Expensive Watches Wryst I The Best Investment Watches

Expensive Watches Wryst I The Best Investment Watches

The Wryst Racers Now Offered with Leather bracelets


The Best Investment Watches

The expensive watches for men  RACER inspired by the world of motorsports respect the deep-rooted Swiss mechanical watchmaking traditions with a futuristic and disruptive approach. Traditionally comprised of four principal models (self-winding watch SX1, gold watches for men SX2, gold plated watch SX3, and racing watch SX4), this impressive collection is now exclusively available with new leather bracelets variants.

Make the Most of Your Investment

All Wryst Racer most expensive watches for men are a good investment and are typically designed to withstand the challenging conditions of motor racing and other extreme sports activities. The new leather variants naturally carry exquisite and distinguishable features while steadfastly maintaining the unique DNA of the Wryst brand. Watch experts will agree that exclusivity is now a must for a return on your investment.

Some specific features set apart the Racer Automatic from the other watch collections. These prominent features are equally applicable to the new four variants. Further down, you can discover the distinctive specifications of each component of the limited edition Racer collection.

Secure Your Money for Years to Come

Watch brands offer an excellent opportunity to make the most of your money. Spend your cash on a luxury object, taking on value as years go past. Wryst provides a modern, state-of-the-art design dedicated to being timeless, and therefore it will prove to be worth even more in the future. If you are unsure if you should buy collector watches or vintage watches and sell them for more money in the future, since there are only 75 units of each Wryst Racer reference, you can be sure to invest in your future.


Racer SX1 with black  leather Bracelet

Expensive watches for men

The Automatic Watch SX1


This Racer SX1 automatic model proudly displays an avant-garde design combined with a puristic touch of Haute-Horlogerie finishing techniques. Despite their futuristic and sophisticated construction, these best investment watches maintain a classic appeal with an elegant brush finishing on its 516L stainless steel case.

Maintaining perfect chemistry with the refined, brushed steel case, the triple-layered dial of this automatic expensive watches feature an eye-pleasing design with a careful selection of black, grey, and white colors. The black outer dial track hosts eight grey hour-marker indices. The middle layer, which features a design pattern inspired by the guilloche decoration, maintains a dark-grey matt shade. Devoid of any flashy or radiant colors, the central dial layer hosts a grey-colored central second hand, a pinion-shaped hour indicator in black, and a distinctive minutes hand in white luminova.

Perfectly complementing this watch model's color theme, the black strap features grey edges and grey-black dual stitching.


Racer SX2 with brown leather bracelet

Best invesment watches Wryst Automatic

Gold High-End Watch SX2


The gentle radiance of rose gold finished 516L steel case partly offsets the Racer SX2 self-winding's aggressive look. Its crown, strap attachments, and case-back, however, maintain a shiny stainless steel finish.

The brown bracelet with grey edges and grey-black dual-stitching perfectly complements this luxury wristwear's dominant rose gold theme.

The luminous hour-marker indices on the black outer dial, the details on the silver inner dial structure, and the center seconds hand highlight a radiant rose gold color that perfectly suits the case. The middle layer featuring a distinct guilloche pattern on its surface maintains a grey-matte finishing.


Racer SX3 with brown leather bracelet

Gold Luxury Expensive Watches Automatic

Gold Watch Automatic SX3


The yellow gold IP coating on 516L stainless steel allows the Racer SX3 watch model to emit the precious yellow metal's original luster. Generous touches of yellow gold complementing the case color theme are found on the luminous hour markers on the white outer dial, the black inner dial structure, and the center seconds hand. The brown leather bracelet with grey edges and black/grey dual stitching adds finishing touches to the new Racer SX3 luxury reference's overall outlook.

The crown's shiny steel finish, the strap attachments, and the case-back perfectly counter-balances the yellow gold finishing of the watch-case and buckle.


Racer SX4 with black carbon fiber leather bracelet

Investment Watches for Motorsports

Black Carbon Fiber Watch SX4


Dressed in a shiny and extreme scratch-resistant Black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) case, the Racer SX4 model boasts a striking design with a direct nod to the motor-racing world and sports cars.

