Top 5 best dangerous Extreme Sports videos on Youtube

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Top 5 best dangerous Extreme Sports videos you will ever see on Youtube


At Wryst timepieces we have a passion for extreme sports and want to share with you the very best and most dangerous videos of adrenalyne packed action sport we found on youtube. Extreme sports are about danger, exhilaration and most importantly skills. These guys have skills and the experience to control the risks. That control is what makes these "sports" and not thrill seeking dangerous behaviour, which they certainly are as well. Find here the top 5 best dangerous Extreme Sports videos you will ever see on Youtube.


5/Mount Huashan, China - Most Dangerous Hike in the World

Video of the amazing Mount Huashan in China with highly dangerous climbing paths.  It would take you four to six hours climbing to the top of East Peak which has has an altitude of 2,090 meters (about 6,857 feet).



4/Craziest Wingsuit Flight - Man Lands on Water Without Parachute

A totally amazing video of Wingsuit extreme sports jumper Raphael Dumont on a lake in Italy landing on water without parachute! This does require skills, precision and risk control for a first ever in the world.



3/Mustang Wanted - Skyscraper Climbing

Russian skyscraper Mustang Wanted is certainly one of the craziest example of how dangerous extreme sports can be. Without any protections at all, Mustang cheats death constantly hanging, jumping and climbing at the highest altitude skyscrapers and complex building structures, and with a smile on his face.



2/ Nazaré - The biggest surf waves in the world

Every year some of the best surfers in the world enter the Billabong XXL ride of the year contest in Nazaré, Portugal, hoping to surf the biggest waves of the competition... and survive. This is the most dangerous surfing in the world and without high level surfing skills it is not possible to enter the championship.



1/ Isle of Man TT - Racing at Over 200mph on closed public roads!

Onboard footage of rider James Hillier racing at the Isle of Man TT at a speed of over 206MPH (361KM/H). The legendary greatest show on Earth IOMTT is the fastest race in the world on public roads since 1911.


Watch brand WRYST is the official timing partner of the Isle of Man TT


Extreme sports are a kind of sport that involve a lot of risk, excitement, and physical effort. People who do extreme sports often need to be very fast, very high, or use special equipment to do amazing things. Some examples of extreme sports are jumping from a plane, jumping from a bridge, riding a skateboard, sliding on snow, flying in the air, rolling on wheels, going down a hill, and riding a bike .

They are different from normal sports in many ways. First, extreme sports are usually done by one person, not by a team. They focus on personal creativity and style, not on rules and scores. Second, extreme sports are often influenced by young people and their culture. They are related to punk music and clothes, and they challenge the normal and usual things in society. Third, extreme sports are often done in places that are not made for sports. They may need to deal with things that are not predictable or stable, such as weather, land, or cars.

Extreme sports have become more popular and famous in the last years, partly because of the X Games, a TV show that started in 1995 by ESPN. The X Games show different kinds of extreme sports and attract many people who watch and like them around the world. Some extreme sports have also been added to the Olympic Games, such as riding a bike and sliding on snow, which started in 1996 and 1998 .

These adrenaline sports attract many people for different reasons. Some like the feeling and energy that come from facing danger and overcoming fear. Some want to challenge themselves physically and mentally and to go beyond their limits. Some want to show their personality and creativity through their sport. Some just have fun and enjoy the social part of extreme sports .

However, they also have some problems and risks. They can be very dangerous and deadly if not done with enough skill, training, equipment, and safety measures. They can also cause injuries or disabilities that may affect one’s health and life. Moreover, some extreme sports may have bad effects on the environment or society, such as hurting natural places or disturbing public order .

In summary, extreme sports are a varied and interesting thing that show the values and choices of modern society. They offer many benefits and challenges to those who do them, but they also have some responsibilities and consequences. Extreme sports are not for everyone, but they can be a good and enjoyable experience for those who love them.


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