Mens oversized watches and big face watches 50mm

Mens oversized watches and big face watches 50mm

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Understanding the latest trend for big watches for men

Oversized watches and masculinity are crucial aspects of men's wristwear. An ideal men's timepiece must be loaded with some masculine characteristics. It should be classy and elegant if it is a dress watch, like the men's formal dress code. The essential features of watches dedicated to sports are their sporty feel, their resistance, and their functions. Men also love wearing flashy and exciting mens big face watches during parties and everyday activities.

Why Choose a Larger Size Timepiece?

Numerous masculine aspects inspire designers and lifestyle brands to create products associated with men. For example, the 50mm men watches have more masculine appeal than any regular-sized wristwear. The large Wryst timekeeper is a fine example of a highly male product.

In this example, we have a 50 mm Hamilton watch, and the Wryst SX270 models; both watch sizes are 50 mm. They look very different in size:

Mens Oversized Watches 50 mm Width

Two watch case designs, both are 50mm width

On the left: Khaki Field Mechanical

On the right: Leather Watches for Men SX270


There is a growing demand for giant wrist tickers, especially for the young generation. As the name suggests, a big size timepiece refers to a watch with extra-large case dimensions. Large proportions appeared in the general market as a product that only small numbers of people want to be dedicated to men with large wrist sizes.

You can trace it back to the first years of the evolution of the timekeepers. The first generation of smaller watches had a case diameter of fewer than 30 millimeters. Today, you will come across fashionable 50mm timers and some larger ones in the market. This change in case sizes is important to consider when exploring watchmaking history. Also, manufacturing big watches for men is not a recent direction.

First-generation wristwear

The first timepieces originated in the 19th century, but they became a popular tradition only after World War I. Wearing a pocket timer was not practical during warfighting operations, so the troops began using trench watches during the First World War. These wrist-worn timepieces enjoyed a midway design between pocket watches and wristwatches, with features of both.

In the beginning, the wristwatches featured tiny cases compared to today's standards. These mechanical timepieces were less exact due to the poor quality of mechanisms. They were also more likely to suffer material damage. The pursuit of manufacturing more precise and rugged timepieces slowly paved the way for large watches.


In this second example, we have two of the Wryst models; both timekeepers size 45mm also look like they measure different sizes:


Big Watches for Men 45mm

Two additional case designs, the same 45mm size

On the left: Wryst Ultimate Black DLC

On the right: Wryst Elements for Sports


Again, the Sports Watch for Men on the right also looks smaller than the Black Watches Ultimate limited edition with a black DLC bracelet on the left. Both models measure 45mm, and both bracelets are 22mm wide. Once more, there is a distinct difference, which can be explained by the case guards and overall design of the Wryst Elements, which is not round or circular. It allows the collection also to be perfectly suitable for girls and women alike!



A reason behind the evolution of large watches is the introduction of purpose-built timepieces or tool watches. It was a big leap from the current status of wristwear, discreet in size and delicate in nature.

Initially, the tool timers were manufactured only for military or research purposes. The strict military-grade specifications insisted that watchmakers develop new hard-wearing tickers with high-precision mechanisms and improved physical parameters.

Over the last few years, mass industrialization assisted companies in producing exact, shock-resistant mechanical movements. This evolution helped the brands to build a new category of large men's watches. The new specifications would include shatterproof crystals and rugged cases.

This category included a specially built Chrono for pilots and aircrew of the Air force, land forces, naval divers, and rescuers. During the first and second world wars, the main source of income for many wristwear companies was from the military forces.

Supplied to the Armed Forces members, the Swiss army watches featured more oversized cases than the ones used by civilians. The large watches continued to evolve by introducing large-diameter movements with more shock-protective features. For example, the military pilot watches developed for the German Armed forces during the 1930s featured 55mm cases.

Many other examples of extra-large watches are only made for the Military Forces worldwide. But these large models were always reserved only for the military forces. During those times, the sale to civilians was prohibited.

Large and military-grade timepieces

Brands started manufacturing military-inspired tool watches for civilians post the Second World War. The sudden rush in civil aviation and nautical activities fuelled the demand for the civilian equivalents of military timepieces.

Manufacturers continued to develop specially made chronographs suitable for space missions, scientific research, underwater explorations, polar expeditions, and risky industrial activities. To deal with the challenging specifications of the above fields, the timekeepers must be grand, exact, and rugged. The gradual emergence of current sports events, athletics, and games is also attributed to stronger and bold size timers.


Mens Big Face Watches 45mm

All Black Watch ES40 Size 45mm


The case dimensions are an important factor for the examples talked about above. For example, a typical stainless steel diving watch, the black watches Ultimate for men, contains thick crystals, gaskets, and a screw-in crown to ensure its 200 meters of water resistance. The modern diving timers also feature the moving bezel and helium valve components. So, a diving instrument needs a more significant case to contain these components.

Also, a pilot design should have a large dial for quick and easy reading of time. The big crown was also necessary for an easy time setting while wearing gloves—naturally, much broader cases are required to hold these specifications. During the golden age of aviation, these big dials became popular among civil and military aviation professionals.

