Buy a Gold Wryst Shoreline LX6 at Discounted Price Special offer

Buy a Gold Wryst Shoreline LX6 at Discounted Price Special offer

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Gold Wryst Shoreline LX6 for men at Discounted Price


Bargain on the last designer gold Wryst Shoreline LX6

Purchase the limited edition chronograph watch Wryst Shoreline LX6 at discounted price. Wryst is offering the very last x6 timepieces available in stock and offered with different strap options. Choose this stunning polished yellow gold LX6 with either a genuine black leather strap, a white silicone strap, or a combination of both a black and also a white silicone strap here:

Wryst Shoreline Collection

The LX6 has a bright white dial well contrasted with yellow gold numbers and hands, for a chronograph demonstrating unique and atypical look. Offered exclusively in limited edition of 99 pieces, Wryst had produced a first batch of 50 watches engraved with serial numbers 01 to 50. Stock are running very low with only x6 watches still available today. The Swiss brand offers 3 different bracelet alternatives all fitted with a signed polished gold square buckle and as follow:


Wryst Shoreline LX6 fitted with genuine black leather strap

Wryst Shoreline LX6


Gold sport watch LX6 fitted with a plain white silicone strap

Wryst Shoreline LX6


Wryst Shoreline LX6 fitted with black silicone straps

Wryst Shoreline LX6


More luxury quality watches Shoreline LX

The Wryst Shoreline luxury chronograph sport watches also consist of the references Shoreline LX5 in rose gold and Shoreline LX4 which are released for pre-orders and will be available in stock first quarter 2016. This particular Shoreline collection launched in 2014 is dedicated to individualists with energy and charisma looking to stand-out in style. Built and manufactured in the Swiss traditions, Wryst Timepieces excel watchmaking and redefine elegance and finesse. You can contact Wryst to request a particular serial number you wish to buy so we can reserve it for you if possible.


Stainless Steel Luxury Watch

Rose Gold high-end Watch Wryst Shoreline LX5


Wryst Shoreline LX6

Wryst - Groundbreaking Designs for Men


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By Lee 02/17/2017 11:33:35

I have bought one of these watches and would just like to say it has been one of the best buys ever as far as watches are concerned, I bought the Shoreline LX5 and it still looks new! This is a watch that really stands out and it feels really good when I wear it, I absolutely love it and I am back on this site looking for another timepiece to add to my on going collection, trouble is they are all amazing and I am going to enjoy the time finding the right one for me! Thank you.

By Georges Kaefer

Quel est le prix en francs suisses de la LX5 or rose