The attractive red highlights on the Racer SX4 automatic model pay tribute to the motor car racing's most prestigious color theme: The Racing Red. Also called Rosso Corsa, the Racing Red is the national racing color of Italy, some of the iconic sports car manufacturers' birthplace.

The distinctive texture on the black leather band is a direct tribute to carbon fiber, an innovative material now widely used in manufacturing sports cars and high-end watch manufacturing. The red bracelet edges and top-stitching with red and grey color threads match the fiber pattern.

The triple-layer dial is a perfect canvas for expressing the motorsports design inspiration of this timepiece, comprised of the black outer track, the dark grey matte middle layer, and the silvered central structure. The red borders of the luminous hour marker indices on the outer dial and silver-colored main dial structure with red details match the watch's theme.



The Added Value of a Handmade Leather Bracelet

Maintaining superior quality standards similar to the brand's innovative double injection bracelet, the leather straps provided with these automatic watches Racer reflect a perfect symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. The triple-layer bracelets with dual-stitching perfectly integrate the conventional expertise of beautiful leatherwork into these contemporary styled and motor-sports-inspired stylish models. With their distinctive textures and color schemes, the leather bands also maintain a perfect aesthetic balance between the respective models' classic and sporty characteristics.

The stitching pattern on the leather quality bracelet is reminiscent of the double topstitching method used in luxury sports cars' upholstery. Sturdy yet comfortable to wear, the leather bands are anti-allergic too. With a considerable width of 30mm (Reduced to 25mm near the buckle), these broad-shouldered leather straps are ideal for wrist sizes between 176mm and 230mm.


Reference Wryst Racer


Why Investing in Luxury Watches?

With the limited availability of 75 numbered pieces per model, the new leather band variants follow the brand’s strict production philosophy for maintaining high-quality standards and exclusiveness. Further, the owner can instantly switch to a modern style with the supplementary bi-color double injection silicone bracelet provided with each package.

The Value of a Prestigious Designer Statement

A motor-sports-inspired luxury Racer needs an equally exceptional engine that can deliver enough momentum to power the precision timekeeping functions. The horological engine powering every Racer is the famous Sellita SW200 self-winding movement with hacking and quick-date functions. This Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement bears 26 jewels, beats at a rate of 4 hertz or 28’800 vibrations per hour, and delivers a power reserve of 38 hours.

The watch dial convincingly portrays a dominant role in differentiating the Racer Automatic from the other Wryst timepiece collections. Its dial undoubtedly represents an extraordinary combination of the motor-sports-inspired contemporary design and the traditional luxury watchmaking craftsmanship.

The dial design of this watch series is as intricate as that of a V6 engine. Despite its complex nature, the watch provides a clear view of the indications. The complex nature of the dial instantly reflects the creative genius of the talented designer. Wryst has drawn inspiration from multiple elements typically associated with racing cars, supercars, and hypercars to design this unique watch dial.

The dial is composed of three distinct layers. The outer layer features a minute track with eight large-sized, rectangular-shaped hour-marking indexes.

Along with four distinctive spokes (two horizontal and two verticals) perfectly placed 90 degrees apart, the center dial features a unique structural design reminiscent of four-spoke wheel rims and cars' steering wheels. You will also find large luminous dots representing 12, 3, 6, and 9 hours at the end of spokes. On both sides of the horizontal spokes, you will find two sets of vents inspired by the sports cars' engine air intake.

A close view reveals two round-arc-shaped elements with stars printed on their ends. These elements' color schemes and design are reminiscent of the decorative works used in steering wheel rims, and the four printed stars derive inspiration from the motor racing world.

The four-part middle dial layer reminds the plates of mechanical watch movements. It is not a single plate but consists of four parts and joined to form a combined shape reminiscent of a hexagonal screw-head.

The pattern visible on the middle dial layer originates from the traditional guilloche decoration used to highlight the movement plates and the oscillating weight of high-end mechanical watch calibers. It is a smart move to have a classic touch to the otherwise motor sports-inspired contemporary dial design.

The unique shapes of each hand also reflect the racing car design inspiration behind it. For example, the hour-hand indicator strikingly resembles the shape of gears and pinions. The shape of the minute hand may remind you about the buckle of a car seat belt.

