Wryst affordable watch brand offers disruptive style and the most active materials. Discover some of the most exclusive creations you will ever experience. The black DLC technology is the world's most scratch-resistant coating. A renowned fashion designer is creating small series of distinctive and unusual timepieces.

These unique, affordable watches are the first choice for sportive and charismatic individualists. Each series is only available in a limited edition. Wryst is a cheap watch brand for men producing the small series you will ever find with an advanced extreme sport and motorsport-inspired style.


Affordable Watch Brand Wryst




Benefit from the world's Hardest Black Coating


Swiss excellence at an affordable price


Scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal and 200 Meters WR


Exclusive Limited Editions of 75 pieces worldwide



An Affordable Luxury Brand


A Unique Story to Tell

Wryst is the most affordable and best watch brand you will ever discover. The watch company fuses ultra-modern manufacturing methods and tough quality controls to produce well-built, sportive, cheap watches. The creative freedom in designing and the intelligent selection of materials ensure quality with diversity.

These branded watches in limited series are available at an incredibly competitive price range. Be it quartz-powered or mechanically driven, each model from the brand’s impressive collections ensures affordability while firmly maintaining superb quality and performance.


Economical Swiss Watchmaking Designed to Last

The timepieces are especially ideal for handling hostile environments involved in various sports activities. The Wryst brand is reliable and complies with the growing need for a robust, affordable watch in our modern society. Swiss watchmakers envy our determination.

Although the manufacturing of such high-quality timepieces requires a considerable amount of investment in research and development, Wryst offers everything you need for your top watch brands. Optimal use of the valuable resources and the direct-to-customer selling method supported by a secure and transparent online platform helps the brand cut down expenses involved in traditional distribution and marketing. By lowering the existing price barrier of Swiss wristwear without changing the high-quality specifications, Wryst enables each customer to acquire their favorite timepiece worth the money.


The Best Materials for a Modest Price

If you are eagerly searching for budget-friendly sports wristwear loaded with stringent specifications that usually applicable to modern dive watches, the Ultimate Sports model is an excellent choice. Thanks to its large case dimensions, this ultimate black timepiece can match its owner's daring nature. This long-lasting and hard-wearing timer will be a rightful companion in your sports and adventurous activities. The fashionable sportswear features a black DLC coating over the super-strong 516L stainless steel case. With an impressive water resistance of 200 meters, the Ultimate Sports diver watch models can also endure extreme water sports and recreational diving activities.


Reasonable Black Diamond-Like Carbon Coating

Diamond-Like Carbon coating (DLC) is the most durable protective coating method used in the new fashion design industry. This complete protection is so known for excellent resistance properties, long product life, and robustness. The black-coated tickers are expensive compared to non-DLC timepieces. With the Ultimate Sports collection featuring a round-shaped face in a 45mm diameter case built from 516L stainless steel, Wryst offers the customers the opportunity to acquire reasonably priced black DLC models of superior quality.

Powering the Ultimate for sports is a reliable Swiss quartz movement with a date display. The good-sized DLC coated case frames a black-colored dial.


Vast Choices of Colors and Bracelets

Within this best watch brand for men, Wryst offers a variety of options. For an ultimate sports appearance, the customer can choose between two all-black variants; the first one includes a black carbon fiber leather strap or and the second model comes with an all-black silicone strap. Further, if you would like to have a pleasant touch of vibrant color on your black DLC timepiece, you can select the models with red, orange, green, or yellow dial highlights. These variants complement a matching bi-color double injection silicone strap, black carbon fiber leather strap with stitching in a color that matches the dialing scheme, or a camouflage pattern strap.


Ultimate Metal - Fairly Priced Blacked-out Steel:

Ultimate Black Branded Watches

Affordable Black Watches with DLC Coating


The Ultimate Metal timepieces equipped with solid stainless steel bracelets extend the compelling nature of superior grade 516L stainless steel around your wrist. Regarding the case design, material, Swiss movements specifications, and dial layout, these timepieces retain the Ultimate collection's exact specifications.


A New Trend of Deep Black Steel

Superior to the other black coating techniques, the black DLC protective layer on the case and bracelet adds an overall sly appeal to these Swiss affordable timepieces' sportive-characteristic. The outdoor timepieces with metal bracelets are typically more durable than the leather/silicone strap variants. The black Ultimate Metal piece of about 206 grams offers good comfort around the wrist thanks to the smooth brushed finishing of the bracelet's edges and surface.

The Ultimate Metal quartz reference is ideal worn over a diving suit sleeve. The solid black DLC bracelet offers an impressive fitting size ranging from 176mm to 230mm. Measuring 22mm in width and equipped with a deployment buckle, the black DLC bracelet had 20 links. It includes six removable links for adjusting the length as per the requirement.

Despite the additional cost of manufacturing black DLC coated steel bracelets, these models' retail price remain attractive for this unique top watch brand. But there is more! The spare silicone strap, which is available with each timepiece without any added cost, can explore more styles.


