Isle of Man TT 2018 result

Published : 06/05/2018 10:16:42
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Updates of the Isle of Man TT 2018 Result

The Isle of Man TT 2018 result. Find on this page the list of winners of the world's ultimate road race, the Isle of Man TT. Motorcycle and sidecar races hardly get better than this. For our fans of motorsport and aggressive looking watches, we are announcing here the results of the 2018 TT races, with the top 5 best laps time and pictures in exclusivity.

All and every winner is gifted the Wryst Isle of Man TT special edition watch, celebrating many years of the world's fastest and most dangerous races...


Day 1 / Saturday 2nd June 2018:


RST Superbike TT

isle of man tt 2018 RST Superbike winner michael dunlop

isle of man tt 2018 RST Superbike winner michael dunlop

isle of man tt 2018 RST Superbike winner michael dunlop

1 - Michael Dunlop

2 - Conor Cummins

3 - James Hillier

4 - David Johnson

5 - Michael Rutter

Michael Dunlop gave Tyco BMW an emotional victory in the 2018 RST Superbike race, the opening race of the Isle of Man TT Races, with the Ulsterman taking over the lead on lap four after longtime leader Dean Harrison retired at Sulby Crossroads. Dean Harrison smashed a new outright record during lap 1 and from a standing start to boot with a sensational opening lap speed of 134.432mph. Sidecar TT Race 1

isle of man tt 2018 sidecar tt race 1 winner ben tom birchall

isle of man tt 2018 sidecar tt race 1 winner ben tom birchall

1 - Ben Birchall / Tom Birchall

2 - John Holden / Lee Cain

3 - Tim Reeves / Mark Wilkes

4 - Peter Founds / Jevan Walmsley

5 - Alan Founds / Jake Lowther

A sensational performance by Ben and Tom Birchall in the restarted Sidecar TT Race 1. The two brother truly had what is needed to be at the cutting edge of sidecar racing on the Isle of Man TT Course. They truly rewrote the record books this evening with a stellar effort.


Day 2 / Monday 4th June 2018:


Monster Energy Supersport TT 1

isle of man tt 2018 supersport tt 1 winner michael dunlop

isle of man tt 2018 supersport tt 1 winner michael dunlop

isle of man tt 2018 supersport tt 1 winner michael dunlop

1 - Michael Dunlop

2 - Dean Harrison

3 - Peter Hickman

4 - James Hillier

5 - Conor Cummins

Phenomenal! Michael Dunlop breaks his own five-year-old best lap speed. Michael took a record-breaking win in Monday’s Supersport race at the 2018 Isle of Man TT Races, coming home 10.2s clear of Dean Harrison.

Dunlop’s second lap of 129.197mph shattered his own lap record from 2013 and it propelled him to his second win of the week and 17th in total. Harrison’s second place went some way to make up for the disappointment of retiring from Saturday’s RST Superbike race with the same applying to Peter Hickman who took third.

RL360 Superstock TT

isle of man tt 2018 rl360 superstock

isle of man tt 2018 rl360 superstock

1 - Peter Hickman

2 - Michael Dunlop

3 - Dean Harrison

4 - David Johnson

5 - James Hillier

The win, lap and race record for Peter Hickman in this afternoon's RL360º Superstock TT Race! An incredible race, with nothing splitting Peter, Michael Dunlop and Dean Harrison for four laps. 134.403mph is the new Superstock TT lap record for Peter! Michael Dunlop and Dean Harrison dominated the early running until Hickman re-entered the fray and from then until the finish line there was never more than ten seconds covering the first three, and mostly it was less than three seconds.


Day 3 / Wednesday 6th June 2018:

Race 1: Monster Energy Supersport TT 2

1 - Dean Harrison

2 - Peter Hickman

3 - James Hillier

4 - Conor Cummins

5 - Michael Dunlop


Dean Harrison takes his first TT win since 2014 with a commanding performance in the Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 2. The Silicone Engineering Kawasaki rider led from the start of the four lap race, run in conditions that were close to perfect. Second place Peter Hickman on the Trooper Triumph by Smiths Racing. James Hillier, who had been holding fourth place, slid into the third podium position.

Race 2: SES TT Zero


1 - Michael Rutter

2 - Daley Mathison

3 - Lee Johnston

4 - James Cowton 

5 - Adam Child


Michael Rutter, riding the team Mugen machine, became the first rider to clock a 120mph+ lap of the TT Course in winning today’s one lap SES TT Zero. Rutter was flagged away by His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge, and later received his trophy from the Duke on the TT podium.

Race 3: Bennetts Lightweight TT Race

1 - Michael Dunlop

2 - Derek McGee

3 - Michael Rutter

4 - Stefano Bonetti 

5 - Joey Thompson


Michael Dunlop took his 18th Isle of Man TT victory in a record-breaking Bennetts Lightweight race this year. It wasn’t the easiest win for Dunlop with Ivan Lintin and Derek McGee joining the Ulsterman in shattering the existing lap record on the opening lap. Dunlop also broke the Lightweight lap record with 122.750mph on his fourth and final circuit.


Day 4 / Friday 8th June 2018: Sidecar TT R2

1 - Ben Birchall / Tom Birchall

2 - John Holden / Lee Cain

3 - Tim Reeves / Mark Wilkes

4 - Alan Founds / Jake Lowther

5 - Lewis Blackstock / Patrick


Ben and Tom Birchall created history in Friday morning’s second Sidecar TT Race at the 2018 Isle of Man TT Races when they became the first crew to lap the Mountain Course in under 19 minutes as they swept to their second win of the week, also breaking their own race record from Saturday in the process.


PokerStars Senior TT

1 - Peter Hickman

2 - Dean Harrison

3 - Conor Cummins

4 - Michael Dunlop

5 - Joshua Brookes


A packed trackside crowd were treated to one of the greatest races in the TT’s long illustrious history as Peter Hickman won a sensational PokerStars Senior TT race at the Isle of Man TT races on Friday when he set a new outright lap record of 135.452mph on the final lap to defeat Dean Harrison by just two seconds.


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12/17/2018 18:27:31

Useful details about the TT race, I live by this event every year and can not wait for the 2019 season. Thank you and the watch is really good but too expensive for me. All the very best to you.

Robert S

11/12/2018 23:23:31

There are more information here than on the official TT wesite so thank you for posting the results all together in one page. Great sponsorship by the way.


11/11/2018 16:12:06

Content de voir les résultats de la course de 2018, j'y retournerai en 2019 c'est déja réservé. Super ambiance et un spectacle moto des plus spectaculaire

Wayne Priest

07/29/2018 14:56:50

Thank you for sharing this! I was at the race this year and the speed these guys are racing is totally mindblowing... My son could not believe his eyes! Cheers. Wayne

Jeffrey Tig

07/08/2018 06:25:58

Merci pour ces détails sur la course TT 2018 c'est juste ce que je cherchais! Merci... Superbe montre au fait