Professional water resistant Ultimate Sport Watch

Professional water resistant Ultimate Sport Watch

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The professional water-resistant Ultimate black Watch collection produced in a limited edition of 99 pieces is designed for water sports, extreme sports, and snorkeling. The specifications are quality Swiss movement, 200 meters water resistant, sapphire crystal, scratch-resistant black DLC coating, screw-in crown, screw case back, and two straps included for each reference.


The Wryst Ultimate professional watches are designed to create a professional timepiece capable of withstanding the most hostile environment and outdo all other opponents of the same category. At the very beginning, a watch is the guarantee of perfect craftsmanship with certain finish quality. For many years, the idea of Luxury Watches brought a sense of elegance and class to the timepieces on our wrists.


Waterproof Watch ES30

Waterproof Watch ES30



1-200 meters Water resistance

The Wryst Ultimate professional collection is tested at 20ATM, which qualifies for 200 meters of water-resistance. The entire watch is designed to withstand a given depth in immersion. In that case, shocks of temperature can still transform the humidity inside your watch into water vapor even if no water found ways inside the case. This phenomenon is known as condensation. Condensation inside a watch can have dramatic consequences, so we would strongly advise you to read our advice on water resistance meaning for a Watch to avoid having water droplets under the crystal.

2-Black Scratch Resistant Diamond-Like Coating (DLC)

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) is a class of amorphous carbon material that displays some of the diamond's typical properties. DLC coating is applied to the Ultimate sport watches Wryst on the crown, casing, square buckle, and the case back for all black watch reference Ultimate ES20. This coating benefits some of the diamond properties, such as hardness and unprecedented wear and tear resistance.

The actual process of making and bonding DLC are proprietary techniques that are either trade secrets or patented, depending on who is applying the DLC or making it. Toughening the metal when applied universally, a DLC coating is placed in a special chamber where the DLC coating is blasted to the metal's surface.

3-Anti-Reflective Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal

All Ultimate models benefit from a 1,6mm thick sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. Sapphire crystal is the cover of choice for premium watches. It is the most expensive type of crystal and is three times harder than mineral crystal. It is made of an extremely durable synthetic material that makes it shatterproof and scratch-resistant. Hardness and durability is the main reason for Wryst’s interest in sapphire glass. On the hardness scale, the only material tougher than sapphire is diamond.

4-Shock Proof Screw-in Crown

Screw down crown (or screw-in) is the best way to go for any true water-resistant, extreme sports watch. The crown screws down tight on the o-ring, the o-ring is in the crown, and when screwed down, it seals against the crown tube that the stem runs through. This feature allows to increase the air-tightness and water-resistance and also preserve the crown from unintentional shocks.

5-Limited Edition Professional Watches of 99 Pieces

Wryst is only producing 99 watches of each Ultimate reference to add more uniqueness to the watch series. This is the guarantee your timepiece is exclusive, and there is only one in existence. You can contact us at any time to request a specific serial number, and we will be happy to look at the stock lists.

6-Choice of Two Bi-Color Silicone Straps Included

Wryst includes two different bi-color quality silicone straps with each Ultimate reference. Comfortable, solidly built, and with dustproof coating, the high-density colorful straps are systematically included with each timepiece. Choose to change your strap to suit your moods or change the watch's look on your wrist. The technology used to make two different color silicone straps requires high precision and extensive craftsmanship skills.



Black dlc engraved sport watch


Another unique feature of the men's black Wryst Ultimate ES20 watch design is the CNC engraved case sides at 0.6mm deep. This case side signature with the luxury brand Wryst is exclusive to the Ultimate collection. The debossed area has a sandblasted finish, and the case side has a vertically brushed finish before the hard scratch-resistant black DLC coating is applied. This gives the timepiece an unusual look that is new to the watch industry and offers a rougher feel.


ULTIMATE references with two silicone bracelets:

All Black Watch ES20

Waterproof Watch ES30

Unique Watches ES40

Mens Orange Watch ES50

Red Watch Mens Ultimate ES60



Water resistant Swiss black watch

Which is your favorite Ultimate professional watch color and why?

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By Fabian 06/26/2020 03:34:17

Des montre étanches à 200 mètres à ce prix là c'est la première fois que je vois ça. En plus elles ne sont produites qu'en petites séries - Quel est le secret de Wryst?

By Shaun 07/06/2019 11:22:34

This watch is even better then I'd expected. Excellent quality and a stunning looking watch, it has everything I've been looking for, water and scratch resistant which is ideal for me as I do a lot of water sports and was looking for the perfect watch to suit my lifestyle, I'm so glad I found your website on my watch search! Excellent services, I would highly recommend using this company.

By Seb Hutchinson 02/22/2018 12:18:37

Lovely watch, I have been looking for ages as I am very fussy, I wanted a round one but with a difference and a bit robust due to my line of work and this one looked the part and I am so glad I purchased it, the picture doesn't do it justice and the good thing is I can actually purchase additional straps, which is ideal! Good price to.

By lou fraser

I purchased the Ultimate ES60 red several months ago and what a purchase it was. The watch is outstanding! After using it on a daily basis doing yard work, cutting trees, bicycling, hiking, etc. the watch case has no scratches on it. A short rinse under tap water and the watch is good as new. Looks great on my wrist. The engraving on the side of the case is a great added feature. You did an excellent job on the watch and I had no problems with shipping, delivery and customer service. Thanks!