Best wind up watch for motorsports and car racing

Best wind up watch for motorsports and car racing

The Mechanical Wind Up Watches Wryst Racer


The luxury automatic wind up watch Wryst RACER is now available to purchase, and it looks and feels out of this world. Available in four fantastic designs, this limited collection stands out as a love letter to a luxury lifestyle and in particular the aesthetic of modern sports cars. Yes, these watches are a true testament to intricate engineering with exquisite designs for people who love a little luxury and ostentation.

Only 75 pieces have been produced for the limited series so anyone interested in purchasing one should perhaps not wait. Because this self-winding luxury wristwatch is guaranteed to sell fast and also highly collectible. More affordable than the previous Wryst Automatic ETA2824 with 4 windows skeleton case back version, the Racers retail from $1'680 USD | €1449 Euro | £1225 GBP.

Four Different Versions of Motorsport-Inspired Design

Choose from four stunning designs like the Gold automatic, the rose gold watch, the royal black and red SX4, and the stainless steel SX1. This exclusive and collectible luxury best mechanical wind up watches are holding the Swiss Sellita SW200 mechanical movement, twin brother of the legendary ETA2824. Each watch is designed to match a high level of durability with a domed Sapphire Crystal. The casing, case back, crown, and buckles within the watch are also made of the hardest stainless steel, grade 516L.


Racer Swiss Automatic Watch Wryst



Built To The Highest Quality

Made to last, the watches Racer are all running a reliable Chronometer certified Swiss movement made in Switzerland. An area is known for perfecting the precise art of watchmaking. It certainly shows with this wind-up watches collection, adding fantastic levels of value to already groundbreaking design. The large double-injection quality silicone bracelets hold the 50mm watch comfortably around the wrist. Polished or brushed by hand, the complicated algorithm of shape and curve of the timeless design will suit perfectly individualists with personality and charisma.

Made For Racers

Everything about these watches fits in perfectly into the world that racers inhabit and matches the aesthetics of the fast cars that they drive. Inspired by the motorsport industry, a watch like this wouldn’t look out of place on the wrist of an F1 driver. Everything about this watch has been designed to compliment the beauty of a stunning sports car. The hands, for instance, are designed as a tribute to parts of a racing car engine while the dial has cuts to match the cooling areas of a V6.

With a sweeping second hand, one can almost hear the countdown of an engine ready to start and roar to life. The colors used in each of the reference also reflect the beautiful shades that one often sees in a luxury sports car.


Steel Automatic Wryst Racer SX1 Self-Winding Watch

Watch Racer SX1 Simply Brushed Stainless Steel

Minimalistic and yet eye-catching, bold and yet beautiful, this watch is a must-have for any collector. Designed to look absolutely flawless, the luxury Swiss Steel Automatic Wryst Racer SX1 Self-Winding Watch fits the brushed stainless steel casing perfectly. Several brilliant little details also allow this watch to be a cut above the rest. For this watch, it’s the small, subtle features and choices that ensure it will stand the test of time. From the five-pointed stars printed on the dial to the industrial aesthetic, there is no denying that these best mechanical timepiece are incredibly stylish.


Polished Rose Gold Automatic Wryst Racer SX2

Rose Gold Luxury Mechanical SX2

The Polished Rose Gold Automatic Wryst Racer SX2 Watch is undeniably stunning with a beautiful rose gold shade, polished by hand to perfection. The colors help highlight the intricate details of the timepiece. If you are looking for a stunning rose gold watch, this is the ultimate option. With also two bracelets included to choose from, you can match this watch to any choice of style, and it will stand out as a unique, incredibly accessory. Wear one of these best Wryst wind-up mechanical model, and you’ll challenge style trends breaking the mold completely.


Luxury Gold Plated Automatic Wryst Racer SX3

Gold Luxury mechanical wind up SX3

The Luxury Gold Plated Automatic Wryst Racer SX3 is ostentatious, extravagant and absolutely incredible. It’s impossible to look at this watch and not be dazzled by the gold shades. A sassy look that is a head-turner and completely pays off. The timepiece simply shines like a star and the basic two silicone straps that come with the watch help it stand out even more. The black background clashes tremendously with the gold plated casing in a design that is sophisticated and oozes appeal. With a chic white dial, this is another watch where the devil is indeed in the details. The Racer SX3 higher-end watches will definitely catch the eye of admirers if they choose to wear this stunning timepiece.


Motorsport Automatic Wryst Racer SX4

Racing black wind up watches Wryst Racer SX4

If you ask any racer, they will tell you a true race car has to be bold, and with bright colors. Racing red isn’t just an aesthetic choice is a stunning trend, and that is exactly what the Motorsport Automatic Wryst Racer SX4 Watch mechanical watch embodies. Out of this Racer collection, this is the one that matches the racing industry perfectly. Red also clashes perfectly with the polished black DLC plated timepiece. With the red accents in the background of the piece, this incredible watch has a lot of character. The racing lines around the bracelet only add to this feel. It’s a bold design but one that pays off with a watch that you’ll be proud to wear in your car or on the street.

Our brutal looking automatic Racer for men are easy to read. There are no arabic numerals on the black dial but instead hour markers will clearly tell you where you stand. The automatic movement with hand winding power reserve of 38 hours also features date display at 3-hour position. Also, high quality mechanical timepieces are not always found for this price point. Even if we do not recommend them to be mistaken with a diving watch, the Racer limited edtion is at a more than friendly affordable price. The dress watches are also available to you, while stocks last, with a stunning handmade leather strap.


Specifications and details about the Racer Luxury Self Winding Watch:

- Small series of only 75 units

- Hardest stainless steel grade 516L

- Case size 50mm, 25mm bracelet width

- Serial number engraved on the case back

- 100 meters water resistant

- Sapphire crystal with AR coating

- Screw-in crown

- Polished luxurious finish (Except SX1 brushed)

- Assorted signed buckle

- Watch case with crown protecting sides

- World's most scratch-resistant coating (DLC coating for Racer SX4)

- Two modern double injection silicone bracelets

- Unique and secure 4-screw bracelet attachment

- Left case sides are engraved: "RACER Automatic"

- Luxurious wooden box with leather lining

- USB card for manual and 18-months warranty details

- Shipping available worldwide with UPS for prompt delivery


In conclusion, Wryst provides aggressive looking sports watches like no other luxury Swiss watch brand. The mechanical watches are at the forefront of fashion design. These exclusive racing timepieces are dedicated to modern and ambitious men. Most importantly each reference is produced in small series of 75 units. Therefore, this makes the luxury watch Racer automatic more desirable and collectible than ever.


Also available with Leather Bracelets:

Brushed Steel Wryst Racer SX1

Gold High-end Wryst Racer SX2

Luxury Gold Wryst Racer SX3

Black & Carbon Wryst Racer SX4


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By Warren 12/05/2021 16:58:04

Dude these are incredible watches!!!

By Dan 04/05/2020 12:43:06

Just received my watch and it is absolutely stunning, would highly recommend anyone to buy one of these beautiful automatic watches, you have a choice of different colours which is nice I bought the SX4. Excellent customer service and spot on delivery.

By Craig 09/20/2019 16:28:07

I brought the SX1 automatic in plain brushed stainless steel. It really is a great watch, the design is perfect and the packaging stands to my expectations - A nice wooden bow with black leather lining. This Automatic Wryst Racer SX1 watch is worth every penny, pure class! If you want a watch with style and refinement you won't be disappointed. Overall the service was excellent.