Black coating pvd vs. dlc for watches, which one is best

Published : 12/16/2019 09:51:47

PVD vs. DLC Coating - How to choose your black watch


Black DLC Watches Vs. Other Black PVD Watches

PVD vs. DLC, all you ever wanted to know about your black timepiece. A genuine sports watch must be reliable, robust enough, and efficiently perform its assigned chronometric functions without any physical damage while engaged in extreme activities. This principle is also applicable to the exclusive watches used in military operations, search and rescue missions, firefighting, sailing, diving, science and research, exploration and adventures, engineering and industrial sectors, aviation, space, etc. In these times, the extreme timepieces have also become a chief attraction of gentlemen’s wardrobe as stylish wrist companions.

You may wonder what is DLC?. To attain a black steel watch's demanding characteristics, careful selection of the most suitable materials and the right production techniques are necessary. The familiar materials used in the manufacturing of sports watches are stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, bronze, and some specific gold alloys. Comparatively, 316L stainless steel tops the list. PVD stands for physical vapor deposition. The "D" in DLC stands for diamond and not 'deposition.'

Usually, the watch case's aesthetic features and other external parts are enhanced by using different finishing techniques like brushing, polishing, sandblasting, etc., or using powdering or electro-plating techniques. However, these methods are purely decorative, and they merely provide any considerable enhancement in the physical strength of watch parts.


Pvd vs. dlc Black Coating for Watches

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Black PVD Coating Explained

At present, luxury Swiss watches brands can choose new-generation thin-film coating techniques like PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) or CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) for enhancing aesthetic features and physical characteristics of the extreme sports timepieces. For example, you will never find Rolex watches with a PVD coating.

Vacuum Deposition is an industrial procedure used to deposit layers of a material atom-by-atom or molecule-by-molecule on a solid surface. Both PVD and CVD are primarily two different types of Vacuum deposition technologies used in the thin-film coating. Compare to powdering and electroplating techniques, PVD and CVD coatings are thinner and provide longer life, improved scratch resistance, hardness, more durability, superior corrosion resistance, and better wear-resistance. With the PVD process, it is possible to manufacture watch cases and other external metal parts in various color shades like yellow gold, rose gold, bronze, blue, black, etc.


Black DLC Steel Watch Wryst


The First Choice Black DLC Coating for Watches

DLC is an acronym for Diamond-Like Carbon. The DLC coating is an advanced thin-film coating method using either PVD deposition via Arc and Sputtering or PACVD (Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition). This method can produce thin films that combine the distinctive properties of two carbon allotropes: Diamond and Graphite.

Diamond is one of the hardest known materials in the universe with a hardness of 10 Mohs scales (Equal to 10000HV Vickers), whereas Graphite is soft, slick, and endures a hardness of only 1.5 on the Mohs scale. Therefore, the thin-film coating produced by DLC combines the hardness of diamond and the lubricity of graphite. According to specific demands, DLC coatings can be customized by utilizing process parameters and varying the diamond or graphite properties.

With DLC coatings, significant improvements in hardness can achieve up to 9000 Vickers, which is much higher than PVD's hardness levels or by any other surface coating method. Pvd vs. DLC, which is best?

Typically, DLC coating provides a color shade ranging from anthracite to deep black.

Black is one of the most admired colors, and it symbolizes power, wealth, elegance, and a luxurious lifestyle. Whether for a luxury car or high-fashion clothing, the black color is the first choice for modern celebrities, style seekers, and trendsetters. Following this trend, there is a growing demand for black watches in the market.

The black-colored watch cases and parts can be available, implementing several methods like powdering, blackening, ceramic coating, Ion-plating, PVD, and DLC. Among these, the DLC process can provide the most superior black surface on the watches. Wryst uses the amorphous carbon coating by Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (PACVD) technique for their black DLC watches.

In the following sections, we can discover some outstanding qualities that make Wryst black DLC watches superior to the other black (PVD/IP pated) watches presently available in the market.


Eight Reasons to choose a WRYST Black DLC Watch Over Other PVD black watches.


1/ A Hard and Strong Platform

316L stainless steel (also known as marine grade or surgical grade stainless steel) is the most widely used alloy in sports watches' manufacturing. It is an austenitic stainless steel alloy with Chromium (16 to 18 %) and Nickel (10 to 14 %). In comparison, Wryst uses a more superior grade, i.e., 500 Series (516L) stainless steel, to manufacture their timepieces. This high-chromium Martensitic stainless steel alloy is harder, stronger, and more heat resistant than the 316L grade. So the hard 516L stainless steel case provides a robust platform for DLC coating. It ensures good internal strength for every Wryst Black DLC watch preventing material damages.

2/ Enhanced Scratch resistance

Scratches are inevitably a nightmare for every luxury watch owners. Even the watches built with solid materials like stainless steel and titanium are vulnerable to scratches when exposed to other harder metals. For example, machine parts, doorknobs, doors of vehicles, and other metallic parts can induce scratches and bends on your wristwatches.

