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Sport Watch Bracelet in Red
Watch Bracelet in Red PH6

Sport Watch Bracelet in Red

Sport watch bracelet in red for extreme sports Swiss watch Wryst PH6. Designed for water sports, winter sports, and outdoor sports, the Elements PH6 watch with a red strap is stylish and disruptive. This exclusive bi-color silicone bracelet will surely get you noticed. Comes with also a black "Diamond-Like Carbon" coated square buckle with brushed finish.

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Data sheet

Red and Black
Wrist Between 150mm and 205mm
New product

Watch Description

Other references would also benefit of this red and black Wryst bracelet. For example, you can match it with the Wryst Elements PH8 which has a white dial, or the Wryst Motors collection which consists of chronograph timepieces dedicated to motorsports and racing, some with carbon fiber details.

It has been demonstrated that red color is a testosterone dependent signal. As such, it can influence the outcome of physical contests in humans, across a range of sports. In competitions, wearing red is associated with a higher probability of winning. As far as sportswear is concerned, you are likely to take into account red color to optimize your level playing field in sport.




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