With the same length in both ends, the extra-long central seconds-hand looks like the needle of the cars' analog tachometers. It follows a color pattern that perfectly complements the theme of the model. A white highlight is used to identify the pointer of the second-hand. The sweeping motion of this impressive central seconds hand reminds you of the precise mechanical engine that beats inside this automatic model.

The generous application of the white luminova on both the hands and the hour-markers ensures time display visibility even in dark conditions.

Bold and Prominent Statement Pieces

The prominent, barrel-shaped hard stainless steel case measuring 50mm diameter ensures the robustness and muscularity of every Wryst. You can easily recognize each model from their exceptional case finishing: Brushed steel, Rose gold plating, Yellow gold plating, or Black DLC. This well-built watch case has a thickness of 16mm, which is 1mm thicker than the Wryst Elements watch models. The Racer watch body provides great comfort despite its sturdy dimensions. The casing is well designed and has an unusual aesthetical form.

The 516L stainless steel case back is hermetically secured with four screws ensuring a remarkable water resistance of up to 100 meters. The provisioning of a transparent crystal on the case back is a prominent feature in modern mechanical watches. The Racer hosts a small, porthole-styled, smoked sapphire crystal window on the center of its case-back instead of large crystal glass. This round exhibition glass embedded with the Ninja Shuriken Throwing Star-inspired Wryst logo lets the wearer see the mechanical caliber rotor movement inside.

Long Lifetime Sapphire Crystal, and Timeless Watch Face

Other notable features of the Wryst Racer are the domed sapphire crystal glass with AR coating for enhanced dial visibility, the sizeable screw-in crown with grooves for ease in operation, and the patented bracelet attachment system for ensuring seamless integration and secure fitment of the bracelets.

In general, the word ‘porthole’ refers to the reliable, round glass windows of ships and submarines. You can also find these distinct designs in some vintage cars. For example, a similar design known as vent port or fender vent is a recognizable style feature of some Buick car models made in the 1950s.

Further, the chequered flags engraved on the steel case-back reflect the luxury brand’s passion for motorsports racing events. The inscriptions on the case back certify the exclusiveness, origin, model details, type of the movement, and crystal and water-resistance of the timepiece.


Also available in QUARTZ CHRONOGRAPH version


Wryst Force Chronograph


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By Fabian 02/01/2022 16:29:07

I hardly ever seen anything so different. As far as wearable are concerned, these are not only timepieces, they are also a very strong fashion and lifestyle statement. If only I could wear one I would by tomorrow - If I could afford one. Just the idea of having a controvertial watch attached on the arm is perfect for discussions and differences of point of biew. I guess when people see these watches they all feel like they should share their opinion and probebly don't always. It's like love it or hate it. Brilliant case as far as I am concerned with stunning features on the dial and a reputable quality Swiss movement. Great stuff Wryst I'll keep 'watching' lol.

By Aidan 04/24/2020 14:56:48

There's definitely quality in the materials and finishing of these watches. I love the case design and like how the watch flows together. Hard to suggest any "improvements" on this style of watch. I like it, would wear it and might buy it.

By Tegan 04/03/2020 14:41:15

Not that I can afford it but the Rose Gold version is fantastic looking. Interesting case design and nice dial. Not sure these watches are for the mundane person as they have a lot of personality and are very out there, but I could be wrong!

By Ted 03/28/2020 16:08:09

Just received my watch a couple of days ago and I love it! Great purchase, I've been after a decent automatic watch for awhile now, to say I'm delighted is a understatement, every detail on the watch is immaculate. I came across Wryst-timepieces on the internet whilst looking for my dream watch, customer services were very helpful with all my questions. Thanks Ted

By Dean 12/15/2019 14:48:21

If only I could afford one of these... I guess I will have to improve my gambling skills. Very good looking watch

By Mick 11/24/2019 18:47:50

My second Wryst is now the SX4 in black and carbon fiber. I love these watches so much I bought my second one this year. I was well impressed by my Wryst Elements PH5 but now this new 50 mm with an automatic movement had to be in my collection. I have many higher-end Swiss automatic watches (much more expensive!) and so far I love the products, finish, details and customer service. Thank you Wryst!