If the case material is harder, the watch will be more scratch-resistant. Therefore, Wryst has decided to use a black DLC coating for some of its extreme sports watches. These black DLC watches hardened with superior quality amorphous carbon coatings are extremely scratch-resistant than Black PVD watches.

3/ Corrosion-resistance

The majority of the metals, including steel, are vulnerable to corrosion. The chromium content decides the anticorrosion properties of a stainless steel alloy. Depends on the grade of stainless steel used, the corrosion-resistant can vary. For example, the high chromium 516L stainless steel used in Wryst timepieces has better anti-corrosion properties.

The surface treatment is a widely used method to protect metallic parts from corrosion due to weather, salt water, acids, or other environments. The technologically advanced thin-film coating methods like PVD and DLC can also significantly improve resistance from all types of corrosions. The black DLC coating over the 516L stainless steel case makes each Wryst Black DLC watch maintain superior anticorrosion properties than other black PVD watches available today.

4/ Smoothness and Comfort

Despite its broad dimensions and robust character, every Wryst Black DLC watch has a smoother surface finishing than other black PVD watches. DLC ensures comfort in wearing and handling. The smoothness of the case, bracelet, and other external parts reflects graphite content in black DLC coating. This smoothness factor also improves the stain-resistant of the Wryst Black DLC watches.

5/ Resistance to Heat

Black DLC coating improves the high-temperature strength of the 516L stainless steel case. Compared to black PVD timepieces from other brands, Wryst Black DLC watches can survive excessive temperatures.

6/ Resistance to Wear and Abrasion

Black DLC coating improves the durability factor of the watch cases and parts. The hardness of DLC coatings protects from accidental damages and hard particle penetrations. The robustness and structural stability of the DLC coated watch case also protects the dial and movement from damages. These properties increase the longevity of Wryst black DLC watches compared to other Black PVD timepieces.

7/ Cost-Effective

You are far better off purchasing one black Watch Wryst than dozens of timepieces with a poor quality black coating. Due to the complexity of DLC coating technology, only a small number of watchmakers offer DLC watches in their product range. The black DLC watches usually come at exorbitant prices. It is also costlier to go for custom black DLC coating services for your existing non-DLC wristwatch. The difference between PVD vs. DLC becomes obvious.

In comparison, Wryst offers high-quality black DLC watches in an affordable price range, starting from $418.00!

8/ Look and Aesthetics

In addition to its protective features, DLC coating also provides excellent aesthetic finishing for the timepieces. Compare to other Black timepieces, PVD vs. DLC is a no brainer; choose DLC every time. All Wryst Black DLC watches feature a superior and brilliant black surface finish that can be suitable with various dressing styles.


A Quick Glance at Wryst Black DLC Watches

Wryst is a leading producer of extremely built yet affordable black DLC luxury sports watches. The brand offers exclusive black DLC watch models from their Force, Racer, Elements, and Ultimate collections. Each Wryst black DLC watch is limited to 75 or 99 pieces, depending upon the selection.

The Wryst Force chronograph watches collection offers two black DLC models: black leather watch SX210, black mens watch SX270. These timepieces feature a 50mm diameter barrel-shaped case in black DLC coated 516L stainless steel and houses a Swiss quartz chronograph movement.


What is DLC?


The black chrono watch SX210 features a black dial. Its retail price is $912.00 for the double injection silicone strap versions and $979.00 for the leather strap version.

The black and gold SX270 features a rose gold color dial. Its retail price is $965.00 for the second injection silicone strap version and $1,044.00 for the alligator brown leather bracelet.

The Racer SX4 is the only black DLC model from the Wryst Racer automatic watch collection. This motorsports timepiece features a 50mm diameter barrel-shaped case with black DLC coated 516L stainless steel, a meticulously designed multi-layer dial, and a Sellita SW200 self-winding movement. This automatic Black DLC watch's retail price is $1,726.00 for a second injection silicone bracelet version and $1,831.00 for black carbon fiber leather bracelet.

Black DLC Watch Wryst Racer SX4

The Elements sports watch collection offers black DLC watch models named Black and Green Watch PH3sport watch for men PH4, fashion watch PH5, Black Watch PH6, and black and blue dive watch PH7. Dressed in a barrel-shaped, 45mm diameter, black DLC coated 516L stainless steel case topped with a K1 mineral crystal, the Elements models feature a black dial and a Swiss Quartz three hands date movement beating inside. The models are available with different color themes of double injection silicone bracelets, dial indexes, and hands. The retail price of the Elements black DLC watch is $676.00.


Wryst Elements Black DLC Watch


The Wryst Ultimate black watches collection offers black DLC coated 516L stainless steel watch models with bi-color double injection silicone strap, All-black silicone strap, carbon fiber leather strap, khaki-green CAMO military watch with camouflage leather band, or Black DLC Coated stainless steel bracelet. If you are wondering about PVD vs. DLC, we hope you have found the answers you were looking for on this page. These black DLC watch models' typical features are a 45mm diameter round case, black dial, sapphire crystal, and Swiss quartz three-hand date movement. The retail price range of the Wryst Ultimate Black DLC watches is $418.00 to $623.00.

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