Tough Watch for outdoors, watersports and also Extreme Sports

Tough Watch for outdoors, watersports and also Extreme Sports

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Wryst Ultimate Collection for Outdoors


Choose A Tough Watch Stronger Than You Are

An ultimate tough watch that will blow you away! With an unforeseen list of durable materials and features, the Wryst Ultimate is the world's first affordable ultra-resistant timepiece. Available in small series of 99 pieces each, they are also some of the most exclusive.


Tough watch Wryst ES30


Scratch-Resistant Black Coating

Stainless steel watches have never been scratch-resistant. Wryst's main innovation is the black DLC* coating technology, mostly used to make racing cars engine parts and in several industries requiring an alloy harder and more robust than steel. The use of such protection on a Swiss watch increases the lifetime of your watch to 80 years instead of 1 week with standard black PVD coating. Enough said! You may want to consider again when buying a steel watch with a black coating.

DLC*: Diamond-Like Carbon Coating


Tough watch Wryst ES40


Sapphire Crystal With Anti-Reflective Coating

With a large 45mm diameter bezel raised higher than the glass, this Wryst Ultimate tough watch's sapphire crystal is not exposable to possible impacts. An unintentional flat shock on the face will not damage your wristwear as the glass is not vulnerable. As many watch aficionados know, sapphire crystal is also scratch-resistant.


Black tough watch Wryst Ultimate


Durable, Reliable, and Accurate Swiss Movement

The Swiss movement is the guarantee of the world's most well-crafted and reliable tough watch. This Ultimate timepiece runs a shockproof movement which also resists magnetic fields:

- Resistance against shock NIHS 91-10

- Operating temperature 0 - 50 °C

- Resistance to magnetic fields 18.8 Oe

The battery life of this quartz movement is also 45 months. That makes almost four years of serenity before you have to do anything. Compare to the restrictions of a smartwatch that needs charging every day, this is a no brainer.


watch Wryst ES60


200 Meters Water-Resistant

Moreover, the screw-down crown and 4-screwed case back improve the water-resistance of the casing to an entirely new level. There is no stopping the use of your watches for watersports anymore. Like you, your bolder, stronger, and incredibly resistant watch is not scared of anything. Surfing, jetskiing, surfboarding, and any other thrilling sports are enjoyable without any worries.


Style and Bold Design


The style of a manly Wryst Ultimate watch is distinguishable. Two double injection comfortable and soft silicone bracelets come with each watch. As well as an overall black look, the timepieces come with green accents for the Wryst waterproof watch ES30, yellow for the Wryst unique ES40, and red for the Red Watch Mens Ultimate ES60. The fourth reference is the all-black All Black Mens Watch ES20 with black on black dial.


watch Wryst ES50


A Case Side Out of This World

Wryst is also offering a world's first with exclusive 0.6mm deep etched case sides. Adjustments and finishing details required skill and know-how. CNC* engraves the left and right sides of the Ultimate watch. CNC machining is a manufacturing process in which pre-programmed computer software dictates factory tools and machinery's movement.

CNC*: Computer Numerical Control


Also Available With A Black DLC Metal Bracelet

More strength and durability with the solid metal black DLC coated grade 516L steel bracelet with quality deploying clasp. More scratch-resistant black DLC coating for this "invincible" version of the Ultimate Wryst watch. The most scratch-resistant protection for Swiss watches now at an affordable price. With a robust feel and good weight, your Ultimate Swiss watch can be more durable than ever. The first few links on the sides recall the profound etched effect on the case side, also at 0.6mm deep. Adjust the bracelet to your wrist with a fitting size between 176mm to 230mm in diameter.


Wryst Ultimate Black DLC


Finally, only 99 of each reference Ultimate Black Watch is available. The orange watch Wryst ES50 without black coating is almost sold-out. We can anticipate the next timepiece that will be sold-out in this collection is the integral black watch Wryst ES20 in all black. Hurry and request today to purchase one of the last serial numbers in stock.









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By Bret 04/20/2020 11:49:28

Nice to see a watch that looks like it can withstand a few knocks lol... These look pretty awesome and very different, beautiful solid pieces. Great polished logo on the back. It is Lovely to discover something up to date and modern instead of some of the oldy worldly watches that are for sale.

By Dev 11/28/2019 16:04:35

Nice sports watch, good design and attractive with a good choice of colours. Technically this watch is impressive and I am definitely putting it on my Christmas list. I like the dial and the engraving on the back of the watch. Price is good to which is a bonus, all I need to do now is choose which one!!

By Stan 10/06/2019 20:57:50

Nice watch! I like the look of the bezel and also the engraved case sides of this model... Looking great

By Mike Gerber 09/09/2018 00:45:41

It is not my first time to visit this site, I may well end up buying one of these. Looking for a tough watch for a very long time...