Best Watches Under 2000 | Affordable Luxury Designer Style

Best Watches Under 2000 | Affordable Luxury Designer Style

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The Best Luxury Watches Under 2000 for Men


Find below our best of watches just under USD 2000

The best watches under 2000 are right here at Wryst. Choose the best value for money in 2023!

Most of the watches with automatic movement offered by the independent brand are available for retail prices that can vary between $ 1,843.00 and $ 2,099.00 US dollars. Discover new collections with a modern complex design and a completely new style never seen in the industry for a more affordable price.

If you have a taste for watches made in Swiss traditions and offering excellence, class, and flawless workmanship, this list will provide you with models that can radically change your look and, why not, your lifestyle.


Gold, Yellow Gold, Black DLC, Automatic, which is Your Style?

The sophisticated luxury models of the RACER automatic collection are different, elegant, and intended for an informed public who can claim to belong to an elite with a distinctive style.

Several models are available with different colors, materials, and finishes.

The eight RACER models in ascending order from cheapest to most expensive:


Sale Price Below $ 2,000 USD

Best Watches Under 2000

Self winding watch Wryst Racer SX1

1/ Wryst Racer SX1 Silicone Bracelet

The mechanical SX1 watch is a model that is at the same time more sober, simplistic, and elegant in a simple brushed version and a charismatic steel look. Your watch has a sapphire crystal 2 mm thick and with an anti-reflective treatment. The case is constructed using modern CNC technology. Complex shapes cannot be achieved by the precision engineering of computer-aided machines alone.

Price: $1,843 USD

Best Automatic Watches Under 2000

Steel automatic watch Wryst Racer

2/ Wryst Racer SX1 Bracelet Cuir

The second version of this model is covered with a hand-stitched alligator leather strap with double stitching for comfort and a smoother and more luxurious style. The clasp is a single 25mm pin buckle that will ensure a good fit on your wrist. Slightly more expensive, this model costs only $ 1,949.00 US Dollars. Choose a sustainable investment with Swiss construction and a reliable movement with a 38-hour power reserve.

Price: $1,949.00 USD


Gold Watch Under $2000 US

Rose gold watch for men Wryst Racer SX2

3/ Wryst Racer SX2 Bracelet Silicone

One of the finest automatic rose gold watches with the Sellita SW200-1 movement. Wryst adds luxury simply with a coating worthy of the name. The gray two-line bracelet is the same color as the polished pink gold Pantone of the futuristic middle. The details on the dial are mostly directly inspired by motorsports. The notched hour hand and the side openings on the left and right are reminiscent of the classic V6 engine. The bracelet attachment is directly related to a car engine camshaft.

Price: $1,949.00 USD

Luxury High-end Watch Under 2000 US Dollar

Automatic high end watches for men Wryst Racer SX2

4/ Wryst Racer SX2 Bracelet Alligator Brun

This model with impeccable ergonomics stands proudly and will delight the wrists of individualists proud of their style. The SX2 watch is different, unusual, and unique, with a small limited series of only 75 units. This sophisticated and sexy reference has Rose Gold and gray details on the dial, while the leather strap also features gray blanks and elegant double stitching. Three different types of leather adorn a dynamic and futuristic case with sapphire crystal. For a watch just over a budget of $ 2000, it will be hard to find more exclusive on the market.

Price: $2,043.00 USD

Automatic Swiss Gold Watch Under 2000

Automatic Gold Plated Watch SX3

5/ Wryst Racer SX3 Bracelet Silicone noir et sable

Yellow gold is an inevitable mark of sensitivity for luxury items. Perfect for occasions where you need to show your taste for beautiful objects. Wear a model that will surprise and produce a shattering effect in those around you. The two racing flags and four stars on the back of the case are a reminder of your taste for motorsports. Your talent depends on your lifestyle. This watch is retailed at the same price as the Racer SX2.

Price: $1,949.00 USD

Luxury Gold Watch Under 2000

Luxury Gold Watches SX3

6/ Wryst Racer SX3 in Gold With Leather Band

You can now buy a collector's watch that meets your maximum budget. This second version of the SX3 yellow gold watch features a soft and comfortable brown alligator leather strap. The "Côyte de Genève" type decorations on the dial will remind you that you are wearing an object that benefits from prestigious Swiss know-how. The pins and the indexes indicate the time indicated in the dark. Well-oiled movement with 26 jewels will require very little maintenance. The gold coating will also last for many years.

Price: $2,050.00 USD

Racing automatic watches under 2000

Racing watch Wryst SX4 is inspired by Motorsports

7/ Wryst Racer SX3 Dédiée aux Sports Automobiles

This racing sports-inspired black automatic model is perfect for driving your sports car. The durable DLC polished black coating is virtually scratch-resistant. The two black and gray bracelets are dressed in bright red sidelines. Red and black offer a brutal, racy, and motorsport-typical color combination. It is not the most expensive reference in this series, and this testament to class and refinement will suit a more moderate budget for a refined mechanical timepiece.

Price: $1,979.00 USD

Mens Black Automatic Watch For Budget Under 2000

Black Carbon Fiber Watch SX4

8/ Wryst Racer SX3 Bracelet Cuir Fibre de Carbone

If your budget allows it, indulge yourself with the most expensive SX4 model in the collection, just over your maximum budget of $ 2000. With a sale price of $ 2,099 USD, you won't be able to make a better investment. The unique serial number on the back of the watch will remind you that you are one of the 75 people in the world who will ever be able to wear this magnificent instrument. Note that as far as possible, we will be able to tell you which numbers are still available at the time of your secure online purchase.

Price: $2,099.00 USD


In conclusion, with Wryst, it is not essential to pay more for your watch than for your car. Choose a long-term investment that you will never regret. Wearing a Wryst watch is a unique experience. Make your colleagues and friends dizzy by wearing a Swiss-made timepiece that will make their heads spin without forcing you to spend a fortune.


Discover the collections Wryst:

Wryst RACER Automatic: Limited editions of 75 units

Wryst FORCE Chronograph 50 mm: Limited editions of 75 units

Wryst MOTORS for Racing: Limited editions of 75 units

- Wryst PARAGON Automatic Chronograph: Limited editions of 10 units

Wryst ELEMENTS for Sports: Limited editions of 75 units

Wryst ULTIMATE Quartz for Men: Limited editions of 99 units

Wryst ULTIMATE Black DLC Coating: Limited editions of 99 units


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By Laurent 03/24/2022 09:37:05

Bravo elle sont totalement superbe! J'adore la forme du boîtier et les détails du cadran - Si seulement j'avais les moyens de pouvoir m'en offir une! Peut-être un de ces jours.

By Bruno K. 02/03/2022 09:40:25

Very good price for these. I see they require CNC machining as well for the case which comes expensive for a small series. Again at this price point with a Swiss automatic Sellita, domed sapphire, quality coating and two bracelets included this is a true achievement. I also noticed the comments on Trustpilot are very positive. Do you ship to Switzerland please and what will be the tax to pay at custom? Thank you. Bruno

By Warwick 01/13/2022 09:26:16

These are certainly some of the best designs I got to discover this year. I do prefer styles like Urwerk and Richard Mille but they are way byond affordability. My wife has agreed I should save up to buy one of these automaic as soon as possible. Great style I love it.

By Kevin 12/31/2021 10:14:43

I like these a lot and since I first discovered them. Under £2000 yes but I can still not afford one, lol. I wish you would produce the same design but for under £100... I don't think it is possible. May be produce a non Swiss version could make you sell many more watches.