Force Collection - Manageable Luxury Chrono for Adventure:

Chronograph Watches from a top watch brands

Chronograph watches at an affordable price


The Force references are available in various creative versions designed around a superb high end watch case design specific to the Swiss brand. These chronograph models can measure quick timing functions with an incredible precision of 1/10th of a second. Chronographs have features that will instantly make them the most efficient for the accurate calculations required throughout sporting events and other extreme activities. Both sophisticated and stylish, this limited edition good-size chronograph is perfect for pleasing sports enthusiasts.


Ingenious Watchmaking with a Cost-Effective Technology

With a quality Swiss quartz movement ticking inside a large 50mm diameter case with luxurious finishing, this timepiece maintains an attractive price tag. Each model is available with a sporty and colorful silicone strap or with an elegant alligator leather bracelet. The Force model is a cost-effective piece that can match the performance parameters of the high-end Swiss timepieces. The bold-sized crown and quick action chronograph buttons assist the wearer in exploring the operational capability of the state-of-the-art quartz chronograph caliber housed inside the rock-solid casing.

Each Force Chrono allows every customer to acquire a versatile sports timepiece, in the best quality-price ratio, is delivered along with an additional strap without any added cost.


Wryst Elements - Reasonable Stylish Quartz for Outdoors:

Outdoors top watches

Budget sports watches


Impeccably dressed in a bold and uniquely styled barrel-shaped case, one of the brand's undisputed symbols, the Wryst Elements model boasts a simple yet eye-catching dial design and a matching double injection silicone bracelet.


Outstanding Novelties Within a Saturated Market

This affordable watch is preserving the harmony of the brand’s signature design elements. The 516L stainless steel is perfect for sports enthusiasts who typically prefer the comfort of a quartz movement. Inspired by the dial of pilot watches, the large Arabic numeral hour markers on the modern dial make the indications easy to read. The affordable luxury lifestyle timekeepers Wryst maintain a classic three-hands with date configuration with functions adjustable by an easy-to-operate crown. The black DLC protective coating improves each Wryst Elements model's resistant nature without breaking the budget-friendly price ratio. Wryst is one of the most remarkable watch brands.

Despite its complicated design features and superb quality specifications, the Wryst Elements remains a reasonably priced luxury timepiece. This versatile 45mm case is suitable for wearing on all occasions, from formal meetings as a classic dress watch or as a steady tool watch to assist you during more demanding outdoor activities. The availability of an additional double injection silicone strap without any hidden cost makes each timepiece more economical.


Racer Automatic - Moderate Luxury Mechanical Timepieces:

Automatic Watches 2021 best watch brands for men

Luxurious motorsport-inspired automatic models


This Racer automatic collection is proudly reflecting the passion for motorsports racing. This timekeeper, powered by a high-end mechanical Swiss movement, is a prime example of the brand’s creative freedom. It is also exploring original ideas, technical innovations, and new aesthetic details. Dressed in a massive CNC machined barrel case, a sophisticated black dial draws inspiration from multiple automotive elements. Each model from this luxurious collection is a real technical feat. However, the Racer Automatic does not cost much more money than similarly styled products from the other luxury brands.


The Best of Motorsports on Your Wrist

The Racer automatic, equipped with one of the most exquisite Swiss-made self-winding movements ever produced, boasts all the desired specifications of a robust mechanical sports watch of the highest quality. The built-in quality of the Swiss Sellita SW200 automatic movement guarantees a long-lasting lifetime. Each timepiece can, therefore, be a family investment to hand over from generation to generation. This 25 jewels automatic movement provides a generous 38 hours of power reserve. It is visible through a porthole-shaped sapphire crystal case-back window. The luxury high-end timepieces, yet highly reliable workhorse of the Swiss mechanical watchmaking, also ensure to stay within a gentle price category.

Some of our customers have added a Wryst automatic reference to their all-important collection. They have confirmed this: They prefer wearing a Wryst than their Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger Lecoultre, Audemars Piguet, Ulysse Nardin, Bell Ross, Girard Perregaux, and even their James Bond-inspired Omega.


Budget Watches with Everything you Should Expect

Wryst is genuinely atypical, and one of the watch brands offers timekeepers with a versatile choice of quartz and automatic movements in such small limited quantities. Immerse in our world of references; only 75 lucky people will ever be wearing on their wrist. The case curves, details, finish, and timeless design of our Elements, Force, Racer, or Ultimate collections have taken many months of research and development. Furthermore, the finest and sincere quality control and Swiss assembly will confirm that you have made the right investment year after year. Make the most of your budget for this crucial new timepiece like never before. If you can find the exact high-end specification in a watch retailed at a lower price than ours, please contact us today! You are up for a surprise as we strongly believe you will not find any equivalent value for money anytime soon!

To conclude, the branded watches Wryst offer various different colors and finishes. Choose between brushed steel, IP gold plated, or black DLC. Options of silicone strap, alligator leather strap, or carbon fiber leather bracelets. These fine luxury automatic mechanical watches, exclusively produced yet generously priced, are perfect for motor-sports champions, racing enthusiasts, and adrenaline lovers. Furthermore, the extra spare straps are included with your order and for no additional costs. This feature makes the timepieces produced by Wryst affordable luxury brand more economical while providing different style options.

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