Durable Best Sports Watch With Black Coating for Men

Durable Best Sports Watch With Black Coating for Men

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Black Watch for Sports With DLC Coating


The luxury brand Wryst is offering a bold and resistant black DLC sports watch dedicated to extreme sports, outdoor sports and water sports. We have looked into what would be the perfect black watch, what mens need, and the result is striking. We are selling a pleasing device with Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, strong colorful silicone bracelet, and a screatchproof coating.

The ULTIMATE black watches models benefit from specifications suitable for the most demanding adrenaline seekers. Perfect for any outdoors activities this timepieces will resist to anything you through at it.

If you are looking for the perfect mens sports watch for intensive use, there you have it!


Black Best Sports Watch



The watchword for this new black round watches with metal bracelet is simplicity, elegance, and strength. All aspects of links design, end pieces and deploying buckles have been meticulously engineered focusing with maximum strength and optimized comfort. Technically, this solid metal bracelet is one of the strongest and most resistant ever produced by a sports watch brand. The stainless steel grade 516L links height is 4.5 mm for a total width of 22 mm large. Like offered on Ultimate sports watch collection case sides, the links have 0.6mm deep etched sides by CNC machining.



Whether you are looking for a durable sports watch for your outdoor and adventure activities, water sports or adrenaline rush, this sports watch is for you! air tightness tested in Wryst laboratory at 20 atmospheric pressure (20ATM) qualify for a huge 200 meters water resistance. All crowns of the collection are a "screw-in" type which allows increasing the water tightness as the crown is firmly screwed tightly against the case.

Furthermore, the solid stainless steel is coated with the groundbreaking hard black Diamond-Like Carbon coating and makes your black watch the most scratch-resistant. Sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating is the best option for timepieces exposed to unintentional shocks. You can now enjoy a quality durable sports watch with the best of watchmaking for a fraction of the price. Wryst guarantees to offer black watches with unprecedented value for money. You would not compare the Wryst Timepieces to any other ones on the market, there is no competition at this level.



All watches from the Ultimate series have a large 45 mm diameter case with 13.50 mm thickness. The metal bracelet consists of 20 links in total including 3 adjustment links on each side. The fitting size of this heavyweight men's watch is 209 grams. The end links are engraved with Wryst brand logo and a strong 3 blades butterfly deployment clasp. The top links between the lugs against the case are shaped to merge perfectly into position ready for first bracelet link. Ultimate watches Wryst will appeal to individualist men with charisma. 45 mm is the perfect diameter size for a round sports watch. Larger is too large, and smaller is too small.


The Wryst Ultimates benefit of the most secure way to strap on a watch: The deployment clasp also called butterfly clasp. It is an intelligent metal mechanism designed to expand and fasten a watch for a perfectly fitted look. Deployment watch bands are a more clever and elegant option for a seamless feel. The signed Wryst black DLC metal bracelet deployment clasp has two small edges larger than the buckle to fold in toward the middle releasing both inner clicked pins.

Opening a Deployment Clasp:

The bracelet is opened by pushing down both side edges of your deployment clasp buckle. It will release the mechanism, spread the wings of the butterfly and open the bracelet. Exclusive Wryst Ultimate black watches can then be fastened around the wrist.

Removing your watch by unfastening the deployment clasp:

By pulling the ends of your watch bracelet together, fold back in the butterfly wings of the deployment clasp. One after the other, click back in place both metal bracelet ends against your wrist. Two clicks of the mechanism will secure the watch is firmly locked into position.



Most sport watches Wryst include a choice of two looks to suit your moods and activities. The Ultimate collection is no exception. You will receive with your watch also a soft and flexible double injection quality silicone bracelet. If you feel a lighter option is suitable, fit the lighter dust proof flexible and colorful silicone band. In this instance, the square buckle will hold nicely your watch with two sliding rings to maintain the band. Most other Wryst Timepieces are also offered with two different looks. Another strong asset that is rarely offered to consumers in the watch industry. Purchase only one timepiece and receive two different and unique watch styles.



Are you liking the style of this Ultimate sports watch but would prefer without black coating? The Wryst Ultimate ES50 with a slate grey dial and orange details is for you. This reference is a more casual perfect match for watch aficionados with a taste for brushed steel looking watches. Receive also with each ES50 the grey and orange silicone band included. Sales volumes show this reference is extremely successful and may not be in stock for much longer.



Produced exclusively in small editions, Wryst watches are manufactured in unique limited editions. The case back of these unique sports watches is engraved with their respective serial numbers between 01 and 99. Only 99 of each limited edition reference are available. Be part of the Wryst legacy of highly collectible watches. Looking for a special gift, wanting a particular number or simply wish to acquire a low serial? Contact us. Ultimately, each and all of Wryst Ultimate black watches for sports will be discontinued.

The Ultimate black watch features including 200 meters (More than the usual 50 meters), with battery life of 45 months, black watch face, and easy reading are not "intelligent" wrist watches. If you are looking for a multi sport timepiece with the following features the Ultimate do not provide the following: heart rate monitor, fitness trackers, gps tracking, built in gps and gps mode, heart rate sensors, fitness tracking features, gps sports watch connection. Instead, the collections are representing men who prefer the more bold look with a black metal watch with the renowned Made quartz quality.

Finally, our valuable customers choose to purchase exclusive Wryst watches for several good reasons. Their aggressive and bold designs inspired by sports. Purchasing a limited edition Wryst watch is a synonym to durability and reliability. Most round face sports watches look alike. Wryst style is totally unique. Last but not least the timepieces are 100% more exclusive compared to any other black watches. Choose to wear the exclusive and affordable black watches for men.


ULTIMATE references with two silicone bracelets:

All Black Watch ES20

Waterproof Watch ES30

Unique Watches ES40

Mens Orange Watch ES50

Silver Watch Ultimate ES50

Red Watch Mens Ultimate ES60




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By Daniel 11/07/2019 11:44:50

Nice watch, I like the design of the black metal strap and the fact that it can be changed with another, loving the combination of colours! Very well thought design especially the dial. Looks a good solid watch.

By Stephen 08/25/2019 11:15:22

I love my watch, it arrived quickly and the packaging was really smart, the watch looks great and feels good, as a bit of a watch enthusiast this is a great addition to my ongoing collection. Would highly recommend to all watch buyers!