is a good combination of function and stealth.

The exclusive collection of Swiss sports watches Wryst Ultimate has been designed, engineered, and manufactured to satisfy the most demanding. A men's sports watch is required to feature a high level of craftsmanship and inspire durability, reliability. Wryst also provides black time-keepers with DLC metal bracelets as well as the unique military watch described here. There are also many other collections of limited edition luxury quartz and automatic timepieces HERE.


 Mens military camouflage watches


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Strong and bold

I love my new Wryst ES30 with camouflage bracelet. Thank you for a friendly and prompt customer service. Would highly recommend this watch brand of which I only heard about from the grapevine... Brilliant experience and the watch is superb!


Serial #09/99

Bought this timepiece to add to my collection and I wear it for fishing and short breaks it looks stunning and has a comfortable bracelet thank you very much


Great black watch

Irresistible black watch with camouflage bracelet! I wear it everyday and it feels really great to have one. Took me 1 month to finally buy it and I am so glad I did. Thanks! Gerald


Fan of nature

Great watch and so far so good there is not one scratch on the case or on the crystal so this is much better than any other black watch I bought before

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