New watch Wryst for extreme sports

New watch Wryst for extreme sports

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New watch for extreme sports Wryst Elements


Get the sportive look

Just in time for this summer, the new watch for extreme sports Wryst Elements is now released and available only in limited edition of 75 pieces. This exclusive sport watch with white dial and a shiny polished stainless steel case is offered in two different versions.


wryst elements

Choose your version of the new watch Wryst as follow:


1/ Fitted with a black and green strap, and with GREEN dial details:

Sports Wryst Watches PH3

Black and Green Watch Elements PH3

2/ Fitted with a black and yellow strap, and with YELLOW dial details:

Black Watch for Wryst PH4

Sport Watch for Men Elements PH4

3/ Fitted with a black and blue strap, and with BLUE dial details:

Watches Wryst PH7 in Black and Blue

Blue Dive Watch Elements PH7


4/ Fitted with a black and red bracelet, yellow dial details:

Mens Sports Watch PH4

 Mens Sport Watches Wryst Elements PH4


Watch Specifications:

WATCH MODEL: Wryst Elements
CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel Grade 516L
WATCH SIZE: 45mm Width
MOVEMENT: Swiss Quartz Ronda 515
SCREW-DOWN CROWN: Crown is strongly screwed against the case
CRYSTAL: "K1" Shatterproof with AR coating - More shatter proof than sapphire
PRODUCTION: Limited Edition of 75 pieces
TWO STRAPS INCLUDED: Fit the strap of your choice and receive a spare one
WARRANTY: Limited 1 Year Warranty
WEIGHT: 88 grams
FITTING SIZE: 150mm to 205mm Wrist Size


Wryst released the exclusive limited edition ELEMENTS collections with altogether 5 references. The Black and Green Watch Wryst PH3Sports Watch for Men PH4 in black/yellow, Outdoor Watches Wryst PH3 black/orange, Sportive Watches Wryst PH7 black/blue and the Deep Blue Watches PH7. This latest reference complements and finalize the collection with the only Elements watch without black DLC coating. The watch for extreme sports with a shiny stainless steel polished mirror finish feels trendy, classy and highly luxurious.

WRYST is the only Swiss atypical brand in the world to create exclusive sports timepieces with a totally new, unique and groundbreaking style. Dedicated to sportive and charismatic individualists, all the timepieces are produced in Limited Edition and inspired by Extreme Sports and Motorsports. A watch designed for outdoor sports daily use and adrenaline seekers should be ultra resistant and complemented by perfect craftsmanship and overall quality.

Take advantage and choose to wear a desirable and affordable exclusive luxury wristwear with brutal and aggressive style.



wryst elements


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By Ralish 10/08/2023 10:11:05

Hi, I wanted the PH5 in black/orange and now I can not see it in your shop please? How many of this reference do you have left in stock? Thanks. Ralish

By Marisha 04/08/2022 19:38:29

What happened to this watch please I can not find it anywhere in your shop. Thanks

By Ronaldo 03/26/2022 18:44:02

Me encantan estos relojes muchas gracias por compartir!

By Warwick 01/17/2022 05:53:58

Great extreme sports design! I can get where the inspiration is coming from. Really good case also but why can I not find this watch in your collections?

By Greg Parker 01/13/2022 14:21:58

I love it but why making only limited series when you could sell thousands of these if they were at a more affordable price? I can not follow the strategy behind this. Also this is the only steel case version for elements collection, why are all the other ones in black and this is the only one you offer with a palin case... Anyway, all the best. Will be looking at new realease later. Signed-in for the newsletter.

By Mike Gallas 12/26/2021 05:33:21

Very powerful statement piece!

By Vladimir 11/14/2021 19:33:18

Do you have a retailer in Russia please?

By Darmin 09/21/2021 22:03:50

Such a great looking watch for extreme sports. I would love to wear this for my surfing - How fun does it look!

By Steve

Superb watch!, but the price is not working for me...

By Ilce M

I love the watches so beautiful!