The 1970s marked the coming into view of luxury sports timepieces with bolder dimensions. At the same time, the classic/dress timekeeper category also saw a change toward men oversized watches. The brands also started providing larger dials and cases to provide additional complications.

The change in marketing strategy

There was a sudden turning point in the marketing strategy post the quartz crisis of the 1970s to revive Swiss watchmaking. The Swiss brands focused more on excellence to capture the hearts of wealthy customers. Many Swiss companies switched to limited production to ensure excellent quality. As desired by the industry leaders, more people across the gold began wearing expensive references with the quartz movement as an ultimate status symbol. The mechanical watch became bolder and more beautiful to show the wearer's strong personality and social status.

Modernization in lifestyle and fashion

New social cultures also promoted the recognition of an oversized watch market. For example, the hip-hop culture in the 1970s introduced different styles for expressing masculinity and showing off wealth. Wearing big jewelry and a massive quartz timepiece is a true hip-hop style. As more people began to admire and enjoy hip-hop music and culture, hip-hop fashion received more global acceptance. The rising popularity of fashion accessories increased the demand for men large face watches.


Modern Oversized Feel

The larger watch is an established category in our modern 21st Century world. Considering the present trends, let us categorize case diameters more than 42mm as an oversized timepieces.

Many factors influenced the evolution of oversized wristwear and its increasing fame. For example, professional-grade timepieces and outdoor purposes require vast cases to ensure sturdiness and proper functions. Today, bold timepieces are popular among airmen, divers, racing drivers, sports champions, professionals, style searchers, and those who enjoy adventurous activities.

Major high-luxury brands produce large face men watches to attract new stylists. Also, many realistic brands offer oversized luxury choices at low prices.

Designing oversized wristwear is a challenging task. First, an extra-large watch should be comfortable despite its generous proportions. It should also offer a secure and firm grip around the wrists. As a large face has more surface area, it is also essential to have sturdy exteriors. Therefore, it calls for superior quality materials and components to manufacture giant Swiss tickers.

The extra-large watch category maintains an important role in the market connected with the evolution of modern wear. There has been enduring popularity of oversized choices in the market recently.


Big Watch Size 50mm for Men

Men's Brown Leather Watch SX270 Size 50mm


Benefits of wearing a bold wristwatch

The extra-large timekeepers feature unique qualities that a regular timepiece can't provide. Firstly, big-sized watches always stand out among the crowd with their significant presence around the wrists. They can beautifully reflect your persona and style. Well-built oversized watch men will always be a good companion for your active lifestyle.

A well-designed extra-large look is always enjoyable to wear. Its massive proportions allow you to feel its presence. The large crown ensures accessibility and grip to perform the settings with ease. The larger dial provides sufficient space to feature chronograph counters, calendar functions, and other high-end complications. More considerable proportions help the user easily distinguish various displays on the dial. The large dial also offers decorative works on its surface without hampering the visibility of indications.

Many people keep extra straps to experiment with new styles of their large face watches. However, changing the straps is tricky due to the small lugs and attachments. The oversized models have larger strap attachment systems and generous lugs. These features are helpful for the easy interchanging of straps and bracelets because a big size means more accessibility. Finally, you can find excellent shockproof features and protective measures in good-quality big face watches.

In conclusion, a bolder look is often the best choice to affirm your identity and style. Wryst offers a vast range of several designs. The case sizes are in the description tab, which details the movements. Choose a versatile and timeless ticker in our five collections today.


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The real deal for a larger size wirstwatch. Great guide to understand the size of your unique design. Thanks

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Micro brands are great and satisfying watches to wear because of a sense of uniquness and good taste. The most important is that you can then ear an oversized watch that show off a lot and not many other people are actually owning the same one. It is always a great subject for discussions as we all have different tastes in fashion style. If you are looking to distance yourself from the boring crowds wearing very casual tasteless smartwatches, just remember a watch is there to make you shine as well. And I thinq the future of large watches is definitely not an electronic one. Well done for these unique creations! All my watches are large and I love them all.

By Matthew P. 11/29/2021 09:00:12

Great style! I like that you are offering a complex/modern design but for a fraction of the price compared to most large size watches from luxury Swiss brand ripping you off with unwanted coimplications

By Samy 08/08/2021 11:10:14

Brutal looking collections. Thank you for showing me the difference between an actual large size round face watch and your 50 mm collections. I now feel confident these are the right size for me as I have an average wrist. Will start saving enough funds to purchase your brilliant Racer SX4 in black. I am counting the days...

By Frédéric Rabin 10/05/2020 22:26:24

Ces grosses tailles sont reéllement superbe! J'ai toujours porté des grosses montres bien voyantes! Beau design moderne bravo Wryst

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Je peux confirmer que ma Elements PH4 semble visuellement plus petite que ma Seiko de 47mm de diamètre. Pourtant la Wryst mesure 45mm de gauche à droite!

By Simon 06/17/2020 10:20:29

I love a big watch thank you for this post. Many people don't know there can be differences of "feel" of a watch size depending on the design and shape of the case. I still think 50mm is far too big for a circular case but looking at the SX3 shown it look much more appealing aesthetically. Thank you so much I found valuable information there. Also did not know most timepieces where initially mechanical before the quartz revolution... Guess I was a bit naive. Thanks